Why Hire a Personal Guide

Hiring a personal tour guide, one might think it is for the wealthy, but are pleasantly surprised to find someone to answer their every question and attend to each detail of their visit, is not only for the wealthy.
Hiring a guide, is a smart way of enjoying your travel with an economical guide to satisfy your travel experience

and your pocket.

Spending a considerate amount of money to visit a place, is worth the experience of choosing to hire a guide, to see and understand as much as possible about the place they want to visit.

Travelers find that even though on a budget, in search of value and an authentic, memorable experience, is worth having a personal guide, which tends to their needs.

These are usually not the type of tours in which 50 people board a bus for the day to quickly drive by 12 top attractions. Personalized tours that are walking tours often, cater more to individual interests, with stops for pictures, drinks to cool down and places for a bite to eat. Guides are often paid by the hour.

Be certain to define what you want in a guide. Independent travelers don't want to be herded in a large group, where asking questions can be difficult and your personal interests will not be a top priority. Walking tours of a city led by a private guide, that is a knowledgeable native can be an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

A personal guide who will lead you through the unfamiliar and daunting traffic rush in a city is also very valuable. For time is saved, while you see things and places that you otherwise could not find, while there is no getting lost and making your trip a hassle free experience, is worth all its money.

Travelers now, know that by choosing a travel guide, their trip can be in itself, a memorable experience.

There are places on the Web where budget travelers can find guide recommendations for Private Guides: 

This well-established site offers both "tours" (larger groups with buses) and "personal guides" who will walk you through the sites of a city. Prices are economical, for your individual needs.

You can also find information about hotels and restaurants, but they also allow visitors to rate guides. Do a search there The excellent site does not necessarily cater to tours, but their is a section that includes message boards where a search could turn up recommendations. Many of the people who post on the forums have good recommendations.

Your favorite travel site, will be at your service, for easy finds:

Your local travel guide, has a good knowledge of your needs and interests, rather than a fast group that does not take the time to make your experience a memorable visit.

Be sure to ask for a personal travel guide or walking tour as opposed to a group tour.

Consider adding a personally guided tour or walking tour to your itinerary. Connecting with a travel guide, the money you spend will be an investment saving and enhancing the minutes and hours of your visit.

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