A Couple Of Hours Stop-Over Athens Airport

3 hours, 4 hours ... or ... as much you want...

                                        OR JUST A FEW HOURS IN ATHENS AIRPORT?
A unique oppurtunity, to take advantage of your short stay!
Enjoy a mini-excursion, to an oasis, to thoroughly enjoy:
With a 2 hour stay, we guarantee a picturesque visit by the sea, at a local taverna to
stretch and relax while you charge your batteries.
With a 3 hour stay, we guarantee a small quant village by the sea, to enjoy
a walk, sunbath, swim and grab something to eat at Taverna on the water
overseeing the harbor and the local fish boats.
We allow plenty of wiggle room for traffic, long airport security lines and other variables.
Pick up and drop off, at Airport, for your next flight out.
Eat Like a King by the water:  All fresh ingredients, and fresh fruits de la mer, fresh fish, that the local
fishing boats brought in a couple ours before your arrival.

An opportunity to enjoy and see the real Greece, the old world charm and simplicity of a village
town and harbor with the colorful fishing boats and turquoise water, for a life memorable experience
that is greatly needed.
Secure and affordable transportation, with ample time, for an oasis of relaxation, not to be forgotten.
A smart layover adventure, for exploring and living a dream.  That can be realized and taken advantage of, while
stranded at an airport.

Flights with layovers are often cheaper than direct flights, but despite the savings, many travelers will pay more to avoid the extra time in the airport. The thought of sitting around in an airport for six hours is only vaguely more enticing than a dental appointment.
But despite their reputation as a necessary evil, layovers don't have to mean endless hours
of watching the clock and waiting for your vacation to start or your business trip to finalize. In fact, a layover
can be a memorable part of your trip and  FUN.
Instead of killing time filling out crossword puzzles and browsing the bookstore take a mini-excursion
to a picturesque town on the water, to stretch out and see the beauty that Greece is all about.
Leave the Airport, See the Sights and fully stretch while, walking on the seaboard, enjoying the fresh air and the sweet
breeze of the Ocean while you forget your hard flight in and more to go.
 Enjoy a wealth of valuable time and an experience well deserved.

Fine places for a few hours of rest before flight, stopover or layover.

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