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LCD Monitor

LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, technology has advanced very rapidly since it's initial explosion onto the techonological scene over a decade ago for use in laptop computers. Technical achievements have resulted in brighter displays, higher resolutions, reduced response times, and cheaper manufacturing processes. The advancements have also allowed manufacturers to greatly increase screen size. Whereas most introductory LCD monitors only offer 12 to 14 inches of viewable area, the newest LCD monitors now are available at over 23 inches, with LCD TVs going even further - upwards of 50 inches.

LCD monitors offer a fresh breath of air to computer users. With the clean and crisp viewing ability of LCD monitors, can come a more expensive price than most CRT monitors, but you are definatley paying for what you're recieving, which is a great monitor that will be sure to please.

What is a Liquid Crystal Display Monitor ?

The definiton of a LCD Monitor.
The LCD monitor or Liquid Crystal Display Monitor is a monitor that uses LCD technologies, rather than the conventional CRT technologies which was a previous generation hardware. Nowadays most desktop computers use LCD Monitors. Liquid crystals are used to become visible when electricity is passed through them. Until recently, LCD panels were used exclusively on notebook computers and other portable devices. In 1997, however, several manufacturers began offering full-size LCD monitors as alternatives to CRT monitors. The main advantage of LCD displays is that they take up less desk space and are lighter. Currently, however, they are also more expensive but they are getting cheaper and LCD Monitors are used everyday by users in gaming or in design software because the LCD Monitors have much improved quality over the CRT.

How the LCD Monitor Technology Works
The LCD stands for liquid crystal display and this type of monitor is a type of display that uses two panels of polarizing material with a liquid crystal solution between them. An electric current passed through the liquid causes the crystals to align so that light cannot pass through them. Each crystal, therefore, is like a shutter, either allowing light to pass through or blocking the light. Read full Webopedia definition.One of the biggest problems facing consumers shopping for either an LCD or Plasma television is old information. Because these technologies change so often and get better with each new model released by a manufacturer, some issues concerning LCD televisions from even a year ago aren't much of an issue today — and the same holds true for Plasma displays. For example, a year ago you could expect to see a full 15 degree difference in the viewing angles between LCD and Plasma displays. Today, Samsung offers a 178 degree viewing angle on many of its Plasma displays, and up to 175 degrees on its LCDs of similar sizes.
While the chart below offers some general observations on features of both types of televisions, consumers need to remember that the numbers and features change between each type of display and also between exact models and manufacturers. If you're undecided about choosing Plasma over LCD, and vise versa, the best thing to do is read the technical specifications of each television and decide based on the up-to-date manufacturer's specifications.
Features For Consumers

What To Expect With an LCD Monitor

What To Expect With the Plasma Monitor

The LCD Plasma monitor size is usually between 14 to 48 inches. Larger sizes are available but very expensive. Commonly 39 to 58 inches. You can find larger LCD Plasma monitor sizes, they are available but can be very expensive.
Viewing Angle & Off Angle Standard of 160, but up to 175 degrees (depends on model). Slight picture fading at extreme angles. Up to 178 degrees (depends on model). Off-angle viewing is excellent and better than LCD.
The resolution of an LCD Monitor, Brightness of an LCD Monitor and more generally the LCD Monitor offers slightly higher resolution than Plasma. Not as good contrast ratio. Anti-glare makes it better for viewing in bright rooms. Newer technology offers improved black levels, but still not as good as plasma for producing blacks. Higher levels of brightness and contrast. Viewing quality best where lighting can be controlled. Better display of black.
The LCD Monitor weight, LCD Monitor Durability, and finally the LCD Monitor Power Consumption is Lighter than Plasma. The LCD Monitor is also more durable than Plasma. Consumes 30 to 40 percent less power than a plasma monitor of similar size.Plasma monitors are more fragile and also consume more power than LCD.
High Altitude Performance Not affected by high altitude. Anything above 6,500 feet can affect the performance.
Some important Issues to be addressed are that the LCD monitors may suffer from a defective pixel (also called a stuck pixel or dead pixel). This is a single pixel on the display that always remains lit or dark, usually the result of a transistor malfunction or uneven distribution of liquid in the LCD. Plasma can suffer from "burn in" the term used to describe a ghosting of an image that can remain on the screen if a stationary image has been left on too long. Burn in has been reduced in newer models.
Lifespan of an LCD Monitor
The average lifespan of a LCD Monitor is about 60,000 hours which is equivalent to five years of 24/7 usage, or approximately 27 years of typical use. Typically you can expect 50-60,000 hours. With some LCD monitors you may be able to replace the fluorescent lamps. Compare with older CRT televisions that typically had a lifespan of 25,000 hours. Many newer plasma displays also have reached a lifespan of 60,000 hours and higher. Plasma displays, however, will slowly lose some brightness over a long period of time. This brightness lose is called LTHB (Life to Half Brightness).
Price Typically, you can expect LCD televisions in the 42-inch and below range to be a better-price when compared to plasma televisions below 42 inches. Typically you can expect plasma televisions in the 42-inch and above range to be a better price when compared to LCD televisions above 42 inch.

Buy An LCD Monitor that can satisfy your needs
The LCD Monitor Price factor : LCD Monitors prices can range very vastly on variety of details about the LCD display such as the features, type and the size of the LCD monitor. We used the ASUS VH242H as an example, this LCD Monitor uses a 23 inch panel and the cost is in the general area of $210. This model doesn't come equipped with an adjustable stand nor does it have any USB ports which are usually helpful. As far as performance goes with many LCD Monitors, many fit the needs for creativity applications, business wise and entertainment purposes. Now this sort of LCD Monitors isn't equipped to handle activities where gray scaling and coloring are needed. Now let's take a look at the NEC PS241W which comes equipped an adjustable stand, 24 inch panel, KVM switch which is built in and a few USB ports. This model also has the capability to tend to the needs of photographers as well as professionals in graphics field of work. The price for the NEC PS241W is in the range of the $900 range. Now this is a big jump from the ASUS VH242H which cost $200 and the NEC PS241W which cost over $1,000.

LCD monitors vs CRT monitors
Lots of consumers have been playing with the idea of switching to a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor but a few disadvandages of this unique LCD technology have always been in the way as an obstacle. One being its response time and the other being colour purity. The first is of utmost importance to the gamer and the second to those user who are used to wok on photo editing software. The gamer needs the monitor to have very fast response time otherwise ghosting effects or in other words trailing effects become evident, which until yesterday had plagued the LCD monitors. Not anymore.
Most of the companies that make LCD Monitors have tried to come up with very fast response times and gamers can now start their purchase of a LCD monitor. As far as photo editing in LCD Monitors goes, there are some consumers who still have to rely on the CRT monitors since the ultimate colour cleanness that the CRT offers for editing colours cannot be had in an LCD monitor. This colour cleanness problem may have already been addressed in the company's labs but a commercially usable product which an average consumer can afford has not yet hit the market. However if you are a gamer and were waiting for the technology to take off, move on!
The gamers needs have been sufficiently addressed as the LCD monitors available in the market have very fast response times – as low as 12 ms and getting better. These response times are fast enough to even satisfy die hard gamers who want the best and are not willing to compromise.

Important things to consider when choosing an LCD Monitor

There are many other aspects which differentiate the two technologies so let’s take a peek and see what one must consider when shopping for an LCD monitor and which type has an advantage over the other.

LCD Monitor Aesthetics: LCD monitors are externally very amusing to the eye being sleek and stylish. There couldn't be any comparison with the CRT here. The current generation of LCD monitors have excellent colour combinations, and well designed control panels. The weight of the LCD monitors is roughly 6-8 lbs for 15 inch models and slightly more for the 17 inch ones. Since it is very light it can be handled very comfortably even by a lady. Some manufacturers have come up with an outboard power supply thus reducing the thickness of the panel which now can be had at less than an inch!

LCD Monitor viewing angle: Although the CRT monitors lead the way in this department, the viewing angle on LCD monitors is getting wider and wider and current models offer over 160 degrees. For all practical purposes that is more than sufficient for any user. Therefore the angle of view is not a major concern anymore as it used to be when LCD monitors initially emerged in the marketplace.

LCD Monitor Colour Purity: This is where the CRT monitors take a clear advantage. However the best LCD monitors are very good and for an average user the difference is hardly noticeable in side by side comparison. The difference can vary from slight to significant depending on the quality of the LCD monitor used in comparison.

LCD Monitor Contrast: Traditionally the CRT monitors always had better contrast and LCD monitors were lagging behind. Recently some of the best LCD monitors have come very close and according to some they match what the CRT is capable of in terms of contrast. This aspect of the monitor helps in correct tonal characteristics in low light situations. A high contrast monitor is likely to produce black as black rather than dark grey. High contrast is most important for gaming and movie playback.

LCD Monitor problem, Dead Pixels: What are Dead Pixels? Dead Pixels are simply pixels on the LCD monitors that do not function. Dead Pixels are not repairable hence they stay there for good. Dead Pixels can easily be identified in programs with white background; you can spot them in the same place every time you switch on your system. In the early days the issue of dead pixels on LCD monitors was a big one confronting most of the manufacturers, however, the manufacturing practices have greatly improved over time and dead pixel issue is very much controlled based on the experience gained. Still many manufacturers themselves are confused as to the Warranty Policies they need to enact for replacement of those monitors with dead pixels. The top manufacturers have no problem replacing the monitor within the warranty period. So when shopping for an LCD monitor check the dead pixel policy indicated in the warranty. Also check for dead pixels once you install it in your system. If you spot a dead pixel within the warranty period get a replacement.

LCD Monitor Energy Requirements: LCD monitors are good savers when it comes to power consumption. Their consumption is in the region of 25 -50 watts compared to CRT which consume like 60-80 watts for a 15 inch model to almost 70 to 150 for 17 and 19 inch models.

LCD Monitor Image Brightness: LCD Monitors win hands down in this department. They offer almost twice the brightness compared to the CRT monitor. If you use the system in a brightly lit room or with plenty of sunshine coming through the window LCD is the best choice.

LCD Monitor Magnetic Interference: Again the CRT looses out in this department too. LCD monitors are not affected by the magnetic interference at all. Many of the LCD monitors come with stereo speakers built-in and need not be shielded for magnetic interference. Shielding the speakers makes them very costly, thus the savings can be either passed on to the consumer or spent by manufacturer elsewhere in a more effective way.

LCD Monitor Response Time: As mentioned in the beginning of this article the response time of the LCD monitor is crucial for the gamers and movie buffs. Response time refers to updating of the pixel colours. Ghosting or trailing effects start to become evident when the response time slows down to 20 ms. One should definitely look for monitors offering 16ms or even 12 ms response time. We may even see monitors in near future with response times in single digits!

LCD Monitor Screen Flicker: One of the most annoying things on the CRT monitor which we all had to deal with was the infamous flickering effect, in other words the low refresh rates. This contributed towards headaches which users experienced on a daily basis. This aspect was also responsible for lower productivity. CRT does not have an advantage when it comes to the flickering effect. By default windows always sets the refresh rate at 60 Hz, until you install your monitor and it detects the configuration file and sets the refresh rate based on factory setting of the monitor in question. The VESA standard states that the minimum refresh rate to avoid eye strain is 72 Hz. Some of the good CRT monitors can go much higher. Ideally a refresh rate of 85 Hz should be OK for most people using 17 inch monitors. Due to difference in technology the LCD Monitors are clear winners as refresh rate is not an issue with them. Normally you get a choice of two different refresh rates on the LCD monitor but it is best to go with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Reviews on the best and cheapest LCD Monitors for gaming

What are the Best LCD Monitors for Gaming ?

Gamers don't want to have a lot of patience on their computer hardware and LCD Monitors response times. This applies to all monitors as well. Games look better on big, high-resolution LCD Monitor displays with great image quality. Not all LCD monitors have the ability of providing this. However, gamers also need monitors that provide a low response time because high response times can create a feeling of lag between the movements of the gamer and the movements which happen on the LCD Monitor screen.
When these two requirements are considered, the variety of LCD monitors that are great for gamers becomes much smaller.

Asus VW198T LCD Monitor for gaming
While there are lots of 19-inch monitors to choose from, the 19-inch Asus VW198T is significant for its high resolution and low price. It is one of a new standard of 16:10 aspect ratio monitors, reaching a resolution of 1,680-by-1,050 pixels. This is the same resolution as a typical 20 inch LCD monitor, but less screen size overall. The result is that you can get more on the 19-inch screen than many other 19 inch sized LCD monitors, and images and video will look sharper, but everything will be a touch smaller on the LCD Monitor and yes, we mean text as well. Some users with subpar eyesight might find that to be a challenge, so experts say to check out the Asus VW198T before buying.
You can find several reviews on the 19-inch Asus VW198T LCD Monitor and some of them are not that detailed, but it is included as part of a larger round up of 19-inch monitors at X-bitLabs.com. You can also read a good selection of user reviews at Newegg.com.

Hanns-G HH-281HPB 28" LCD Monitor for gaming
Best LCD Gaming Monitor displays are great for gamers. A big, in-your-face display will always be able to provide a more immersive experience than a smaller one. However, most large displays are very, very expensive. This puts them out of the reach of many gamers.
The Hanns-G HH-281HPB is different. This 28" LCD Monitor display uses a subpar TN panel, and as a result it manages to be very large but also keeps the price around $300. Image quality is sacrificed as a result - at least in comparison to more expensive large LCD monitors - but is still reasonably good. The resolution of 1980x1200 isn't too demanding on games, either.
Another problem with big LCD monitors that affects gamers is response time. Large LCD monitors often have average times somewhere between 6 and 12ms, but this Hanns-G model has a response time of only 3ms. That's a perfect time for gamers and this LCD monitor is on the recommended list.

HannsG HG-281DPBA LCD Monitor for gaming
The HannsG HG-281DPBA is a huge 28" monitor that delivers its promises in all ways, offering a huge amount of screen space versus a relatively low price. This is good news for gamers looking for a big-screen monitor without spending all their savings money.
Of course, buying an LCD Monitor at such a low price and with a large LCD Monitor screen, it sure means that there will be a few disadvantages compared to the high-end IPS panels such as the Dell 3007WFP or the HP LP3065. The HannsG's build quality and backlight uniformity is not as good as what you’ll find in those more expensive products. There have also been issues regarding its viewing angles and black reproduction. The 1920x1200 resolution on such a large physical screen is also results in a high dot pitch, which may produce a "screen door" effect for some.
Those disadvantages aside, the HG-281DPBA HannsG LCD Monitor has firm response times, which is the most crucial feature for many gamers. The raw size of the screen overwhelms the senses, making up for any image quality shortcomings. There are better monitors available of similar size, but you’ll be paying at least three times the price for them

Dell Ultrasharp U2311H LCD Monitor for gaming
The Dell Gaming MonitorThe 23" Dell Ultrasharp U2311H, unlike other LCD monitors, uses an IPS display. IPS displays are known to have much better color accuracy than TN panel displays. They also have better viewing angles, which means that people trying to view the monitor's display from an angle won't see this blurry washed-out image.
Although the 23" physical size isn't that big, the U2311H offers full 1080p resolution. When this monitor's color accuracy is combined with a high resolution computer game then the results are astonishing. Games look clear and play smooth, as if you were looking at them through a window rather than a monitor. The price currently isn't expensive, either. You'll pay $200, which is very reasonable for a IPS display.
But is there a problem? The answer is: a small one. This LCD Monitor's response time of 8ms is considered high by gamers. There have not been widespread reports of noticeable lag, which is reassuring. Still, gamers who are concerned about having the absolute quickest reaction time possible should buy a TN panel display instead.

Samsung BX2431 24" LCD Monitor for gaming

We present you the Samsung Gaming LCD Monitor , the BX2431 model is one of the most balanced monitors Samsung, currently has on the market. LED backlights have been used in HDTVs for awhile now, and have dramatically improved the black-level performance of LCD TVs. Now, LED is filtering into monitors like the BX2431 and having the same effect. While the BX2431 uses a TN panel, its viewing angles are a tad better than normal thanks to a new proprietary panel tech that Samsung is calling MagicAngle.
The raw specifications of this LCD monitor are impressive, as well. The response time is just 2ms, a lot more than enough, and the resolution is 1920x1080. Although the image quality of a TN panel display like this can't hope to compete with an IPS display like the Ultrasharp, the BX2431 represents the best TN tech can offer, including a far better price of just $250.

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