Collector’s opportunity tours

We know very well the colectors market in Greece and espacialy the Athens Colector's market or we can find everything for you in a minute.

Now because of Greek crisis this market offers grade opportunities for you so you can extend your trip to Greece by investigate colectros market and marvel Greek antiquites, you may interesteed for.

Welcome to the Antique Collectors' Holiday Club

Antiquing Holidays in Greece

Our VIP Collectors Holiday will give you a trip of a life time!

Visiting Greece now, is a great oppurtunity, for it is a buyers market, for anitiquers. Antique dealers and antique collectors make sure they visit Greece now, for it is a buyers market, for rare and sought after, antiques.

We organize special groups, or VIP escorted tours, with our translators that accompany you, for antiquing collectors, for all of Greece, for rare and precious antiques from all over the world, that are treasured here in Greece, so to be able, to find, to see, to admire and  purchase what will be a great opportunity, to enjoy with your holiday photos back home!

Visitng Greece to Holiday with us, yet you have a collectors hobbie, can also be included, if you are just a tourist, looking for a good deal, or even an antique collector, it is most informative to be able to see things in person, visit people
in their homes, and get a rare view of the actual items, that are rare and sought after.

You will find that our Antique Collectors' Holiday Club, we provide, the traditional way of finding treasures, in person,
seeing rare finds in person, is a unique way which is a tradition for centuries.

We help  you find an eclectic range of finds in person.  Over the years we have been geared for collectors and tourists, visiting Greece.

Travel with us on your holidays, while you have the time to enjoy Greece, while we make sure you are connected to collectors, to discover rare finds, of great beauty, rarity, in good condition, for your satisfaction, of being able to see in person, and buying on the spot, for your collection or for making a profit. Either to sell once back home, or keeping your rare finds for your own home.

Our tours, visiting Athens, or the Islands, or main land Greece, we can make sure you visit in person, private collectors, that will be happy to let you see, feel, touch and admire collectables, that have been in their family collections for centuries. So that you can also inlcude for your family, and friends back home to admire your valubale purchases.

While with us on your Antiquing Holday in Greece, we connect you with people that have rare objects that represent a previous era, and passed down as an estate.  We either connect you with anituqe dealers, to visit them, or the actual owners, that you can see in person, while visiting their homes.

Enjoy the craftsmanship, and attention to design in person.  While you have the privilege to visit in person, to admire, marvel, and touch to enjoy the rarity of each antique, in person.

Find rare collectables, with our VIP Antiquing Holidays, that we organize, from the actual owners and collections in illustration of the progress of the arts, works in bronze, marble, terra cotta, parian, pottery and porcelain.  With our tours of Greece, you find wonderful artistic antiquities and objects of ornamental character or even educational value which now you can either put in your collection, or would like to make a good profit, while Holidaying in Greece.

We organize special tours, to allow people to make a distinction between genuine antique pieces, vintage items, and collectibles or ancient art and everyday items, from antiquity.

Our goal is to help you, while visiting Greece, to connect with sellers, if you are an antiquarian or just a person traveling to enjoy Greece that is interested in antiquities, of the past.

Antiquing Holidays in Greece

Enjoy your Holdiays in Greece, with our VIP Qntiquing Holdiays, while Antiquing" which is the art  of shopping, identifying, negotiating, or bargaining for antiques. Your rare finds on your holidays, can be bought for personal use, gifts, and in the case of brokers and dealers, to make a good profit. Our tours, consists, of take you to resort towns, antiques districts, so to find your antique that will make your Holidays, even more exciting.

Make your holidays exciting, while we take you to find collectable antiques for either it's practical characteristics of rare antiques, or just to enjoy the value of your collectable, that can only increase in value with time in your,  own collection now .

We make sure, on your Holiday in Greece, you find collectables, for your home, which will not only hold their vaue, but will increase value with time, while beautifying your home, and a conversation piece to admire with family and friends.  In contrast to buying new furniture which will depreciate in value from the moment it is purchased, which is a loss, as it depretiates the minute you bring it to your home. Having your own rare finds, that hold their value, and appreicate in value over time, is the fun in acquiring these rare pieces, for your own private collection.

With our tours, we make sure you find best buys, your value for money, while you can make your trip worth while
to pay for itself, while traveling to Greece with our special Antiquing Holday .

Visiting Greece, buying and having these collectables, you now can make the selling of the collection individually that can also pay off when you are back home, now in your pocession, your rare pieces that are sought after by collectors or other people like yourself, that want to include your finds in their collection, or just having and keeping in your family, for the appreciation of admiring your precious finds while in your own private collection.

There is nothing quite like finding a treasure in person. Online auctions just don't let you experience holding the piece in your hands, carefully examining it and haggling the price in person. Find hidden jewels in person, while holidaying
having the time to enjoy your holidays, while we offer you specialized tours to enjoy not only your surroundings,
but making sure you enjoy rare findings, which are a part of your travels to Greece.

Holiday Antiquing in Greece:

Gold coins, American Gold coins,
rare gold and silver coins from around the world,
Real Estate, Ancient Arts, Music and Musical Devices, Oriental Rugs, Paintings, Paper, Porcelain, Reproductions, Scrimshaw, Stamps, Toys, Trunks & Chests, records. Automotives, Bicycles, Books, Bronzes, Ceramics, China, Clocks & Watches, Clothing and Jewelry, Collectibles,  Decorative Arts, Dolls, Engines, European Antiques, Figurines, Fine Art, Folk Art, Furniture & Furnishings, Hardware, Linens, Glass, Jewelry, Labels, Memorabilia,  Vehicles, Victorian Furniture, clocks, lamps, china.   Antiques furniture, ceramics, linens,  scientific instruments, tools, antiques. Collectibles & Fine Arts, Collectible Figurines, Fine Quality Antique and Victorian Jewelry, Rare Estate Jewelry, Art Deco and Art Noveau Jewelry, Vintage, rare American silver coins, Silver Jewelry plus Signed and Unsigned Vintage Fine and Costume Jewelry for Women, Men and Children, Antique and Vintage Dolls, Vintage and Antique Toys, Vanity Items

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