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From personal computers, to cd rom drives, to LAN and WAN, elearning can be a long process. But it is not unlike any other learning process. With time and practice, the skills you learn about computers and the internet can be utilized and used in your everyday life. Be it learning for a job, or just to sport ter your knowledge of technology in computers, elearning can be for everyone.

There are many ways avaliable to be taught about computers and the internet. Be it in a physical classroom, or a virtual one. Be it in a group, one on one, or even on your own. As long as you're willing to learn, the resources aren't a problem. There are online tutorials and cd's designed to teach you more about the computer.

Finding out about the market's top eLearning Tools
Which are the top eLearning Tools you can find online ?
Some people at work often ask you to recommend them some e-learning tools. Invariably, their requests funnel down to a need for a complete e-learning system:
What software or programs do I need to create e-learning from start to finish?
I love having these conversations because I find out what kinds of projects people are working on and what software they already have. Because I am acutely aware of costs and budgets, it helps to have context before recommending tools. I also like to give my colleagues some homework, which starts with reading Jane Hart.
Jane Hart's blog features new learning and e-learning tools every day, and her web site, Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, tracks top 10 lists of learning professionals all over the world. As 2009 closes, here are the current top learning and e-learning tools based on a compilation of all the lists submitted:
1. Twitter
2. Delicious
3. YouTube
4. Google Reader
5. Google Docs
6. Wordpress
7. Slideshare
8. Google Search

About eLearning Companies

How to choose eLearning Companies online ?
Guarantee your success in eLearning by choosing the best eLearning company for you.
You will find a lot more than you think about eLearning companies. There is:
Knowledge Anywhere, a leader in eLearning companies, which has developed customized processes that guarantee success through their Custom eLearning Solutions. While the latest interactive technology and techniques are important, at Knowledge Anywhere they believe that the success of any eLearning interactive training program is determined not by bits and bytes but by the content involved.
Ensure your success in eLearning with the leader in eLearning companies.
To be successful with your eLearning training program, Knowledge Anywhere has developed a training management and reporting system. With Quest Track™, you can monitor student participation and evaluate training effectiveness. These are some of the advantages that leading eLearning companies can provide.
Custom Solutions
Knowledge Anywhere Custom Solutions is one of those eLearning companies and offers online training modules that reflect your business objectives, unique processes and proprietary information. This eLearning company develops each Custom Solution using our proven Quest Process. With your help, the appropriate eLearning company can deliver a highly effective, custom eLearning training solution in only eight weeks. In addition, as you would expect from leading eLearning companies, this eLearning company offers hundreds of ready to use online eLearning courses in a wide range of subjects including sales, computer skills, human resources, financial planning and other eLearning stuff.

About eLearning systems
How can you find an easy-to-use eLearning system online ?
ELearning systems are becoming sometimes very technologically sophisticated and complicated, with regard to training management or eLearning course management. The eLearning systems use does not always match well with traditional modes of teaching and eLearning and much care needs to be taken when considering the use of ELearning in educational institutions and their eLearning systems. The use of semantic web in eLearning systems has been explored with regard to two application areas:
1) First eLearning system is about an eLearning software that supports teachers in performing their tasks in flexible online educational settings, and
2) Second eLearning system is about an eLearning software system that interprets the structure of distributed, self organized, and self-directed ELearning and web-based learning in general. The resulting eLearning system will be used by learners to perform the tasks they are asked to do more adequately in the context of gaining knowledge through eLearning systems, out of the material presented by regular teachers. These two eLearning systems and related tasks require a semantic representation of educational entities and pedagogical material, specifically the structure and the techniques of the eLearning process.
Finally, in most eLearning systems users can administer and repeat learning contents according to their needs without any access problems. However the quality of learning through eLearning systems is not guaranteed.
Until more eLearning employees gain access to computers and specifically Internet access, elearning constraints and barriers will continue to exist. That said even with elearning access users still prefer, or at least some prefer, face-to-face training - hence the need for a blended approach.
There are many reasons why an employee would prefer to go on face-to-face training sessions instead of taking eLearning lessons with eLearning systems, particularly if they are residential and particularly if they involve experiential or action centred learning, rather than an equivalent online elearning programme on its own. Some of those reasons might also be important ones for the business. Also remember that it is common for off-site training to be perceived as a perk and removing it may be interpreted adversely regardless of whether the learning objectives are being met by elearning and/or alternative learning methods.

About eLearning development

Some eLearning companies specialize in the custom development of eLearning solutions - not for specific industries, but for specific eLearning companies.
Even in the same industry, no two eLearning companies are alike. Your company’s culture, internal processes, and market differentiators require an one of a kind approach to online employee training that reflects those distinguishing characteristics.
The eLearning company’s eLearning goals guide the solution, resulting in custom eLearning that uses sound technology eLearning software systems, eLearning development processes, and eLearning presentation methods. Elearning companies can create a cost-effective custom eLearning solution for you that meets your company’s unique needs and constraints.
We provide complete e-Learning solutions for your online training needs and provide rapid e-Learning development of materials. We also help you develop an effective learning strategy and e-Learning design that result in the most effective online learning.
Many eLearning companies specialize in rapid e-Learning solutions. Those eLearning companies, design and develop several e-Learning materials and elearning courses that provide a complete e-Learning delivery solution that fits your needs.
Many eLearning companies provide the e-Learning development, where they can host everyone's e-Learning and provide a simple e-learning management system.
Other services that offer eLearning development
As well as providing an e-Learning development solutions many eLearning companies help evaluate learning in your organization and help you develop an efficient learning strategy. Other eLearning companies provide e-Learning development and materials development for both technical and software skills training;
eLearning development with training delivery;
eLearning development with instructor training/mentoring;
eLearning development with project management and change management consulting to help implement your corporate elearning strategy.

About eLearning Solutions
How to develop eLearning Solutions ?
Frame your plan for building an effective and ambitious technology-supported elearning environment for K-12 eLearning education.
Corporate eLearning Solutions - Some eLearning Companies develop custom corporate training / corporate eLearning and interactive eLearning presentations that markedly increase the effectiveness of your training programs . The eLearning Companies do this for any company, anywhere in the world - pharmaceuticals to home improvement.
eLearning Solutions with Custom eLearning – From interactive elearning presentations to complex user-controlled simulations, many eLearning Companies develop all manner of custom eLearning programs for companies and organizations, and anyone else who needs to use them.
eLearning Solutions with Interactive Design – Interactive design and elearning development can increase the effectiveness of all types of marketing vehicle by separating you from the rest of the competition, and exceeding the market’s expectations.
eLearning Solutions with Design/Other Services – From image illustration to 3D vector animations to database integration and voiceovers, many elearning companies handle almost any type of your interactive related needs.
Many elearning organizations confront unique educational challenges that require a fully customized eLearning solution that is fast, cheap and efficient. Some inspired eLearning works with corporate, government and non-profit organizations have developed custom course content and education strategies that will construct a well informed and trained workforce that is more productive, more inclined to business policies and elearning procedures and is overall better in being able to meet critical business objectives. Custom elearning development courses, coupled with some of the best learning management system software is the ideal way to quickly enhance your skills and gain knowledge without disrupting your elearning business.
eLearning Solution with LMS, an Inspired Learning Management System
This Inspired eLearning solution offers a fully hosted eLearning solution for any enterprise class training requirements, coming from a robust Learning Management System company that designed it in order to make enterprise level skills and knowledge management swift, cheap and efficient. Some eLearning software enable to the customers the opportunity for more elearning training to their employees than ever before with greater levels of tracking and accountability with a smaller budget than you ever thought possible. Ideal for compliance training, skills assessment, business product and sales training, and distance elearning.
eLearning Solution with Compliance Training
Make users part of your information security solution by training and certifying them through the elearning solutions. Many eLearning companies and eLearning solutions offer fully customized security awareness eLearning systems that will train your employees to detect and counteract to many security threats as they happen. By training every employee in your eLearning company and utilizing our ongoing awareness products, you will transform your business motivation. The security awareness eLearning course meets government and industry standards for security awareness and can quickly bring your company into full compliance.

About eLearning Templates
How to use eLearning Templates ?

When a last minute project comes up needing immediate deployment. Whether it’s a course, product update or important corporate communication, building elearning templates can save you considerable development time and money when finding the deal eLearning Template that fits your needs.
Elearning Templates can give you the ability to set the graphic user interface (GUI), create object and image libraries and even create and code different page layouts to meet different needs for your elearning students or elearning courses. When you need to get a course or critical update out quickly, your developers won’t have to create the course from scratch, build objects or search for appropriate graphics. Plus, you’ll know that the elearning course will be in compliance with your graphics and elearning standards.
Here are some key things to consider when creating eLearning Templates
If your elearning staff is unproductive or if it doesn;t have adequate graphic design experience, having a professional designer create your elearning templates is a standard choice. When the elearning templates are complete, you’ll be able to quickly create any type of content on your own because the overall page structure for the final elearning Template will have been created for you.
Here are some things to consider when starting your elearning template design planning:
Select what Graphic Design Resources are available to you.
A cool eLearning Template GUI or custom buttons might not be so nifty if you have to outsource the artwork every time you want to make a change. Some elearning Templates offer a variety of button shapes and styles so if you don’t have a graphic designer on staff or the budget to outsource, you can still have a great and unique professional looking elearning template.

What are Your Branding Requirements?
Are there any color and branding requirements that need to be included in the template?
Will other divisions be using the template?
Will the template need to accommodate the logos or branding of the other divisions?

Many of these are all key factors in the overall design of your template.
How Will You Use the eLearning Template in the Future?
If your courses are mostly in PowerPoint, are they primarily text-based, bulleted or graphics-rich? What about future courses? Consider how your needs might change as you move from static learning to increased interactivity.

About the Microsoft eLearning Platform
The Microsoft eLearning platform bundle has an option to include TeamMentor, a top of the line secure development guidance eLearning system, which provides authoritative, just-in-time guidance for secure eLearning development. TeamMentor has thousands of searchable assets pertaining to Microsoft technologies including secure ASP.NET and C# code snippets, SQL Server deployment hardening advice, checklists for proper implementation of Windows authentication, how-to’s, and more.
TeamMentor delves further into many of the topics covered by eLearning, and because it is "Random Access" Knowledge, your team will have direct access to all this reference material – up front and as they build and deploy Microsoft technologies.

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Article by Svetlana Lozovenko,Panos
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