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Computer Virus

In computer security technology, a computer virus is a self-replicating program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other executable code or documents. A computer virus behaves in a way similar to a biological virus, which spreads by inserting itself into living cells. Extending the analogy even more, the insertion of a virus into the program is termed as an infection, and the infected file (or executable code that is not part of a file) is called a host.

Computer viruses are just one of the many types of malicious software or malware that are spreading across the internet currently. In common conversation, the term virus is often extended to refer to worms, trojan horses and other sorts of malware, however, this can confuse computer users, since viruses in the narrow sense of the word are less common than they used to be, compared to other forms of malware.

Confusing these terms can have serious consequences, because it may lead to the user focusing on preventing one type of malware over another, potentially leaving computers vulnerable to future damage. However, a basic rule is that computer viruses cannot directly damage hardware, but only software. While computer viruses can be intentionally destructive, many other viruses are fairly benign or merely annoying.

Computer viruses are small in size software applications designed to spread from one computer to another and intervine in the computer's main functions and change their tasks.
A computer virus can modify or delete data from your computer, use an email application program for it to spread on other computers on the network or even delete everything from your hard drive.
Computer viruses are spreading very easily through the email attachments or through instant messages unless you know from who to expect it from.

A Computer virus can come in many forms, like a funny picture, a video or an audio file and infect your computer.

A Computer virus is speading through the Internet and many computer viruses can hide in commercial software or other files and programs
Fo you to avoid computer viruses it's very important to maintain your computer updated with the most current updates and anti virus tools, be informed about the latest virus threats and follow some basic rules when browsing the Interner or when you are opening file attachments.
From the time a computer virus infects your computer, its type or method the virus used to infect you is not that important as it is to remove it and prevent further infection.

Computer Virus symptoms

How to know you are infected from a computer virus ?
If you suspect or you are sure that your computer is infected from a virus, makesure you get the latest anti virus software. Here are some indications and symptoms that an infected from a computer virus computer might have:
A computer infected with a virus is working slower than it usually does.
A computer infected with a virus is having many errors and then it restarts every few minutes.
A computer infected with a virus restarts itself and it doesn't work well.
A computer infected with a virus fails at applications as they don't work well.
Access inside one of your hard drives is denied.
The computer virus prevents you from printing something.
You see suspicious error messages.
A computer virus makes your computer having modified menus and dialog windows.
A computer virus makes your files having a second extension. Warning. You should check your most recently opened or modified files. Suspicious extensions are .jpg, .vbs, .gif or .exe.
A computer anti virus software has been disabled without a reason. Furthermore, you cant restart your anti virus software because of the computer virus.
You see new icons appearing in your desktop which you didn't put there yourself or they aren't assigned to any of your other programs you have installed.
You see suspicious playback of video or audio files.
A computer program get wiped out of your computer even though you didn't uninstall it recently.
Note: There are the common infection symptoms. But, these symptoms can also come from hardware issues or software issus and not from computer viruses. If you don't install any anti virus software you can't be sure if your computer is infected from a computer virus.

How these symptoms and infections start from a computer virus

Just like any program, in order for the program to work, it must be executed first. Malware programs are no different in this aspect and must be executed somehow in order to do what they were manufactured to do. Mostly these infections start by creating a new registry entry in the Windows Registry in order to make these programs start automatically when your computer starts.
Unfortunately, though, in the Windows operating system there are many files in the windows folders and there are also so many paths to make a computer virus start which can make it extremely difficult for the average computer user to find manually. Luckily for us, though, there are programs that allow us to cut through this confusion and see the various computer viruses that are automatically starting when windows boots. The program we recommend for this, because its free and detailed, is Autoruns from Sysinternals.
When you run this program it will list all the various programs or potential computer viruses that start when your computer is booted into Windows. For the most part, the majority of these programs are safe and should be left alone unless you know what you are doing or know they are a computer virus or know you do not need them to run at startup.
At this point, you should download Autoruns and try it out. Just run the Autoruns.exe and look at all the programs that start automatically. Don't uncheck or delete anything at this point unless you are an expert. Just examine closely the information and the started files to see an overview of the amount of programs that are starting automatically. When you feel comfortable with what you are seeing, move on to the next section.

Computer anti virus sotware

How to find the best antivirus software ?
Antivirus programs are those applications which are used to identify, and eliminate computer viruses and other sorts of computer and computer system problems. The basic procedures of antivirus programs use to work in the following manner. The computer anti virus softare examine files after searching for certain viruses and identify suspicious behavior from an application that might be infected. Once programs are identified after infection, the antivirus software will do or try to do several things including attempting to repair the infected file by removing the actual virus from the file itself; quarantining the file, so that it will be inaccessible. As a result the virus will not able to spread further. Similarly the computer anti virus software won't be able to delete the file or program itself which contains the computer virus.
There are also other certified methods that are used by the best anti virus software programs. One of them is trying to emulate the computer virus code that may be available. The intention will be to prevent damage to the executable programs and files that may be infected with a virus. As a result they will be able to do away with any threats affecting the computer system. There is also one other good antivirus technique, which involves using a sandbox. A sandbox basically emulates the operating system itself and then will run itself as the executable file or program in this situation.

Computer anti virus Scope of Protection
The best antivirus solutions will include traditional protection from viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware, but those computer anti virus applications should also include defense from keyloggers, phishing scams, email-attachment threats and rootkits. While antivirus programs are by no means full-blown internet security suites, they should protect from as many threats on as many fronts as they can.

Computer anti virus Effectiveness
A computer anti virus software is specifically designed to secure your personal computer, so if it doesnít do that well, what good is it? All the features, or glossy interface canít make up for the program's poor performance. We look at results from the industry-standard security software testers and professional security organizations to find the most effective software available and evaluate overall effectiveness. In general, the highest ranked computer anti virus programs are also the most efficient.

Computer anti virus Ease of Installation and Setup
Security software shouldnít be a burden to install, and should have you protected as soon as possible. From download to install, to the first scan; implementing antivirus software should be quick and easy.
Computer anti virus Ease of Use
Antivirus software is complex application, but shouldnít require a degree in computer science. The best security programs have all the features security experts want, but computer anti virus programs are just as easily used by a beginner. Everyday computer users want a security solution that they can install and forget about; software that doesnít require constant maintenance or have annoying interruptions. The best antivirus software is compliant enough to do exactly what you want to .

Check for Computer anti virus Features
A fully developed feature set takes a security solution from good to great. More than bells and whistles, added features provide security, usability and performance benefits.

Computer anti virus Updates
Computer viruses are being identified and added to well-specified databases all the time, so itís important that your virus definition list updates accordingly. Modern antivirus software are equipped with automatic updates that perform regularly enough that you get faster updates that donít slow down your system. The best security providers even "push" updates to you as soon as theyíre available.

Computer anti virus Help and Support
The best computer anti virus software doesnít require reading an extensive manual to use, but still has one available. For specific questions, troubleshooting, and additional help, the best antivirus manufacturers provide superior product support online and off. Additional support for software may come in the form of assistance over the phone, email, live chat, or through a number of additional resources (, FAQs, tutorials etc).

Which computer antivirus software do you prefer ?
The open dangers on the internet can simply not be ignored and no user should be out there without effective safeguard. The only solution therefore is a good protection program for your PC.
At the same time, there are several security products which profess to protect the user from the attacks. Some even claim to catch every threat, or offer total protection, maximum protection, etc.
To help users make better, empirically informed, decisions about how to protect themselves, NSS Labs, the leading independent security product testing and certification organization, has examined 11 major security products such as AVG, ESET NOD32, Kaspersky, Symantec, Panda, Microsoft, F-Secure, MacAfee, etc. for protection and performance.
This in-depth test (October, 2010) examines multiple threat types and vectors from end-to-end, replicating how real people access the internet, such as Malware download, client-side exploits against applications such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Quicktime, and Adobe Acrobat, and Key performance metrics, such as increase in RAM, CPU, boot time, and application load time.

Top computer anti virus software programs

Which are the top free computer anti virus software programs ?

Microsoft Security Essentials
The greatest thing about Microsoft Security Essentials is its simplicity and that it is very lightweight. As you can see, the user interface is really clear, with a few large buttons for the most basic functions. This is important if youíre setting it up on a computer for someone who is not computer-savvy.
Finally, Microsoft Security Essentials is completely free, so there is no commercial version you can upgrade to. In fact, itís even permissible to use in business situations, meaning you can use it at work without breaking the law. This alone sets it above most of the other selections for the 10 best antivirus programs.

AVG Free
AVG has become friends with the term free computer anti virus software program, and there is a good reason for it. AVG offers complete malware protection, with considerably less bloat than the top pay-to-use antivirus clients. And while AVG Free does constantly remind you that you could pay for the professional version of the program, it does this without ever getting in the way of the programís core purpose: protecting you from viruses.

Kaspersky computer anti virus software
Kaspersky is one of the most popular Antivirus software because of itís excellent protection and Kaspersky is known to be used for itís fast detection for Trojan horses. The advanced anti Ėvirus software with additional layers of firewall and parental controls. Altogether, more than 120 companies are licensing technology from kaspersky. These applications are also secure from file servers, mobile devices, and internet all managed through a centralized administration kit.

Avira computer anti virus software FREE
In terms of simplicity, Avira is almost as good as Microsoft Security Essentials. Itís quite lightweight, too, so the comparison is quite befitting. While Avira does have a paid professional version to sell, much like AVG, itís not quite as aggressive as AVG in peddling it. I would say that Avira is satisfying and worth looking into for sure.
Avast computer anti virus FREE
If this competition were for the greatest name, the computer antivirus software Avast! would win hands down. Even though thatís not what weíre discussing, Avast! stands up pretty well. This is one of the top free anti-viruses on the market, and for a good reason: itís exceptionally accomplished. Expect great all-around protection, including against trojans and spyware. You can also expect constant reminders that thereís a free version you can upgrade to, on your desktop and in your inbox. But still, the protection is satisfactory.

Panda Cloud computer anti virus
At first the idea of a cloud-based antivirus sounds a bit shallow, because the computer anti virus program would only work while the user is online. But as you see that's the premise. Who would prefer an anti virus that is running offline ?
As the name suggests, Panda Cloud Antivirus stores its virus definitions online. Thereís an upside to this: your definitions are always up to date. Thereís a downside, too, however: your anti-virus is constantly making use of your network connection.

ComboFix computer anti virus
If you are sure youíve got a computer virus, but your conventional anti-virus program canít dispense it, and Malwarebytes canít dispense it, itís time that you give ComboFix a try. This program isnít as beneficial as you may think though because it runs from a command window for its own good.

Clamwin computer anti virus software
ClamWin is one of only a handful of free antivirus tools for Windows, the most popular of which is as we said above AVG Ant ivirus software. Clamwin is based on something called the Clam Antivirus engine which uses the GNUGeneral Public Licence making it a nifty open source software.
Clamwin doesn't have the smoothest interface but this isn't really a problem, because once you have it installed and you've set its options to suit your needs, you'll rarely go into the application itself.
You can set the software to scan your PC at regular intervals, and it includes context menu integration in Windows Explorer so you can scan a file or folder simply by right-clicking and selecting "scan".

What is the difference between a computer virus a trojan and a worm ?

A virus is a code written application with the poisonous intent of harming other people's computers.
Unlike the programs that are on your desktop which you execute just by double-clicking with your mouse, a virus is executed usually in the background and a computer virus can be triggered by another affiliate program. These other affiliate applications are called infected files.
The virus could basically replace itself by taking the executable file or the file extension of another application and use it in its benefit. Infection could be as bad as totally wiping out the contents of your hard disk drive or overwriting your PC's system BIOS or a combination of both, rendering your computer totally useless.
As we said earlier the usual sources of computer virus contamination are:
attached programs via email;
using somebody else's contaminated software (usually through USB drives or floppy disks);
a security hole in your network.
The most common sources are the first two, the third has also become quite popular nowadays with the explosion of high speed internet access by way of DSL or cable modems.

What is a Trojan ?
This is a metaphor to Greek mythology where Greek soldiers hid inside the hollow belly of a wooden horse which was offered as a peace offering to the Trojan army after they had soundly routed the Greeks.
As the Trojans were drunkenly celebrating their victory over the Greeks, the Greek soldiers came out of the wooden horse (which was now in Trojan territory) and slaughtered all the Trojan citizens.
A trojan virus is similar to a computer virus and works almost in the same way--The trojan is basically an intruder that lies hidden somewhere in your computer's hard drive and constantly hards the computer without the owner even noticing. A trojan can be either triggered or can run itself, causing loss of data and may also steal important data stored on your hard drive (identity theft).

What is a Worm ?
A virus requires an infected program or file extension to execute; so like a trojan a worm can actually broadcast itself.
Computer Worms usually affect networked environments, such as offices, internet providers, web hosts etc. Worms are usually embedded in other files, such as Microsoft Word documents. Once the document is read, the worm is released and begins to travel from network to network, carrying the infected document's macro with it.

Computer anti virus software vendors and companies

AhnLab, Inc.



Authentium, Inc.

Avira AntiVir

Computer Associates International, Inc.eTrust Antivirus

Doctor Web, Ltd.Dr. Web


FRISK Software International F-Prot Antivirus

F-Secure Corp. Secure Anti-Virus

GFI Software LtdGFI MailSecurity for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP
GFI WebMonitor „ťŠ ŰÔŪ ISA Server

Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus

ViRobot Expert

Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus

McAfee, Inc.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Forefront Client Security

Microsoft Forefront Server Security

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