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Touch Screen

Touch screen technology is the neccessary for business's of all kind, take restaurants for example. Touch screen's make it extremely easy for one to quickly press what they want. Movie tickets for example are easier and faster to buy from a touch screen machine, then waiting in line for the teller.

There are three main types of touch screen's. The first is resistive, which is a normal screen coated in a thin metallic layer. When pressed it causes a change in the electrical current, and a signal is sent to the controller for processing. Resistive touch screens are not the best quality of the three.

The second type of touch screen is surface wave, which uses ultrasonic waves to detect a touch. When touched, the a portion of the wave is absorbed, and a singal with a location is sent to a controller. This type of touch screen is the most advanced.

The third type is a capacitive touch screen. A capacitive touch screen has a continuous electrical current which is altered when touched by a human finger. The human finger touches the screen, the electrons disturb the current, and an signal is sent to the controller for processing.

Touch Screens

Definition of Touch Screens

A touch screen is, "a screen that is quite sensitive to the touch of a finger. A touch screen is widely used on ATM machines, retail point-of-sale terminals, car navigation systems, medical monitors and industrial control panels, the touch screen became wildly popular on handhelds after Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007."
The touch screen is one of the easiest to use and most immediate of all computer interfaces, a touch screen allows users to navigate a computer system by touching icons or links on the screen.
The Apple touch-screen iPhone has grabbed a huge piece of the phone market for smart phones in something less than two years. And the iPod touch music player continues the same road and shows real potential for other pocket-sized devices.
Touch screens work best for software where you have very few options to choose from and have a clean interface. Some examples include telephones, ATMs or on other portable devices with little room for larger numbers of buttons. "Maximizing screen space is a huge win for a mobile device," Nielsen says. "A lot of the downsides for a touch screen are not as severe for that application."
You have been warned that touch screens may not be for your cup of cake. It sure can be troublesome to type on a touch screen and touch screens aren't ideal for graphic design where pixel-perfect control is necessary. "The touch screen is limited by the size of the finger," Nielsen says. "Another downside is the the display has a hard time understanding where are pointing."
Now, as companies such as Apple build a rich vocabulary of indications for operating touch-screen interfaces, it will be harder to convert from one device to another. While simple indications, such as pointing, will be universal on all devices, more advanced techniques, such as zooming in on an image, won't be the same for every touch screen phone.
So the differences in touch screendevices, such as the iPhone and HTC's Touch will only grow larger as they advance to read full-body signals as well. "The real problem here is that different people will come up with different touch screen techniques," Nielsen notes.
Such limitations mean touch screens and indication interfaces won't work in every touch screen phone. But Nielsen sees them as logical for devices such as remote controls, which already cram too many buttons into too little space.

How the Touch Screen technology works

Here are three basic elements used in touch screen technology:
First of all you should know that the touch sensor is a screen panel with a touch sensitive exterior surface. Several Touch Screen systems are built based on different types of sensors:
immune touch screen sensors,

Infrared touch screen sensors, where the LEDs glow infrared light in front of the touch screen. If you touch the touch screen at some point, basically you interrupt two or more beams.
surface acoustic wave touch screen sensors are used when you touch the touch screen, you interrupt the sound beams and absorb some of the sound beams energy.
Near field imaging (NFI) touchscreen sensors work as following: As you move your finger close to the touch screen, you modify the electric field on the glass touch screen, which instantly senses your touch.
and capacitive touch screen sensors which is used in most smart phones.
However, general touch screen sensors have an electrical current running through them and touching the touch screen causes a voltage change. This voltage change identifies the touching location and thats basically how a touch screen works.
The controller, is the hardware that converts the voltage changes on the sensor into signals the computer or other device can receive.
Software tells the smartphone, or in some cases the game device, etc, what's going on with the sensor and the information coming from the controller. Everything about who's touching what and where on the touch screen. Later, the touch screen allows the computer or smart phone to react appropriately.
We have to state that the touch screen technology works in combination with a computer, smart phone, or other type of device.

Light pens
Light pens are an old manifestation of touchscreen technology, and its fair to say that they worked in a completely different way than modern touchscreens. In the big and old computer screens, the picture shown was basically drawn by an electron beam that scanned back and forth, just like in a cathode-ray tube television. The light pen incorporated a photoelectric cell that detected the electron beam as it passed by, sending a signal to the computer down a cable. Since the computer knew exactly where the electron beam was at any moment, it could figure out where the pen was pointing. Light pens were used to select items from the screen interface or acting like a mouse and selecting text from a screen or were used to draw computer graphics.

What's makes touch screens so different and good ?

The best thing about touchscreen technology is that it's astonishingly handy for most people to use. Touchscreens can display just as much information fast and instantly thus helping people finish otherwise difficult processes making it a very easy and plain simple process along the way. And that's why touchscreen technology has proved very good for touch screen information kiosks, touch screen ticket machines at railroad stations, touch screen ATMS, electronic voting touch screen machines, touch screen self-servcie grocery checkouts, touch screen military computers, and many similar applications where computers with screens and keyboards would be too problematic to use.
Capacitive touch screens are vastly used basically in outdoor applications, such as touch screen ticket machines at tran stations. Customers like touch screens, since you can buy your train ticket more quickly without waiting in line using the touch screen technology. They're also very economical for the station operator, since touch screen machines cost less than a ticket sales person.
Many people nowadays have bought the latest touch phones, which have multi-touch screens. The big benefit here is that the display can show you a screen scaledd to the task you want to perform with the touch screen. For example if you want to call someone, the touch screen will show the classic digits 0-9 so you can dial the number. If you prefer to send an SMS text message through a touch screen , the touch screen will show a keyboard (like the one of a computer). If you prefer to play games, the touch screen can change do all the above we mentioned. Touchscreen displays like this are incredibly multifaceted: minute by minute, touch screens change to meet your needs and desires.
So far, we've had fairly small introduction to touchscreens—but that's a subject that's about to change. Microsoft has anounced that future versions of its Windows operating system will feature touchscreen technologies—potentially making the infamous computer mouse no longer needed. Though it could be a while before we're all prodding and poking our computers into action, touchscreen technology is certainly something to watch out for!

Touch Sensitive Screens
Touch-sensitive screens may seem like a new technology but really, they are not. In the gadget universe they first originated on personal digital assistants back in the 90's and then were equipped into Apple iPhone instead of keyboard. While the Apple iPhone still has a number of benefits, a chief executive officer of Motorola stated that in the near future most of Motorola products and phones will use multi-touch screens instead of keypads.
“I think you will see us deliver multi-touch in the majority of our devices going forward. There’s a complex set of factors, not all of them technical. But I think you will see us being proactive on multi-touch because the user feedback on multi-touch is very good,” stated Sanjay Jha, the chief executive officer of Motorola, in an interview he gave in Laptop Magazine.
Touch-sensing screens permit mobile phone makers to construct models with large screens without augmenting the size of handsets on general. Since more and more users use their phones not only for calling others, but also for Internet surfing, playing games or watching videos, large screens become necessary to pinpoint such desires.
Nonetheless, hardware keyboards allow users to utilize their phones without even looking at keys, an important characteristic for those who have certain afflictions. Moreover, phones with keypads are commonly better for usage in idyllic areas or extraordinary conditions.
Mainly, phones with touch-sensitive screens do not feature keyboards and from that iit can be comprehended that most of the future Motorola phones will lack keypads.

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Article by Panos Vog
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