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Learn English

About learning English
Let's talk a little bit about the ways there are to learn English online, learn the English grammar, learn English vocabulary, learn English excercises, taking English learning lessons and English learning courses.
You can learn English with many free online reference guides to English Grammar, learn English with practical English usage, learn English vocabulary, learn English writing and speaking. You can also test your knowledge of English language to observe the amount of English you have learned with many free learning English interactive grammar and English vocabulary learning exercises.
When you learn English you can speak English more confidently and fluently
When you learn English, you can improve your English pronunciation so that other people understand you clearer and you learn English better that way.
When you learn English you could reduce your native accent.

English as a foreign or second language
Learning English as a second language or learning and studying English for speakers of other languages, and English as a foreign language all these English learning and English learning study programs refer to the learning ability or study of English by speakers coming from a different native language. The precise usage, including the different use of the terms ESL and ESOL in different countries, is described below. These English learning programs terms are most commonly used in relation to teaching and learning English, but they may also be used in relation to other demographic information.

Reasons to Learn English and study the English language
* One of the many reasons to learn English or at least start learning English is that many books, newspapers, airports and air-traffic control, technology, sports, pop music and advertising have the English as the dominant language. Learning English has become a commodity nowadays.
* In general, the universal learning and spoken language on the Internet is the English language.
* The majority of the information around the world is in the English language. Learn English now, don't waste your time.
* English is one of the easiest languages to learn and to use for its simple alphabet, easy words, short words and easy plurals.
* You could travel to any English speaking country without having a translator, as long as you learn English or at least learn how to read and speak the English language. Usually, if you don’t know the Englishlanguage your trip would be hard and maybe you wouldn’t enjoy it, so there is only one thing you can do and that is learn English.
* Nowadays in the competitive job market, you have to learn English and you have to know it is necessary to speak English and learn how to speak English. So if you learn English and learn all about the English language you will have better chances of getting a job that pays more.
* Learn English will help you to communicate with relatives, in-laws or friends who speak a different language. English is also helpful if you are going to move to a different country because it is a “global language”.
* A lot of educational information is in English; therefore to have access to this material or maybe communicate with other students it is necessary to learn English and learn how to read and write in English.
* It is mandatory to learn English and learn a lot of the English language if you are planning to study at a foreign university or school. Usually many educational institutions will provide you preparatory courses where you can learn English to improve your English language skills but you have to have at least a medium level of knowledge.
* Many students who learned English or are about to learn English, from over 70 different countries, like Brazil or Japan, Morocco or Uzbekistan and all points in between, prefer to study and learn English in UK members.

Would you like to improve your English language and your English learning abilities online for free?
You have an amazing chance right now to learn English. Just imagine how great it is to know English fluently, but first you have to learn English before we learn how to speak and read English.
When you learn English and most of the words, you will immediately find that you can understand BBC news without any problems and watch English spoken films at the cinema without reading subtitles. Learning English can be used for fun reasons.
When you learn English, could you imagine how great it would beto read books in original English version? And how about newspapers or websites in English? You can broaden you knowledge and base on sources.
Using any free online English learning and English language learning website will surely help you to study and learn English systematically. Learning English through a website is a very good way to improve your effectiveness without any costs.

Learn how to write English well
Learn English by using familiar English words
The rules of learning good English are simple. When you are about to learn English you could use familiar words instead of big and unfamiliar English words. Note that great English writers and thinkers always use simple English words and trust me, they have learned English well. By learning and studying simple English words in your writing, you make it easier for the reader to understand what you are trying to express and in a way you learn English faster and more efficient. So when you start learning English don't be overwhelmed by all those unknown English words in the dictionary. Learn English by learning only a small fraction of the English words and you will still be able to write and learn English well.

Learn English through the English grammar and spelling
When you learn English you follow the rules of grammar and spelling. To be a good writer or to learn English well you should have a decent approach over English grammar and English spelling rules. Learning spelling and make grammatical mistakes will make you look unprofessional and degrade your learning English abilities. So brush up on English Grammar skills before you start learning English.

Study and learn English in an English speaking country
Should you study or learn English in an English speaking country? Well, if you can afford to enroll in English learning languages courses abroad, it is the smartest way to do it. That is because when you learn English abroad you are surrounded by people speaking the English language. You get a chance to practice the English not only in the classroom but also outside of it by learning English in an English speaking country.

Learn English Online with Livemocha
Discover a social way to learn English. The best part - learning English it's free!
Many million Livemocha members appreciate simple, effective approach to English learning. Choose a Livemocha course to build solid English learning language skills. Every English learning language lesson includes learning English through reading,learning English through writing, and learning English through speaking exercises, with English learning courses for every skill level. Livemocha language lessons will help you learn English faster and build confidence to converse with native speakers who have already learned how to speak and write in English.
Learn English online with Livemocha intermediate English learning courses. You'll begin to apply your knowledge and learning English abilities by carrying on dialogues, following more complicated conversations, and learning more complex English vocabulary and grammar.

Learn English for Travel
Before learning English, would you be going to a English-speaking country? Learn English online with a Travel Crash Course to interact with locals, find your way around, see the sights, conduct business, make travel arrangements, and more by learning English. You can also practice English with English speakers from Livemocha's community. A great place to learn English is to try the English4Today Desktop Learning Software.

A unique desktop reference and learning tool that integrates seamlessly with the English4Today website giving you a truly dynamic, constantly updated set of English language communication tools to use online and off! The award winning English4TodayDesktop Edition contains:The Online English GrammarGuide to English PunctuationGuide to Writing WellImprove Your VocabularyDictionary and Thesaurus LookupTests, Quizzes and Learning Games...

WhiteSmoke is an innovative proofreading and editing English learning tool with a single aim to help you write and learn English better. Whether you simply want to compose well written emails to family and friends, or you need professional results for business and corporate settings, WhiteSmoke consistently delivers. Use WhiteSmoke with MS Word, Outlook, and all other text-based programs...

Free Learn English Software -- Where? Is It Any Good?
Ôï learn about free English software you can try many English learning programs. Many learners of the English language would like to run a self-check on their knowledge of English before being subjected to tests from others. These eager students who want to learn the English language can take heart – as this section clues them on to a collection of free English learning software, which have been personally handpicked by the Free Learn English Software quality software specialists.Most of the free English learning software come in the form of fun English learning games. The free English learning software poses challenging exercises to test your knowledge about the English language in an interesting and motivating way, making learning easy and great fun. You can be reassured that the free English learning software on this page represents the best out of all such software available on the Internet.

What is free English learning software and what can it teach me?
Primarily, you will be playing games and having fun while learning English with any of the Free Learn English Software. These software programs test your vocabulary and your English word-building prowess in a challenging environment packed with dandy audiovisuals and multimedia. The software either times you or a lot you time to complete an English question, which makes the process of learning English all the more exciting.

Practice English with English Speakers
The Livemocha learning English experience focuses on conversational proficiency by encouraging English language learners to put their skills into action by connecting with real native speakers online.

Free English learning lessons, English learning vocabulary, learn how to use English idioms, learn how to use English proverbs and business English, plus English learning exercises and word games, for English learners of all levels.
Improve your knowledge of English :
Grammar lessons with printable exercises and answers.
English learning vocabulary lists - general and professional themes,including a section devoted to the environment.
Develop your business skills by learning English
English business vocabulary, useful phrases and terms commonly
used in all areas of business.
Learn idioms and proverbs used in conversational English.
Learn Hundreds of English idioms which are clearly explained, with a new idiom every day.
Check your progress with English learning graded wordgames :
online and printable word games for all levels
English learning crosswords - wordsearches - quizzes, missing words, and more...

Learn English online with the help of this free website from the British Council with English learning games, English learning stories,English learning listening activities and English learning grammar exercises. You can search for your favourites, or have a look at the site map to find out where everything is.

You will find lots of new English learning listening activities and English learning video content in Learn English & Watch. We also have a new English learning Grammar section and new English learning exam practice materials. Learnenglish.britishcouncil.org are currently moving content over to our Business & Work section from our sister site LearnEnglish Professionals.

Babylon English Translation enstablish a sotware wich helps you to learn english words by translate them from major languages and Dictionaries like:
Learn English by English Translation
Learn English by Spanish Translation
Learn English by German Translation
Learn English by Italian Translation
Learn English by French Translation
Learn English by Portuguese Translation
Learn English by Japanese Translation
Learn English by Turkish Translation
Learn English by Arabic Translation
Learn English by Russian Translation
Learn English by Hebrew Translation
Learn English by Czech Translation
Learn English by Danish Translation
Learn English by Dutch Translation
Learn English by Persian Translation
Learn English by Hindi Translation
- English translation made easy and effective as never before!
With babylon Become a true multilingual speaker by using our online English translator.
Translate English words and phrases into many languages with one simple search...
Find useful in babylon the Online Dictionary, Online Translation, Online Thesaurus, Webmaster tools,e.t.c.

Babelfish: One of the best free translation tools available online. For translation of short texts or webpage. Translates English into 9 other languages and 12 languages into English. Keep in mind that all automatic translation device make errors and that must only be used as a starting point.English translation made easy and effective as never before

Business Related http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/text.html
Dictionary.com: Learn English Multilingual Online Translator.
The translator will not produce a perfect English translation. In most cases it should adequately convey the general sense of the original; however, it is not a substitute for a competent human translator.

Dictionary.Reference.com: Free online English dictionary, English learning thesaurus and English learning reference guide, crossword puzzles and other word games and online translator.

LocalTranslation.com: Free multilingual translation between English and French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
Webmasters can include this translation utility for free on their sites.

NoSlang.com: Internet slang dictionary and translator. Learn Internet slang and acronyms.
Business Related http://www.regar.de/dictionary/
Regar.de: Regarde is a free multilingual Online Translator. English, German, Spanish, and Italian.
You also can do translations of a complete text or a site (assigned by an URL). Enter either a URL of a web page or copy and past a text in the text box that you would like translated. Translations of phrases and sentences are far from perfect but the word translations and thesaurus work well.

Learn English with free online english translator http://www.reverso.com/
Reverso.com: Online translator, free automatic dictionary and translator for website and automatic text translation (to French, German, Spanish, and other languages).
Category: Writing - Automatic Translators

Learn English with natural english translator software http://www.systransoft.com/index.html
Systransoft.com: Natural language translation software and services. Translate English web pages online and texts of up to 150 English words for free.

Learn English Fast – Audio Language Learning Software
Learn English Software
Learn English - Language Learning , the world’s leading software for language learning, is valued by users and teachers alike for its speech recognition technology and personalized language courses. TeLL me More® Learn English - Language Learning program now has more than 5 million satisfied users worldwide. It covers all the skills to learn English: reading English and writing, listening Englishand speaking English, English grammar, English vocabulary, and English culture.
TELL ME MORE English – Language Learning Software
This new and improved Premium English learning software version offers significant innovations:
A new Complete English learning software Beginner level is now available
An Audio CD English learning software is included to reinforce your learning English language skills.
Possibility to export the audio content in the format of your choice: MP3 or Audio CD only with the English learning software.
Improved navigation and interface only with the English learning software.

Learn English online with busuu.com
With Learn English online at busuu.com free English language course, you can learn Englishby talking to native English speakers around the world!
As well as learning English directly from other users, you can use Learn English online with busuu.com interactive language learning English materials to practise and improve your English learning language skills.
The materials are arranged into English learning units. Each one is based on a certain topic and contains all of the most important English vocabulary and English phrases.

Learning Old English
About Learning Old English you can see at the http://www.jebbo.co.uk/learn-oe/contents.htm guide.
Learning Old English guide is motivated by my own needs. When trying to learn Old English on my own, we are starting to use A Guide to Old English. With the Learning Old English guide we found this work very hard to use - it provides loads of highly technical information on declension, conjugation and sound changes, but does not cover things like English syntax and what constructs are actually used in Old English works until very late in the Learning Old English text guide. This makes learning extremely hard - it is not easy to tell what is important and what is a rare exception. Also, there is no stage by stage acquisition of the vocabulary needed and there are no exercises to test either English vocabulary or understanding of the constructs. So the Learning Old English guide theory goes that if we can write a guide which does some of the things that the Learning Old English promises, and stuff that are lacking in the Learning Old English guide from Mitchell and Robinson, then it will or might be of use to others.

At all stages in the Learning Old English guide I want talk about how the constructs are used, rather than working through how all the words work and then talking about syntax. What I'd like to do, like Wheelock's Latin Grammar, is to introduce vocabulary, and have sentences/passages from real works as exercises (they will need to be simplified for the early chapters). The Learning Old English guide current plans for the contents of the Old Englishguide goes roughly as follows:
* Learn English through The Origins of Old English
* Learn English through Orthography and Pronunciation
* Learn English through Case, Inflection and Pronouns
* Learn English through Conjugation and Verbs I
* Learn English through Nouns and Adjectives I
* Learn Phonology and Basic Sound Changes
* Learn English through Nouns and Adjectives II
* Learn English through Conjugation and Verbs II
* Learn More Conjugation and Strong Verbs
* Try Learning Irregular Verbs
* Try Learning Resolved Tenses
* Learn Sound Changes II
* Learn english Strong Verbs
* Learn english Word Formation
* Learn Syntax III

Learn american - British english differences
* American English is the form of English used in the United States. By learning American English you will know that you can include all English dialects used within the United States.
* British English is the form of English used in the United Kingdom. By learning British English you will know that it includes all English dialects used within the United Kingdom.

When you start learning the British english differences like the written forms of American and British English as found in newspapers and english textbooks vary little in their essential features, with only occasional noticeable differences in comparable media. One of the first thing you notice when you learn the British english differences is this kind of formal English, particularly written English, is often called 'standard English. An unofficial standard for spoken American English has also developed, as a result of mass media and geographic and social mobility, and broadly describes the English typically heard from network newscasters, commonly referred to as non-regional diction, although local newscasters tend toward more parochial forms of speech. Despite the l standard differences when learning american or British english, are the regional variations of American English have not only persisted but have actually intensified..

Other differences in learning the american or British english language are the regional dialects in the United States typically reflect the elements of the language of the main immigrant groups in any particular region of the country, especially in terms of pronunciation and vernacular vocabulary. American scholars have mapped at least four major regional variations of spoken American English: Northern, Southern, Midland, and Western. After the American Civil War, the settlement of the western territories by migrants from the east led to dialect mixing and levelling, so that regional dialects are most strongly differentiated in the eastern parts of the country that were settled earlier. We can also learn from that, that the localized dialects also exist with quite distinct variations, such as in Southern Appalachia and New York.

When you start learning the British english differences, you realize that the spoken forms of British English vary considerably, reflecting a long history of dialect development amid isolated populations. Dialects and accents vary not only among the countries in the United Kingdom, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but also within these individual countries.

You will also learn that there are differences in the English spoken by different groups of people in any particular region. Received Pronunciation (RP) has traditionally been regarded as proper English; this is also referred to as "BBC English" or "the Queen's English". The BBC and other broadcasters now intentionally use a mix of presenters with a variety of British accents and dialects, and the concept of "proper English" is now far less prevalent.

When you start learning the differences between the British and American English you will know that are the reference norms for English as spoken, written, and taught in the rest of the world. You will learn that the English-speaking members of the Commonwealth often closely follow British English forms while many new American English forms quickly become familiar outside of the United States. We have learned that although most dialects of English used in the former British Empire outside of North America are, to various extents, based on British English, most of the countries concerned have developed their own unique english dialects, particularly with respect to english pronunciation, english idioms and english vocabulary. We also learned that the chief among other English dialects are Canadian English, based on the English of United Empire Loyalists who left the 13 Colonies,[and Australian English, which rank third and fourth in number of native english speakers.

Learn English Grammar: English Grammar Guide, Learn English Free.
Chat about Grammar: http://www.learnenglish.de/grammar/grammarchat.html
Talk about English: http://www.learnenglish.de/englishtalk.html

English Grammar Books


English Grammar Books Adjective Clauses (8)

English Grammar BooksAdjectives (10)

English Grammar Books Adverb Clauses (5)

English Grammar Books Adverbs (11)

English Grammar Books Articles (12)

English Grammar Books Case (1)

English Grammar Books Comparatives and Superlatives (4)

English Grammar Books Conditional (9)

English Grammar Books Conjunctions (4)

English Grammar Books Gerunds and Infinitives (3)

English Grammar Books Interjections (2)

English Grammar Books Irregular Verbs (5)

English Grammar Books Modal Verbs (13)

English Grammar Books Negative Forms (1)

English Grammar Books Noun Clauses (2)

English Grammar Books Nouns (3)

English Grammar Books Passive (3)

English Grammar Books Phrasal Verbs (2)

English Grammar Books Possessive Forms (1)

English Grammar Books Prepositions (5)

English Grammar Books Pronouns (8)

English Grammar Books Subject Verb Agreement (11)

English Grammar Books Subjunctive (3)

English Grammar Books Tag Questions (3)

English Grammar Books Verb Tenses (20)

English Grammar Books Verbs (7)

help you learn English today: http://www.englishpage.com/grammar/

English language training companies

Cactus Language training
Cactus is one of the world’s leading language training companies. Founded in 1998, our expert team delivers quality language training to individuals and businesses. Cactus helps over 15,000 people every year learn more than 30 languages, in 60 countries and 500 destinations worldwide. (Spanish : French : Italian : German : English, e.t.c.)

Cactus understands that learning a language is a personal journey and that no one solution fits all. We also understand that the best way to learn is with help from a real teacher, combined with a range of other inspiring learning options. So we provide thousands of different courses around the world and can create or tailor any programme specifically to individual needs.

Our specialist language travel agency offers English and foreign language courses and holidays in the UK and abroad. Courses may be executive, intensive or for leisure purposes and can include activities such as dance, wine tasting, cookery, music, art, culture, diving, photography, relaxation and many more. Cactus also provides courses for children, under 18s, families and the over 50s.

Alongside language holidays, Cactus also offers:

* Evening & part-time group language courses
* Tailor-made & private tuition
* Business & corporate language training
* Cultural awareness training
* Distance learning
* English courses
* Language camps and trips for children
* School trips abroad
* and professional teacher training including TEFL/TESOL.

Cactus’ corporate client list includes global enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, HSBC, China Construction Bank and Poker Stars, to name a few. We have permanent offices in the UK and US and operate a global network of approved schools and qualified teachers.

Cactus’ Quality Programme has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to ISO 9001:2008. This confirms our commitment to consistently meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers around the world.

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Learn English Article by Panos

Article by Svetlana Lozovenko
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