Athens zoo

Go Wild On Your 2 Hour Airport Layover!



Did you want to get out and about and enjoy the break, needing to stretch and feel alive, but stuck at the Athens, Airport. 
We have the solution for you, to turn a boring layover to an exiting visit at the Zoo. We specialize on zoo tours, which we personally take you from the airport, and in just 10-15 minutes we will have you at the Zoo, so you can start to relax and take in the wonderful sight of this amazing Zoo.

Our VIP tours, cater from the center of Athens, to the amazing world of the zoo.
We also arrange private tours or group tours to visit from the surrounding areas of Athens, to accompany you
for your visit, world of animals.

Going to the Zoo can be a wonderful place to visit, while you are on a layover yourself or with family and friends.  Do you remember the fun memories you had as a child when you spent time at the zoo.  Remember the animals you enjoyed, and how it was fun watching them up close.
At arms length, from the Athens airport, you can be taken to the Zoo with our mini-van, so to stretch, to walk around, to enjoy these great animals, that you would need an extra trip to enjoy.  All at Attica Zoological Park, not needing to go for a safari, nor an arctic trip, but all for your enjoyment, all in one place, for you to experience, just on your layover.
The Attica Zoological Park is a very stimulating experience to be enjoyed.  Being outdoors quite simply, at the zoo can be an experience that involves spending some time walking and viewing these exciting and so beautiful animals, outdoors, which can be most rewarding while
being on a stopover.
Remember, you don 't have to be kid to enjoy a day at the zoo!  Take the opportunity, to stretch and walk around on a boring layover, and
enjoy this open air Zoo, face to face with these beautiful wild living animals.
We will whisk you away, on your two hour layover to visit, this beautiful open Zoo, with so many surprises, to enjoy. We then bring you back to re-board with a refreshed spirit and body and with new photos and memories to be cherished from your stopover in Athens,
This experience will be exactly what you needed, for your stopover! 
Striving to combine entertainment with education, the Attica Zoological Park offers its visitors a unique journey to the five continents, through the lives of over 2.000 animals, from 350 species.
The Attica Zoological Park extends to a total area of 20 hectares, hosting more than 2000 animals from 350 different species.

It opened in May 2000, initially as a Bird Park, hosting the 3rd largest bird collection in the world (1100 birds from 300 different species), farm animals for the younger visitors and 3 very impressive walk-in aviaries - miniatures of the 3 continents - in which visitors can walk and admire the relevant bird fauna and flora.

In April 2001, when the "World of Reptiles" was added to the Attica Zoological Park, constant expansions and additions began including the "Greek Fauna" section, with animals rarely seen in Greece (summer 2002), the "African Savannah" with animals from Africa (February 2003), the monkeys and apes section (June 2003), the completion of the "Big Cats" section and the extension of the African Savannah (December 2004), the "Monkey Forest", where visitors can be in the same enclosure with the monkeys (early 2005), the "Cheetah Land", where 4 Cheetahs are kept in a large enclosure which visitors can cross through a special corridor, the chimpanzees and gibbons section (March 2008) and finally the "Arid Lands" section hosting animals such as camels, Somali wild asses, etc. (April 2008). In addition, in May 2010, 2 white male rhinos were added to the Park's "family"
Who is Attika Zoo Park
The "Attica Zoological Park" as a member of ΕΑΖΑ (European Association of Zoo and Aquaria) is the only zoological park in Greece today, receiving tens of thousands of visitors of all ages every year, from all over Greece.

For over ten years, Attica Zoological Park has been offering visitors a unique journey to the five continents, through more than 2.000 animals, from 400 species.

As recognized members of EAZA, our priority has implemented highly strict guidelines concerning animal hosting (animal husbandry, conservation, education and security).

In cooperation with ΕΑΖΑ, the AZP actively participates in 17 European Endangered Species Programs (EEPs) while 29 species are monitored and checked through a European Studbook (ΕSB).

Moreover, since early 2004 the AZP has been using the International Species Information System (ΙSΙS), where all the data from the ΕΑΖΑ and WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquaria) members are registered. Through this system we gain access to valuable information for all animals that are hosted, in zoo parks internationally.

To visitors, zoos are a place for entertainment and relaxation. Our pursuit at the Attica Zoological Park is also to be, first and foremost, a place of education for the public and of conservation for the various species.
Vision of Attika Zoo Park is to establish the "Attica Zoological Park" as the biggest zoo in Southeast Europe and a global-scale thematic park with reference to the protection of biodiversity.

In this context, raising public awareness of the animal kingdom and an effort to preserve or even breed the endangered species - some 60% of the zoo's animals are rare or even threatened by extinction - are among our main objectives.

Your personal tour guide will escort you to the best places for magnificent photos to be of you with the amazing animals to
show your family and friends back home.

Refreshments and snacks can be found from the Cafe in the Zoo Park, and places for your kids play, next to you.

Have you ever imagined, being together with the animals that you usually see in the movies. In Attica zoo Park it's not an ordinary zoo, for we can also escort you to the sights where you can enter in the environment of the habitat of the animals as they were from their own country.  You enter their original environment of their natural habitat while you, the animals and environment
are inclusive.

Your experienced guide will accompany you so that you can see the feeding of the animals, or  we can arrange your participation to also feed the animals.

Worthy zoo parks exist around the world
but this original zoo park has gathered animal life from around the world for a fascinating experience
of a life time.

This amazing zoo park in Athens, Greece which rivals the European zoo parks as around the

In Attika Zoo Park they go one steep more, έφτιαξαν sites you walk into and feel like you walk into a rainforest, listening and watching the tropical birds and animals to roam around you, seeing and smelling tropical vlastisi.


By visiting the Attika Zoo Park you can see the follow animals in a site similar of their natural site.


African Green Pigeon
African Grey HornbillAfrican Grey Hornbill
African PenguinAfrican Penguin
African pygmy goatAfrican pygmy goat
African soft-shell turtleAfrican soft-shell turtle
African spoonbillAfrican spoonbill
African spurred tortoiseAfrican spurred tortoise
African white backed vultureAfrican white backed vulture
African wild dogAfrican wild dog
Aldabra tortoiseAldabra tortoise
Alexandrine ParrakeetAlexandrine Parrakeet
Amazon tree boaAmazon tree boa
American AlligatorAmerican Alligator
Angola LionAngola Lion
Ashy headed gooseAshy headed goose
Australian ShelduckAustralian Shelduck
Azuure winged magpieAzuure winged magpie
Bactrian camelBactrian camel
Baikal TealBaikal Teal
Bald EagleBald Eagle
Ball python
Bar Shouldered DoveBar Shouldered Dove
Barbary macaqueBarbary macaque
Baringo giraffeBaringo giraffe
Barn OwlBarn Owl
Barnacle GooseBarnacle Goose
Bateleur EagleBateleur Eagle
Bearded BarbetBearded Barbet
Bearded dragonBearded dragon
Bennett's wallabyBennett's wallaby
Black and white ruffed lemurBlack and white ruffed lemur
Black bulbulBlack bulbul
Black capped capuchinBlack capped capuchin
Black crakeBlack crake
Black LoryBlack Lory
Black Necked AracariBlack Necked Aracari
Black Necked StiltBlack Necked Stilt
Black SwanBlack Swan
Black-Capped LoryBlack-Capped Lory
Black-headed weaverBlack-headed weaver
Black-naped fruit dove
Black-tailed prairie dogBlack-tailed prairie dog
Bleeding Heart DoveBleeding Heart Dove
Blue and Gold MacawBlue and Gold Macaw
Blue Crowned ConureBlue Crowned Conure
Blue Crowned PigeonBlue Crowned Pigeon
Blue Eared Glossy StarlingBlue Eared Glossy Starling
Blue Eared PheasantBlue Eared Pheasant
Blue Fronted AmazonBlue Fronted Amazon
Blue magpieBlue magpie
Blue Winged KookaburraBlue Winged Kookaburra
Blue-bellied RollerBlue-bellied Roller
Blue-cheeked RozelaBlue-cheeked Rozela
Blue-faced HoneyeaterBlue-faced Honeyeater
Blue-tongue skinkBlue-tongue skink
Boa constrictorBoa constrictor
Boobook OwlBoobook Owl
Bottle-Nosed DolphinBottle-Nosed Dolphin
Brahminy mynahBrahminy mynah
Brown bearBrown bear
Burmese pythonBurmese python
Burrowing OwlBurrowing Owl
California kingsnakeCalifornia kingsnake
California QuailCalifornia Quail
California Sea LionCalifornia Sea Lion
Cameroon sheepCameroon sheep
Cape eagle ownCape eagle own
Caracal or Desert LynxCaracal or Desert Lynx
Carpet pythonCarpet python
Cattle EgretCattle Egret
Cereopsis GooseCereopsis Goose
Chattering LoryChattering Lory
Coleto mynahColeto mynah
Common pheasantCommon pheasant
Common RavenCommon Raven
Common shama thrush
Common ShelduckCommon Shelduck
Corn SnakeCorn Snake
Cotton top tamarinCotton top tamarin
Crested GuineafowlCrested Guineafowl
Crested PigeonCrested Pigeon
Crested Wood PartridgeCrested Wood Partridge
Crested/Common CaracaraCrested/Common Caracara
Cretan wild goatCretan wild goat
Cuban boaCuban boa
Cuban GrassquitCuban Grassquit
De Brazza's MonkeyDe Brazza's Monkey
Demoiselle craneDemoiselle crane
Diamond DoveDiamond Dove
Ducorp's cockatooDucorp's cockatoo
Duivenbonde's LoryDuivenbonde's Lory
Dumerilis BoaDumerilis Boa
Dusky LoriDusky Lori
Eastern RosellaEastern Rosella
Eclectus Parrot
Elliot's pheasantElliot's pheasant
Emerald DoveEmerald Dove
Emperor GooseEmperor Goose
Eurasian BuzzardEurasian Buzzard
Eurasian Eagle OwlEurasian Eagle Owl
Eurasian JayEurasian Jay
Eurasian lynxEurasian lynx
Eurasian SpoonbillEurasian Spoonbill
European Bee-eaterEuropean Bee-eater
European common toadEuropean common toad
European green toadEuropean green toad
European wildcatEuropean wildcat
Falabella ponyFalabella pony
Fallow deerFallow deer
Fennec foxFennec fox
Fischer's LovebirdFischer's Lovebird
Galah CockatooGalah Cockatoo
Giant toadGiant toad
Giant wood rail
Gila monsterGila monster
Glossy IbisGlossy Ibis
Golden Backed WeaverGolden Backed Weaver
Golden Breasted StarlingGolden Breasted Starling
Golden PheasantGolden Pheasant
Gouldian finchGouldian finch
Grant' s ZebraGrant' s Zebra
Great Horned OwlGreat Horned Owl
Greater FlamingoGreater Flamingo
Greater Magellan GooseGreater Magellan Goose
Greater RheaGreater Rhea
Green BasiliskGreen Basilisk
Green iguanaGreen iguana
Green Imperial PigeonGreen Imperial Pigeon
Green JayGreen Jay
Green tree pythonGreen tree python
Grey Crowned CraneGrey Crowned Crane
Grey JunglefowlGrey Junglefowl
Grey ParrotGrey Parrot
Grey wolf
Grey-headed LovebirdGrey-headed Lovebird
Griffon VultureGriffon Vulture
Guira CuckooGuira Cuckoo
Hair crested DrongoHair crested Drongo
Harri's Hawk/bay winged hawkHarri's Hawk/bay winged hawk
Hartlaub's TuracoHartlaub's Turaco
Hawaian GooseHawaian Goose
Hawk-headed ParrotHawk-headed Parrot
Hermann's tortoiseHermann's tortoise
Hill MynahHill Mynah
Himalayan Impeyan PheasantHimalayan Impeyan Pheasant
Hooded parrotHooded parrot
Hooded vultureHooded vulture
Indian crested porcupineIndian crested porcupine
Indian Eagle OwlIndian Eagle Owl
Jandaya ConureJandaya Conure
Java Sparrow
Javan langurJavan langur
Jungle carpet pythonJungle carpet python
Kafue Flats LechweKafue Flats Lechwe
Lady Amhearst's PheasantLady Amhearst's Pheasant
Lanner FalconLanner Falcon
Laughing KookaburraLaughing Kookaburra
Leopard geckoLeopard gecko
Leopard tortoiseLeopard tortoise
Lesser White Fronted GooseLesser White Fronted Goose
Lineated KalijLineated Kalij
Little CorellaLittle Corella
Livingstone's turacoLivingstone's turaco
Long tailed grassfinchLong tailed grassfinch
Madagascar ground boaMadagascar ground boa
Madagascar tree boaMadagascar tree boa
Mandarin duckMandarin duck
Mandarin duckMandarin duck
Marabou StorkMarabou Stork
Marginated tortoise
Mealy AmazonMealy Amazon
Military macawMilitary macaw
Mitchell's cockatooMitchell's cockatoo
Mitred conureMitred conure
Monk ParakeetMonk Parakeet
Namaqua DoveNamaqua Dove
Nanday ConureNanday Conure
New Guinea viper boaNew Guinea viper boa
Nicobar PigeonNicobar Pigeon
Nile crocodileNile crocodile
Northern Helmeted CurassowNorthern Helmeted Curassow
Northern PintailNorthern Pintail
Orange Headed ThrushOrange Headed Thrush
Orange-winged parrotOrange-winged parrot
Palawan hornbill
Palm-nut VulturePalm-nut Vulture
Patagonian maraPatagonian mara
Peach-faced LovebirdPeach-faced Lovebird
Peking RobinPeking Robin
Pied AvocetPied Avocet
Pied CrowPied Crow
Pied Imperial PigeonPied Imperial Pigeon
Pigmy HippopotamusPigmy Hippopotamus
Pink Backed PelicanPink Backed Pelican
Purple-naped LoryPurple-naped Lory
Rainbow LoryRainbow Lory
Red and Green MacawRed and Green Macaw
Red and Yellow BarbetRed and Yellow Barbet
Red Billed HornbillRed Billed Hornbill
Red Billed ToucanRed Billed Toucan
Red CardinalRed Cardinal
Red eared turtleRed eared turtle
Red Turtle DoveRed Turtle Dove
Red Winged Parrot
Red-Capped ParrotRed-Capped Parrot
Red-Crested TuracoRed-Crested Turaco
Red-whiskered BulbulRed-whiskered Bulbul
Reeve's PheasantReeve's Pheasant
Regent ParrotRegent Parrot
Ring tailed lemurRing tailed lemur
Ring-tailed coatiRing-tailed coati
Rock PartridgeRock Partridge
Rose-ringed parakeetRose-ringed parakeet
Roseate SpoonbillRoseate Spoonbill
Rothchild MynahRothchild Mynah
Rudjah shelduckRudjah shelduck
Rufous hornbillRufous hornbill
Russian ratsnakeRussian ratsnake
Sacred IbisSacred Ibis
Saffron FinchSaffron Finch
Salmon Crested CockatooSalmon Crested Cockatoo
Savannah monkeySavannah monkey
Scally-headed parrotScally-headed parrot
Scarlet macaw
Scimitar-Horned OryxScimitar-Horned Oryx
Secretary BirdSecretary Bird
Senegal ParrotSenegal Parrot
Shetland ponyShetland pony
Siamang gibbonSiamang gibbon
Siamese Crested FirebackSiamese Crested Fireback
Silver PheasantSilver Pheasant
Silvery-cheeked HornbillSilvery-cheeked Hornbill
Skyrian horseSkyrian horse
Snowy owlSnowy owl
Somali wild assSomali wild ass
Southern CassowarySouthern Cassowary
Southern Ground HornbillSouthern Ground Hornbill
Southern screamerSouthern screamer
Speckled MousebirdSpeckled Mousebird
Speckled PigeonSpeckled Pigeon
Spotted Eagle OwlSpotted Eagle Owl
Squirrel monkey
Star finchStar finch
Stella's loryStella's lory
Striated caracaraStriated caracara
Sulphur-crested cockatooSulphur-crested cockatoo
Sulphur-crested cockatooSulphur-crested cockatoo
Sun ConureSun Conure
Superb ParrotSuperb Parrot
Superb StarlingSuperb Starling
Swainson's ToucanSwainson's Toucan
Swinhoe's PheasantSwinhoe's Pheasant
Taiwan Beauty SnakeTaiwan Beauty Snake
Temminck's TragopanTemminck's Tragopan
Toco ToucanToco Toucan
Turkey VultureTurkey Vulture
Turkmenian sand boaTurkmenian sand boa
Turtle doveTurtle dove
Umbrella CockatooUmbrella Cockatoo
Vieillot's Crested FirebackVieillot's Crested Fireback
Vietnamese PheasantVietnamese Pheasant
Vinaceous amazon
Violet TuracoViolet Turaco
Von Den Decker's HornbillVon Den Decker's Hornbill
Vulturine guineafowlVulturine guineafowl
Waldrapp IbisWaldrapp Ibis
Wattled StarlingWattled Starling
Western hognose snakeWestern hognose snake
White Cheeked PintailWhite Cheeked Pintail
White Cheeked TuracoWhite Cheeked Turaco
White Fronted AmazonWhite Fronted Amazon
White headed VultureWhite headed Vulture
White ibisWhite ibis
White ratsnakeWhite ratsnake
White rhinocerosWhite rhinoceros
White Shouldered StarlingWhite Shouldered Starling
White StorkWhite Stork
White TigerWhite Tiger
White-headed Buffalo WeaverWhite-headed Buffalo Weaver
White-naped pheasant pigeonWhite-naped pheasant pigeon
Wild boarWild boar
Wrinkled hornbill
Yellow anacondaYellow anaconda
Yellow Bellied Green PigeonYellow Bellied Green Pigeon
Yellow Billed StorkYellow Billed Stork
Yellow CardinalYellow Cardinal
Yellow Collared LovebirdYellow Collared Lovebird
Yellow Crowned AmazonYellow Crowned Amazon
Yellow ratsnakeYellow ratsnake
Yellow-bibbed loryYellow-bibbed lory
Zebra FinchZebra Finch

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