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Telecommunication refers to communication over long distances. In practice, something of the message may be lost in the process. Telecommunication covers all forms of distance and/or conversion of the original communications, including radio, telegraphy, television, telephony, data communication and computer networking. Telecommunication can be point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or broadcasting, which is a particular form of point-to-multipoint that goes only from the transmitter to the receivers.

The parts of a telecommunication system are a transmitter, a medium (line) and possibly a channel imposed upon the medium , and a receiver. The transmitter is a device that encodes the message into a signal. The transmission medium is likely to modify or degrade the signal on its path from the transmitter to the receiver. The receiver has a decoding mechanism capable of recovering the message within certain limits. Sometimes, the final "receiver" is the human eye and/or ear, and the message is recovered by the brain.

When telecommunication systems are designed to communicate through human sensory organs (mainly those for vision and hearing), physiological and happy logical characteristics of human perception must be taken into account. This has important economic implications and engineers must research what defects can be tolerated in the signal and not significantly degrade the viewing or hearing experience.

What is telecommunications?
Here in grhotels.com/travel/ we define Telecommunications as a general term for a huge variety of technological inventions that send information usually between long distances. Such telecommunication technologies include mobile phones, land lines, satellite phones and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) are all telecommunication telephony technologies and not just one branch of telecommunications. Some other telecommunication examples are Radio, television and other community networks wireless or ethernet.

Here in grhotels.com/travel/ will will encourage you to use the term telecommunications and associate telecommunications with the modern technological inventions as mentioned abobe, but one should know that the strict definition of the term has been created from the primitive and even prehistoric forms of telecommunication. Among these prehistoric telecommunications is the use of smoke signals from fire as a kind of visual telecommunication. Clouds of smoke were -released by smothering a fire with a blanket, then quickly removing and replacing the blanket. This ancient telecommunication method was mainly used by the American Indians, smoke signals could communicate short messages over long distances, assuming a clear line of sight.

Telecommunications Billing
The telecommmunications company billing process operation.
Here in grhotels.com/travel/ we will explain a little bid about how the different telecommmunications companies bill for their telephone and other information or data customization services or non-telecommmunications services or products.
Firstly we have the so called Standard billing process in which a customer calls the telecommmunications company customer service and ask for a new telecommmunications account activation. Then the agent from the telecommmunications company enters the customer's information in the database and activated the customer's account so that the customer can receive and call from a telecommmunications telephone line. With every phone call the customer makes, the phone calls are recorded in the telecommmunications company's server or database so that the customer's billing system can be carried out. The telecommmunications company's records also communicate with external sources to get corrent and verified information and cross reference with the long distance service provider and telecommmunications roaming partner and then finally save the results. Then the customer's telecommmunications billing acount gets updated with every phone call or other service, and the billing pool starts to fill up.

Mobile Telecommunications

Introduction to the modern mobile communications
The most contemporary telephone is the mobile telephone, or commonly called a cell phone. A cellular in mobile telecommunications telephone is designed to give the user maximum freedom of movement while using a telephone. Mobile communications is a very important topic in telecommunications in general. The number of mobile communication users and thus devices is increasing quite rapidly. The number of mobiles phones is now exceeding the number of fixed lines in many countries(Finland, Japan etc.).Cellular/mobile phones are everywhere and their convenience is flourishing. A cell phone is almost a radio telephone, which can be used wherever network coverage from the mobile telecommunications company is provided. The role of cellular phones has spread with development in numberous mobile telecommunications services like cut-pricing in service costs and the always growing services available through cell phones.

The progress of mobile communications
Outside mobile telecommunications, if we start to talk about mobile Internet access we will realize that it is a global spectacle with sometimes big implications.Leading phone manufacturers such as Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and other mobile telecommunications companies have put a great deal of marketing effort behind the mobile Internet generation, recognizing that adoption is a complex business proposition. In Europe, WAP is has generated widespread interest because of lots of marketing and expectations put to it. In Japan NTTDoCoMo's mobile Internet service is based on a service called iMode that uses Compact HTML (CHTML) microbrowsers in the phone, how about that!
There are also telecommunications products on the market which combine a PDA, a real web-browser and some communication interface into one smart telecommunications device. A typical phone may soon receive a browser as well. And slowly mobile phones will morph into PDAs or organizers or other mobile telecommunications systems. The mobile telecommunications markets will show what customers will buy and use everything in their advantage. Products like the mobile handsets sold over the next few years are likely to operate much differently than those of today. Mobile telecommunications terminals are complex systems, with real-time requirements for signaling and voice processing and monitoring. Now surfing the internet, multimedia telecommunications, and mobile or wireless connectivity telecommunications requirements are added to the list. There are many technical confrontations to be solved to make all this to work. Omnipresence is a feature that the mobile communication category has hoped to reach for the past five years. To reach this goal, a series of networks must be built something that allows consumers to use their phone anytime, anywhere.The truth is omnipresence is far from becoming a reality. Across the world cellular carriers can't seem to agree on a single air interface for wireless operation. Although, the wireless and mobile telecommunications community has pushed forward in its efforts to build mobile networks and phones that deliver worldwide mobile telecommunications coverage. To make mobile telecommunications coverage happen, they have focused their attention on developing multimode systems that can support CDMA, TDMA, GSM, GPRS, wideband CDMA (W-CDMA), and a host of other air interfaces in the same telecommunications box. Nowadays the mobile telecommunications technology seems to be divided to different associations of technologies. A short description of those categories is the following:

The generations of
mobile communications
1G -1st generation-: This generation started the early analogue cellular phone technologies and mobile telecommunications. For example NMT and AMPS cellular technologies belong to this generation.
2G -2nd generation-: This described the generation of first digital fidely used cellular phone systems. GSM technology is the most widely used 2G technology. This gives you digital speech and some limited data capabilities (circuit switched 9.6 kbit/s). Other 2G technologies are IS-95 CDMA, IS-136 TDMA, and PDC.

2.5G mobile telecommmunications generation

This generation is an much improved version of 2G technologies. This generation of mobile telecommunications gives higher data rate and packet data services. GSM system enhancements like GPRS and EDGE are considered to be 2.5G technologies. The so-called "2.5G" systems represent an intermediate upgrade in data rates available to mobile users.

3G mobile telecommmunications generation
(third generation): The 3rd generation mobile telecommmunication systems often called with names 3G, UMTS and W-CDMA promise to enhance the mobile communications and the telecommmunication signal to new speed limits. The promises of third generation mobile phones are fast Internet surfing, advanced value-added telecom services and video telephony. 3rd generation wireless systems will handle services up to 384 kbps in wide area applications and up to 2 Mbps for indoor applications.

4G mobile telecommmunications generation
(4th generation): It has not been widely defined what this is. 4G is intended to provide high speed, high capacity, low cost per bit, IP based services. The goal is to have data rates up to 20 Mbps. Most propable the 4G network would be a network which is a combination of different technologies (current celluart networks, 3G celluar network, wireless LAN, etc.) working together usign suitable interoperability protocols for mobile telecommunications, like mobile IP. Also, there are views that 4G could be some entirely new radio access mobile telecommunications technology.

5G mobile telecommmunications generation
-5th generation-: There is no crystal clear term or definition what this generation stands for. But it is certain that this wil be something more advnaced than 4G.
In mobile communication there are three sectors on the field: mobile telecommunications companies who operate the telecommmunications networks, cellular phone makes who make the phones and companies which make the devices for the cellular phone networks. All of these businesses are big. For example around 400-600 million ceullar phones are sold in one year in the world. Some of the largest companies in the field(for example Nokia and Ericsson) make both networks and cellular phones. Today Mobile Internet is a hot topic. Mobile Internet benefits from the creativity and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs to bring life to the mobile telecommmunications market. It is not only the telecommmunications technology, but a multitude of consumer and business issues, which will decide how quickly and widely next-generation wireless telecommmunications services are deployed.The first version of WAP was a dissappointment to users, because it was not real Internet, but some poor imitation of it. The first users got a very strong dissappointment on the services, and the service market has not got any gib business although most new cellular phones have WAP capabilities in them, but hardly anyone uses them in most countries. Instead of WAP, most users use SMS to access simple mobile services.In Japan, mobile Internet is getting a warm reception for various reasons in busines, telecommmunications technology and telecommmunications marketing. Third Generation wireless telecommmunications services are being boosted by a combination of positive factors in Japan. The Japan government is now pushing for third generation (3G) telecommmunications services, both to provide increased mobile telecommmunications capacity at home, and to ensure that Japanese companies are well positioned in the competition for the next generation of wireless equipment around the world. Before 3G there could be 2.5G.In Europe, deployment of modified second generation telecommmunications services (called 2.5G products) such as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) will boost bandwidth and provide always-on capability that should make the telecommmunications mobile Internet take off. GPRS is an attractive solution to operators, because it does not require the same degree of investment as UMTS. In Europe licenses for operators for third generation (3G) services have been sold in many countries at very high prices to operators, and not operators have some hard time in figuring out how to get the money from user to play for the ghigh licensing fees and high cost of building 3G network. In North America, recently announced wireless data telecommmunications services (such as Sprint's HDML based web browsers) are creating U.S. market awareness. America is well behind Europe and Asia in mobile adoption, let alone wireless data telecommmunications services. Size and wealth make the U.S. a very attractive target, but the hyper-competitive business environment has actually held U.S. adoption back.

Smart Telecommunications
Smart Telecom stands as an Irish telecommmunications operator which started as an infamous phone card seller. Nowadays though, Smart Telecommunication is the second largest provider in the "cheap" telecommmunication services department behind the other telecommmunications operator Eircom telecommmunications and BT Ireland telecommmunications. Smart telecommmunications currently has about 60000 customers and 18k broadband subscribers. Smart telecommmunications lost some customers who reverted to Eircom in 2006.
Smart telecommmunications installs their own equipment and sometimes this procedure can be very time-consuming for the customers who get their contracts delayed . Smart telecommmunications uses ADSL2+ broadband technology which is a good thing for their customers and we have to say that Smart telecommmunications also has a broad range in their telecommmunications line, thus helping customers who were unable to get internet or any other form of telecommmunications to get one now through Smart telecommmunications.

Find Telecoms Jobs
In a Wireless and mobile telecom company and the reinforcing place for those seeking telecoms jobs, radio jobs, mobile computing jobs, bluetooth jobs, wimax jobs, wifi jobs and mobile telecoms jobs.
Here in grhotels.com/travel/ we know that wireless and mobile telecoms tries to be the first preference for all professionals and recruiters by promoting more telecommunications jobs in the mobile telecoms and Wireless telecoms industry, by presenting high quality telecom services to help you further improve your career plans and aspects.
Wireless and mobile telecom companies promote telecoms jobs and mobile telecom jobs for professionals and others aline, looking for leading management jobs, marketing telecom jobs, business development telecom jobs, sales jobs, project telecom management jobs, business telecom analysts jobs, engineering telecom jobs, software telecom jobs, software development telecom jobs, software applications telecom jobs and jobs in wireless telecom technologies, telecom networks, regulatory and support functions operating across the UK.
You'll find a vast variety of jobs in mobile telecoms and other telecom jobs. There are also lots of wireless telecom jobs with companies connected with the development and delivery of seamless, secure mobile telecom connectivity. This includes all relevant firmware, middleware and backend services for voice, high speed data and video applications for every kind of wireless telecom devices including pda's, mobile phones, wifi telecom phones, cordless phones, satellite telecom phones, two way telecom radios, pagers and other wireless devices.

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