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Microsoft Internet explorer or mozila firefox is better browser?

Microsoft Internet Explorer versus Mozilla Firefox

What is an internet browser ?
Your Internet browser is the key the World Wide Web. Today Internet browser is basically application on your computer. With Internet browser, you get to access all kinds of information and hot technology from the bigest library in the world, the web. It may be sometimes overlooked, but the kind of browser you use affects your overall surfing experience. Your Internet browser enhances your web experience every day. If it is user-friendly and compatible with most operating systems, then it is probably good. But this is not good enough.
Today the most famous internet browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

About the Mozilla Firefox internet browser application
Mozilla Firefox is a standalone web browser. Since it is not dragging around other applications with it, it is smaller and faster than its big brother, Mozilla. To compare, the download package for Mozilla 1.7 checks in at 12 MB, while Firefox is only 4.8 MB. Like most people who have used it, I think it renders (or opens) web pages faster than Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox has all the features that make Mozilla Firefox a better internet browser than IE (some comparison examples are: pop-up blockers, tabbed browsing, standards compliance, avoidance of ActiveX) and Mozilla Firefox has a long list of extensions or extras, that you can install to get even more functionality. Mozilla Firefox will easily import your bookmarks, cookies, passwords and other settings from Mozilla, IE, or Netscape without any hassle involved.
Alongside Mozilla Firefox, there is Thunderbird which is a standalone mail and news program. It's download package is 6 MB, and is similarly faster than the Mail portion of Internet Explorer. It has all the features you would normally want in a mail reader, including some great antispam controls and other security measures. Since Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox are two different packages, you can make Mozilla Firefox your default browser while still using Microsoft Outlook as your default mail reader. Or set up any other combination you choose.

Which is the most preferred browser : Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox ?

To choose which web browser you use is very crucial as thatís your gateway to chat, search stuff, mail, shop, bank, read world news and watch manyvideos online. The browser war was always dominated by Internet Explorer for a real long time but we don't know why, because it is not the only best browser available. Their marketing strategy had kept it ahead in the race only for so long. But, the statistics today has a different story to tell all together and that means putting Mozilla Firefox to the table.
The browsers domain is saturated, with some of the best companies fighting for every bit of market share. The latest addition in the browsers section is Googleís Chrome.
As Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox were the leading web browsers when Chrome was released and to compete with them Google released an open source web browser engine Chromium.
A web browser should provide good platform to the users and user friendly to get on with their things.

Keeping all these requirements in view Mozilla Firefox comes with a more powerful JavaScript engine than Internet explorer. Also, Mozilla Firefox has additional ďisolatedĒ tabs feature to avoid collapse between browsers.
Mozilla Firefox is built to add more stability and value for its users and help them with viewing web information, related search results, purchasing things, ecommercing and working online.

First of all we have to choose which browser is safer. So first question must be:

Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer: Which is a safer internet browser?

The folow article By Kenneth van Wyk may have the answer in this question
I am safer browsing in Mozillaís Firefox browser than I am in Microsoftís Internet Explorer. I firmly believe this to be the case. Yes, thatís right, Firefox is safer than Microsoft Internet explorer (IE).

In the same vein as my series earlier this year on Windows vs. OS X vs. Linux security, letís explore how I came to this subjective opinion.

Explaining Mozilla Firefox's security systems

ē Lower profile target. One of the main reasons Iím more willing to trust my data security to my OS X (Mac) system is that they have a smaller market share than Windows does. This sounds peculiar to many people who arenít familiar with security, but in the dangerous world that is the Internet, keeping a low profile can be an important aspect of staying secure.
The reason for this, quite simply, is that our attackers, by and large, write their attack code to market share, for all the same reasons that legitimate software developers most often deliver their Windows products before their Mac or Linux ones.
Now, Iím fully aware that Firefox continues to make strides in this area and is constantly gaining market share, so this argument may well eventually fail. Iím confident, though, that by then Iíll have other, lower profile choices available.
For now, finding a balance between unpopular and popular enough to be widely supported on the web sites I frequent is very much a security consideration. Today, that nod goes to Firefox for my needs. Itís very rare that I canít use Firefox on sites that I care about.

Compare internet browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox

Which browser would you rate higher and why ?
Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer ?
Qualitative score: Microsoft Internet explorer gets an F while Firefox gets a B+.

ē Configurability. This is a tough one to judge. Like many Microsoft features, IE has a quite rich set of security features that can be configured to suit the userís needs. Firefox, by comparison, is more simplistic in its security configuration choices. Thereís a strong argument to be made for each approach.

IE manages its security via ďzonesĒóInternet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, and Restricted sites. Within each zone, the user has a rich set of configuration options where authorizations can be fine-tuned. For example, Internet sites can be set to default to disallowing browser scripting, ActiveX, Flash, and other dangerous content. Thatís the good news.

The bad news in all of these rich features is that a) by default, far too much untrustworthy content is allowed (e.g., JavaScript) and that b) the sheer vastness of the features will scare most users out of doing any substantive fine-tuning to protect themselves.

Mozilla Firefox, on the other hand, is much simpler Ė but quite possibly too much so. JavaScript, for example, can be enabled or disabled (along with setting a half dozen or so JavaScript capabilities) for all or no sites. Itís nice that turning off dangerous features like this can be quickly turned on and off. Itís so simple that anyone could (and should!) experiment with it. But I want a little bit more flexibility than this.

Qualitative score: Microsoft Internet explorer gets a B+ while Firefox gets a B-.

The better choice is Firefox, which is really the Netscape browser of old, reborn in a new form and under a new license. Compared to Opera and Internet Explorer, Firefox is a bare-bones browser, with only the basic functions built in. this greatly simplifies the interface, making it a perfect choice for non-expert computer users. But those of you who need more usability built in, youíll find an extensive repository of Ďextensionsí, which add features to it. The extensions can be installed directly from within the browser, and you get to browse the features descriptions, user ratings and popularity of each extension before you choose it.
An added advantage of Mozilla Firefox is that it is considered free software, and consequently its source code is publicly available. You can even download Firefox and find out which part does what, but even if you arenít a programmer, you have the extra assurance that thousands of hackers all around the world are looking at the code every minute, so there no place where trojans, bugs or security loopholes can hide. This is what, in fact, makes Mozilla Firefox and in general free Software such a great choice for the security conscious consumers.
At the same time that the Mozilla Foundation has been improving their product, Mozilla Firefox and they have been working on some other projects. Two of them, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, come about by the process of unbundling the Mozilla suite of Internet applications.


Where is Mozilla Firefox better than Internet explorer ?
ē Security-minded plug-ins. Now here is where Firefox starts to shine, at least for my needs. Iím a huge fan of the popular and free plug-in, NoScript (available from noscript.net). NoScript provides a script whitelisting capability in the entire Mozilla family of browsers, including Firefox.
With NoScript, I can allow individual sites that I have some level of faith in to run script content in my browser, while defaulting to disallowing scripts for all others. I find this approach to be very workable, as I only have to teach NoScript once per site I visit.
To be fair, however, some people find NoScript to be very annoying for the same reasons that I find it liberating. And itís certainly not perfect. It provides trust per domain, not per IP. That means that, for example, I could allow (say) mac.com to run scripts in my browser, and anything within that entire domain space would be allowed to run Ė clearly something that I want to avoid.

I understand there are similar (and no doubt more) similar plug-ins available for Microsoft Internet explorer, but I have yet to find something that suits my needs as well as NoScript does. Perhaps someone out there can set me straight on this.

Qualitative score: Microsoft Internet explorer gets a D while Firefox gets an A-.

ē Open source scrutiny. Ok, this one is a bit shakey, but what the heck. Iím a big fan of open source. I like the fact that the entire Firefox source tree is ďout there.Ē While I donít place a lot of weight in this as a security feature for most software Ė indeed, numerous published studies would dismiss it Ė I just have to believe that Firefox has been studied quite closely by a lot of people. And Iím not just talking about people directly affiliated with Mozilla.

My rationale for this opinion is that Firefox is very high profile, as open source projects go. Itís also a prime target for phishers and other miscreants (notwithstanding my statements above about market share).

The same canít be said for Microsoft Internet explorer.

Qualitative score: Microsoft Internet explorer gets an F while Firefox gets a C+.

So thatís how I decided Firefox is a better choice for me and my PC users versus Microsoft Internet explorer. How do other browsers fare? I mentioned, after all, that Iím now an OS X desktop user Ė how about Safari? I also have a few friends whose opinions I trust who use Opera. Weíll dive into those browsers at a later date here.

For now, Iím happy using Firefox with NoScript protecting me from the vast majority of nasty stuff that can happen in Internet applications. Until, that is, something better comes along.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of using Mozilla Firefox ?

Prons and Cons of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is Really fast browser at most of the cases

Firefox Currently has the 3rd fastest rendering time

Firefox Add ons

Firefox is most secure web browser than Microsoft Internet explorer (this is unbelievable)

Firefox has Fastest tab memory

Firefox Session Restore functionality

Mozilla Firefox, for the most part, is a very stable browser. However, even the most stable internet browsers crash. Mozilla Firefox has a great feature built in called "Session Restore". With older versions of Firefox you had to install the Session Restore extension to gain this functionality. In the event of a browser crash or accidental Firefox shutdown, you are given the option to restore all the tabs and pages that you had open before the browser prematurely closed. This feature alone makes Firefox very attractive.

Firefox Enchanced Searching. Mozilla Firefox's search Bar, located in the upper right hand corner of the Mozilla Firefox browser window, allows you to send your keywords directly to a good grouping of default search engines and gives you the ability to add more engines to the available search list.

Mozilla Firefox Security. It seems to be the case with every other browser release nowadays, IE 8 claims to "Put safety first". There is some truth to this, as the folks at Microsoft definitely paid some attention here especially when it comes to phishing protection within their browser. But, some exploits were discovered early on, including personal data possibly being compromised, making it seem that the hackers were once again a step ahead. In fairness to Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 has also fallen victims to similar attacks during its first few months of their release.

Mozilla Firefox Too much add ons slow the machine
Mozilla Firefox Takes a bit to shut down.

Prons and Cons of Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer Basic and easy to use

Microsoft Internet Explorer Slowest by a factor 10
Microsoft Internet Explorer Difficulty in rendering things properly(it's very hard to get a website properly working on IE6+)
Microsoft Internet Explorer No protection, weakest security out of all internet browsers (allow for back door access to your system core for easy virus upload and malware infestation)

After this article that I presented you from mr Kenneth van Wyk,
I now have to present my personal opinion about a very interesting experience I had with Microsoft Internet explorer and Mozilla firefox.

Sometimes my web site gets attacked by malicious software like malware, and when i browse my web site www.idx.gr by Microsoft Internet explorer all looks good. In the same time i was lucky because i was browsing my web site via Mozila Firefox which stopped me of entering my attacked web site and that mpressed me a lot when Firefox came with a specific message about the serious problem i had with my web page. I have to congratulate this very efficient support from mozila firefox which saved my website and i quickly corrected my web pages before i lose all my visitors and my database.

After all this information i shared with you i decided that the mozila firefox is the best browser for me and I will start to use it as my primary web browser.!!!
In time the mozilla firefox have one more surprise for me.
Mozilla firefox is able to correct web pages developer errors much better than Internet Explorer.
In most cases Mozilla firefox can understend the web page's mistakes and show the web pages correctly!
This was another very good discovery which made me wonder why Microsoft which is such a big software company with so many high level employers cannot make such a good software as Mozilla firefox.

Some Good Reasons to abandon Internet Explorer and continue with Mozilla Firefox

IE an continuing security risk, you should try Mozilla Firefox for much better security.

Even the most one-eyed supporter of IE would have to accept that IE has been plagued with security problems.

First, Internet Explorer as the world's most popular browser it's a target for hackers. That's because any vulnerability they uncover can be utilized against over 90% of all computers. That's quite a temptation. In fact there have been more attacks against IE than any other Windows component or application and there is no reason to believe this will lesson in the future.

Second it's a security risk because it employs Microsoft's propriety active scripting component called ActiveX. Now ActiveX offers users some real convenience features but those features come at a high cost. Security experts have been concerned about ActiveX right from its introduction and those concerns have proven justified as ActiveX has been at the center of multiple security vulnerabilities including many of the most serious. And it's not only ActiveX, IE also makes use of VBScript and browser helper objects (BHOs) two other convenience technologies that has been heavily exploited by hackers.

Nowadays, the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE9, includes enhancements that addresses many of these scripting problems but the fundamental security problem remains.

Third it's a security risk because IE is too close to the core of the Windows operating system. In fact Microsoft itself argues that it's actually not a browser but part of the operating system. Such closeness can be a very bad thing; it means that a hacker who breaks into IE may not only have hacked your browser but may also be able to gain access to the operating system itself. So, the reasons for you to use Mozilla Firefox are starting to get more clear.
But Microsoft's IE problems do not stop there.
Their record for responding to reported flaws in IE has been checkered. In several well publicized instances Microsoft have denied the existence of the flaws and instead, gone into "blame the messenger for the message" mode rather than respond. In other cases they have questioned the severity of the claimed flaws. This strange PR-driven stance has meant that patches for a number of critical flaws have been slow to arrive. Indeed even today there are over 20 publicly reported but yet unpatched critical IE flaws. And don't expect things to change much in the future.

Generally speaking, when picking internet browserts, Mozilla Firefox can be way better when compared to IE. Mozilla Firefox is more secure and faster despite being open-source. Mozilla Firefox unlike IE is up to code always with the W3C consortium which means it works like it should work. Mozilla Firefox compared to IE is less prone to crashes and other stability issues related to the OS. Also IE is tied directly into the Operating System meaning that if you are using it a virus can easily travel from your web browser and into you core operating system which makes it easier for someone to gain complete control while Firefox is note tied in.

Mozilla Firefox is not exempt from flaws and as it has becomes more popular, these flaws are emerging. Part of this is due to the fact that, unlike IE, the Firefox source code is in the public domain and can be scrutinized for flaws by hackers. However Mozilla has shown itself to be very responsive to fixing reported flaws, often doing so within a few days. This is a far cry from Microsoft's poor track record.

A conclusion on the comparison between Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Which internet browser to Choose? Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer ?
A decision to go from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox is a not that easy decision involving trading one set of attributes for another and seeing what fits your needs better. Each individual will need to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision based on their own needs.

If you are not using the operating system Windows XP, I think the situation is clear cut in deciding which internet browser to choose. Microsoft has announced that they will not upgrade your Internet Explorer to the latest version 7. Given that, you should move to another browser just on security grounds alone. And if you are going to go to another browser, then THE current browser of choice is clearly Mozilla Firefox.

The experience with IE7 since its release indicates the likelihood of on-going security problems. Yes, Internet Explorer 7 is safer than IE6 but Microsoft's track record for speedily fixing any security problems is poor and bodes ill for the future.

There is no doubt that Mozilla Firefox is currently less of a security risk than IE6. In particular it is way less liable to Spyware and malware infection. Every week I get letters from readers who have migrated to Mozilla Firefox from IE because of recurrent IE6 based spyware infections and to tell you what, they seem happy about it. Commonly these users tell me since changing to Mozilla Firefox, they have never had a spyware infection.

This seems to be the same with my own experience, meaning I choose Mozilla Firefox as my default internet browser. Not only have I never had a spyware infection since using Mozilla Firefox but I have never even seen a circulating spyware exploit for Mozilla Firefox. By contrast I encounter IE6 based spyware exploits every day.
There is no doubt that IE7 offers better security then IE6 and maybe as good as Mozilla Firefox 3. However IE7 will remain a constant target for malware writers and other sorts of hackers simply because of its popularity. That means that there will be more flaws discovered and more exploits released than for Mozilla Firefox. Combine that with Microsoft's slow response to releasing their patches and IE7 security becomes a serious concern for choosing that internet browser.

How we download mozila firefox?
The best web site for download free mozilla firefox, is the official web site of mozilla firefox.
http://www.mozilla.com. Now mozilla firefox support many languages so users can find easy their personal language for best web surfing results.

See also other internet browsers:
The top ten browsers on the market today are the following:

1. Phase Out Internet browser

2. Deepnet Explorer Internet browser

3. Avant Internet Browser

4. Flock Internet browser

5. Maxthon Internet browser

6. Safari Internet browser

7. Opera Internet browser

8. Internet Explorer Internet browser

9.Google Chrome Internet browser

10. Firefox Internet browser

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