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Time in Greece now.

Greece Weather and Climate.

Weather in Athens now.

Ancient Greece Technology

WELCOME to breathtaking Athens and it's unique historical treasures.

Visiting the historical capitol of Europe, you find yourself surrounded by priceless Ancient Greek monuments and historical sites, to enjoy your FUN tours.

Your escorted Private personalized tours are worry-free and hassle-free as all the details are handled for you, for a smooth and enjoyable time.

Athens, Greece is rich in history, heritage, culture and life. With our personalized tours, you get to savor it's culture and it's hidden treasures.

Your tour consists of visiting all the Historical Ancient Greek sights, at your own leisure, for cooling down breaks, taking photos, savoring local drinks and lunch at your own pace.

Visiting Athens for two days, or one day, for pleasure of for a business trip, your compact personalized tour will include all the world famous Historical "hot" spots in a flash or at your own leisure to maximize your pleasure.

Walking tours: to savor and visit what only the locals know.

Island hopping to visit the close by Islands from Athens.

Safari Jeep Wrangler tours to enjoy the coastal sea views off the beaten trails.

Athens by Night: Club hopping till the wee hours of the morning at all the "in" outdoor night spots, all on the water, under the stars.

Enjoying the high life as only the Greeks know how, either with the rich and famous or the simple out of reach, quiet, traditional places, out of the way, for enjoying Athens.

From Scuba diving to Golfing by the sea or swimming in the turquoise Aegean sea with white sandy beaches, Athens offers a wide variety of interests.

You visit the birth of Classical Athenian democracy where civilization was birthed.

"What to see in Athens? A lifetime experience, that includes Ancient History with the Modern contemporary all inclusive.

My Athens, Greece, makes visiting the city easy and it's surroundings by the sea, for loads of great photos to be admired when back home. We specialize in bringing you to places for great photos!

We show you why Athens is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Europe.
We bring you to enjoy stunning views, quaint towns and villages and a nightlife scene, that is virtually unrivaled, all outdoor, under the stars, on the water.

The Acropolis has a panoramic magnificent view of Athens and the surrounding temples below, while you view the endless blue of the Aegean, from the Parthenon during the day or night with the full moon.

What to do when dinner is over, living it up, and enjoying an evening of Herod Atticus Theater at the foot of the Acropolis, the marble Ancient Greek outdoor theater, under the stars to enjoy the world famous shows in all it's glory, as it was in Ancient Greece.

Visiting Athens, then you have to visit the Acropolis and the Majestic Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Temple of the Athena Nike is a must, yet so much more awaits your discovery.

From the majestic Temple of Olympian Zeus, or the Temple of Poseidon so to enjoy the view over the beautiful Aegean sea.

Plaka is the old historical Athenian neighborhood which has old world charm with it's picturesque, quaint winding cobblestone streets, with many surprises to be discovered and savored, on your walking tour.

Either for your business trip or your adventure trip, all tours are personalized just for you and your interests, and your available itinerary.

Special tours for anitiquer dealers and collectors
Visiting Greece now, is a great oppurtunity, for it is a sellers market, for anitiquers.
Antique dealers and antique collectors visit Greece now, for it is a buyers market, for rare
and sought after, antique merchandise. We organize special groups, for antique dealers, rare and precious antiques from all over the world, to see, to admire, and to find and purcase what will be a great opportunity!

We can also take you, to the French Riviera of Athens, just 20 minutes from the center of Athens, it's turquoise water, it's quaint harbors, with the swaying yachts, eating fresh fish, on the white sandy beach, and enjoying true Greece's authentic ambiance, and way of life. As Greece's national colours are blue and white -
white representing its beautiful beaches and buildings and blue the clear seas that surround it.

Your personal guide speaks:
1. English
2. Italian
3. French
Day or Night tours, from two hours or for the whole day, a variety of tours, are available for you, to choose from.

Let us show you the lovely part of Athens!

See and enjoy Athens by Day, or the Athens by Night, to live it up, for all tours are customized for your personal needs and interests.

Cell/Mobile: +30-6977500588

Special service: We can also give you a call.
Calling you in your country, to help you out, on the different tours that we specialize in.

Feel free to ask any questions that you might have. Thanks!

We also offer, specialized tours in: Russian, Arabic and Greek.


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