Welcome to Athens

Welcome to Athens

Services available for VIP passengers upon their arrival: Our friendly, English-speaking staff
will help you plan your trip, by phonel.  Calling you by phone, in your country:
to advise and give you solutions for a memorable worry free trip, customized for your needs and interests.
We offer a whole range of tours: both private and shared minibus tours.
One of these will surely suit your dates, your pocket and your style.

  • Meeting individual air travelers (or groups) upon their arrival at the airport;
      Prestigious historical VIP tour of the world famous Acropolis and important surroundings.
      Half day or a couple of hours, are all specially customized for your needs.

    Discover hidden details and secrets of Athens you never knew before!
    Book a VIP walking tour to discover secrets, what only the locals know.
  • Enjoy a two-hour guided walking tour.
  • Your highly experienced VIP guide will be assigned specifically to you for your private tour.
  • Your guide will give you helpful insider tips and background information.
  • Your guide will also help you with your Restaurant choices and will book your tables for you.
  • You can also book in advance by telephoning Guest Relations.
  • +30-6977500588 or e-mail:
  • We can call you in your country to help you out.
  • Know what you want?
  • Looking for ideas?
  • Need help organizing a group trip?
  • Stopover or layover, quick all inclusive private tours. 
  • Athens by Day
  • Athens by Night

   Unique Oppurtunity!!
   A couple of hours in Athens, take the oppurtunity of different tours
   with pick up and drop off at Airport.
   Only in Greece!!

   Scuba Diving and Skiing the same day

   Mountain Skiing or Sea Skiing the same day

   Mountain Skiing and Scuba Diving the same day

   Mountain Skiing and Sailing the same day.

Interpreters / Translators
for business people

Bilingual translators for your business meetings-English, Italian, Russian, and Arabic.

  • An event?
  • A business Power Lunch for success.

  • Visits for Daytrippers: Unique!

    Day trippers to Athens: If you have a stopover in Athens, we can arrange your visit of Athens, starting and finishing at the airport, train station, or your cruise boat.

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Hire a Guide
2hours, 4hours or as much…

Greece how you never seen

or call: +03-6977500588
SPECIAL SERVICE: We call you at your country at home or office, for your interests and needs.




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