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Software Testing

Software testing is needed whenever new software products are in developement. Testers are needed to be able to find bugs and errors, before the final product is ready to be realesed. Sometimes companies will higher people to just test their latest products, and try everything out to find bugs ect.

A solid product must be bug free, so software testing is the a very essential part of completing a product.

About automated software testing

What is automated software testing?
The automated testing software procedure can be a very time saving task.
A proper Software has to be tested in order to confirm that all valid inputs are correctly interpreted and executed, while incorrect user or server inputs are thrown out. Automated Software tests also verify that results are generated efficiently, and that a large volume of data can be handled without hiccups. Automated Software Testing can be carried out either manually or electronically. Automated software testing involves the use of specialized software to test the code that is under development. Such automated Software testing benefits greatly the software development procedure, when applied intelligently.
Many manual tests depend on the strictness of the people doing the testing. Manual software testing in contrary with Automated Software testing, is time-consuming, and needs a significant ratio of testers to developers for most applications. This raises the cost of development. In addition, manual testing opposed to Automated Software testing has the limitation that large amounts of data, or large numbers of simultaneous users or inputs, cannot be tested easily and effectively without losing lots of time and money.
Many programming organizations and groups are relying heavily on automated software testing, especially organizations that use test-driven development. There are many frameworks to write tests in, and continuous integration software will run tests automatically every time code is checked into a version control system.
What are the benefits of automated software testing ?
Firstly we have to know that, the automated testing software cannot go beyond this on its own because it's nothing more than a procedure, which needs a human hand to take hold of its arms and guide it through.
While software automation cannot reproduce everything that a human can do (and all the ways they think of doing it), it can be very useful for regression testing. However, it does require a well-developed test suite of testing scripts in order to be truly useful.
Automated software testing programmatically controls test execution, and the evaluation of output. The testing software provides inputs, which correspond to different software user-written conditions, to the software that is being currently evaluated. For each set of conditions, the testing software compares the actual results to requested results, and maintains statistics on the total behavior of the target software. Following a “run”, the automated testing software procedure typically provides summary results so that people can rapidly determine what to remedy.
The automation testing software has to be provided the longing inputs and outputs. One way to do this is to save manual test conditions into the software. Another way is to write code to generate various conditions, within the acceptable limits of the software to be tested. Thus, the basis of automated software testing certainly requires human effort.

About load testing software
Starting without load testing software can have unlucky consequences for your employees, customers, and others, but most load testers cost too much to consider — and that doesn’t even include robust consulting fees.
Finally, there is a high performance, yet highly affordable, solution to ensure the readiness of all your healthcare information systems. This easy-to-use, script-free load testing solution stresses your softawre application with real-life traffic load testing software, to accurately assess end to end performance under a wide range of conditions — so there will be no surprises when you start and finish the load testing software procedure.

Take a software testing course and learn all about Software Testing
A Software Testing course is normally a 7-day course designed to provide the student with an excellent knowledge foundation and practical educational skills for anyone interested in improving their Software Testing and Test Management techniques and skills in their organization. This Software Testing course starts with an overview of software testing basics, including discussions of the importance of the software testing technique and the different levels of testing and basic testing principles involved. You will leearn the Basic testing terminology and how it is defined through the Software Testing course. Software Testing techniques to ensure you covered all of the requirements, including different types of testing documentation and various test activities will be discussed in a Software Testing course.
Software Testing Course attendees will learn how to manipulate various Software Testing techniques in performing systematic structural testing, including decision/condition coverage, some basing loop testing courses and basis path testing. Software Testing Strategies for performing software and system integration testing will also be covered.
The Software Testing Course attendees will explore various techniques for performing functional testing of individual functions, user scenarios and of the operational profile. Some Software Testing courses will also explore various issues involving, testing the software’s nonfunctional requirements and other software functions that don't work and why they don't work properly. This Software Testing course also teaches the basics of the software regression test analysis procedure.

Learning Software Testing basics with a Software Testing Course
I: Software Testing Course – The Basics
1. Why, What, When & How of Testing
a. Why Test and start a Testing Course?
· Testing Defined
· Testing Software Products
· Why is Testing Important?
· Defect Prevention & Process Improvement
· Common-Defect Checklists
b. When to Test?
· Levels of Testing
· Testing Activities
· Increasing Cost of Fixing Issues
c. What to Test?
d. How to Test?
· Testing Principles
· Factors Affecting Quality of Testing
2. Testing Terminology
a. Standardizing Testing Terminology
b. Mistakes, Faults & Failures
c. Testing, Debugging & Root Cause Analysis
d. Software Items, Component & Units
e. Verification & Validation
f. Types of Testing
g. Test Bed
3. Test Coverage of Requirements
a. Where to Find Requirements
b. Traceability
c. Testability
d. Attributes of Testable Requirements
e. Test Matrix
4. Test Documentation
a. Benefits of Formal Test Documentation
b. Types of Testing Documentation
5. Test Activities
a. Test Activities
b. Participate in Peer Reviews
c. Test Planning & Design
d. Test Case Specification
e. Test Procedure Specification
f. Test Execution
g. Test Log
h. Test Incident Report
i. Test Summary Report
6. Standards & Models Related to Testing
a. Why Standards are Important
b. IEEE Standards Related to Testing
c. ISO 12207 & IEEE/EIA 12207on Testing
d. ISO 9000:2000 on Testing
e. SEI CMMISM on Testing
II: Structural (White Box) Testing
1. What is Structural Testing?
a. Structural Testing Defined
b. Strengths of Structural Testing
c. Focus of Structural Testing
d. Benefit of Structural Testing
e. Weaknesses of Structural Testing
f. The Challenge of Structural Testing
g. Structural Testing Techniques
2. Condition/Decision Testing
a. Types of Condition/Decision Testing
b. Statement Coverage
c. Decision Coverage
d. Condition Coverage
e. Condition/Decision Coverage
f. Multiple Condition Coverage
g. Exercise – Condition/Decision Testing
3. Loop Testing
a. Testing Different Classes of Loops
b. Common Loop Defects
c. Exercise – Testing Loops
4. Basis Path Testing
a. Independent Path Coverage
b. Step 1: Draw a Control Flow Graph
c. Step 2: Calculate Cyclomatic Complexity
d. Uses of Cyclomatic Complexity
e. Step 3: Choose a Basis Set of Paths
f. Step 4: Generate Test Cases
g. Exercise – Basis Path Testing
5. Testing Exception Handling
6. Structural Test Execution
III: Integration Testing
1. What is Integration Testing?
a. Incremental Integration
b. Interfaces
c. External Interfaces
d. Internal Interfaces
e. Cross-Reference Tools
f. Coupling
g. Component Level Structural Complexity
2. Unit / Component Integration Testing
a. Top-Down Integration & Testing
b. Stubs
c. When to Choose Top-Down
d. Bottom-Up Integration & Testing
e. Drivers
f. When to Choose Bottom-Up
3. Basis Path Testing
a. Basis Path Testing During Integration
b. Exercise - Basis Path Testing During Integration
4. System Integration
a. Hardware/Software Integration Testing
b. Data Flow Testing
c. Common Data Flow Defects
IV: Functional (Black Box) Testing
1. What is Functional Testing?
a. Functional Testing Defined
b. Strengths of Functional Testing
c. Weaknesses of Functional Testing
d. The Functional & Non-Functional Requirements
2. Testing the Functional Requirements
a. Testing Each Function
· Create a Function List
· Exercise – Function List
· Function’s Environment & Capability
· Function’s Environment
· Function’s Capability
· Example - Environment & Capability
· Exercise - Environment & Capability
· Input Testing
· Equivalence Class Partitioning
· Boundary Value Testing
· Human/Hardware – Input Testing Checklist
· Testing Outputs
· Human/Hardware – Output Testing Checklist
· Exercise – Input & Output Testing
· Example Solution – Input & Output Testing Exercise
· Forms for Input & Output Testing Exercise
· Data Testing
· Data Testing Checklist
· Computation Testing
· Computation Testing Checklist
· Exercise – Data & Computation Testing
· Example Solution – Data & Computation Testing Exercise
· Forms for Data & Computation Testing Exercise
· File System Interface – Checklist
· Software/OS Interface Testing
b. Usage Scenario Testing
· Use Cases
· Example – Use Case
· Use Case Diagrams
· Creating Tests from Use Cases
· Exercise - Creating Tests from Use Cases
c. Operational Profile Testing
· Threads
· Testing to the Operational Profile
Introduction to Software Testing 
The classification of Software Development Life Cycle process is as follows
Software Development
Software Testing
Software Testing is an important factor in a product's life cycle, as the product will have greater life, only when it works correctly and efficiently according to the customer's requirements.

Before moving further into the introduction to software testing, we have to know a few concepts that will simplify the specification of software testing.

Some Software Testing definitions
Software Testing term: Error: Error or mistake is a human action that produces wrong or incorrect result.
Software Testing term: Defect (Bug, Fault): A flaw in the system or a product that can cause the component to fail or misfunction.
Software Testing term: Failure: It is the variance between the actual and expected result.
Software Testing term: Risk: Risk is a factor that could result in negativity or a chance of loss or damage.

So, Software testing is the process of finding defective lines in code or buggy functions in the system, that occurs due to an error in the application, which could lead to failure of an ongoing product and increase in probability of high risk. In short, software testing have different goals and objectives, which often include:

Objectives of Software Testing
finding faults in an application.
gaining confidence in and providing information about the level of quality.
preventing faults in an application.

Helping the beginners of Software Testing
Getting into the Scope of Software Testing

The primary execution of software testing is to detect bugs in order to correct and uncover them. The logic of software testing includes execution of that code in various environment and also to examine the aspects of code - check whether the software does what it is supposed to do and works according to the specifications? As we move further we come across some questions such as "When to start testing?" and "When to stop testing?" It is recommended to start testing from the initial stages of the software development. This not only helps in regulating unusual errors before the last stage, but also reduces the rework of finding the bugs in the initial stages every now and then. It also saves the cost of the defect required to find it. Software testing is an ongoing process, which is potentially endless but has to be stopped somewhere, due to the lack of time and budget. It is required to achieve maximum profit with good quality product, within the limitations of time and money. The tester has to follow some procedural way through which he can judge if he covered all the points required for testing or missed out any. To help testers to carry out these day-to-day activities, a baseline has to be set, which is done in the form of checklists. Read more on checklists for software tester.

Software Testing Key Ideas
Faults and Failures: As we discussed earlier, defects are not caused only due to the coding errors, but most commonly due to the requirement gaps in the non-functional requirement, such as usability, testability, scalability, maintainability, performance and security. A failure is caused due to the abnormality between an actual and an expected result. Some imperfections of the software can often result to failures. A defect can turn into a failure due to the change in the environment and or the change in the configuration of the system requirements.
Input Combination and Preconditions: Testing all combination of inputs and initial state (preconditions), is not feasible. This means finding large number of infrequent defects is difficult.
Static and Dynamic Analysis: Static testing does not require execution of the code for finding defects, whereas in dynamic testing, software code is executed to demonstrate the results of running tests.
Verification and Validation: Software testing is done considering these two factors.
Verification: This verifies whether the product is done according to the specification?
Validation: This checks whether the product meets the customer requirement?
Software Testing Quality Assurance: Software testing is an important part of the software quality assurance. Quality assurance is an activity, which proves the suitability of the product by taking care of the quality of a product and ensuring that the customer requirements are met.

Software Testing Software
TestLodge is one of the most user friendly online test case management tools available. It lets you handle your test plans, test cases, requirements and test runs easily and efficiently. It is a hosted software testing software, thus the end user gets everything set up, so no need to worry about installation or multiple licenses. This software testing software is available for an affordable price so using this software testing software does not increase your financial burden.

Software testing requires well-analyzed test cases and proper execution through conditions in order to find issues in the software. Software Testing also requires efficient management of the procedures. TestTrack is a comprehensive test case management software testing software that helps you deal with the vast testing workload easily and effectively.

Software Testing Tags:
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Article by Svetlana Lozovenko
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