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Computer Monitor

If you're going to be using a computer then you're going to need a computer monitor to view what you're doing. Without a computer monitor you're not going to be able to do anything but admire the buzzing of your computer case. A computer monitor hooks up to your tower and enables you to view the activities on your computer. To ensure that what you're viewing is a smooth picture, purchasing a video card is a wise choice. You'll want to make sure that the video card matches the socket on your motherboard before purchasing it.

Computer monitors now come in two forms: Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor, and the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor. The CRT monitor was the first form of computer monitor, and it still used to this day. You can buy updated versions of the CRT monitor such as a flatscreen version. The LCD monitor however is a rather new addition to the world of computers. The LCD offers a much clearer image, and as an added bonus shed the bulky back of the monitor making it very thin.

Computer Monitor Definition
A computer display, computer monitor or computer screen is a device that displays signals on a computer screen and also it is a computer peripheral device capable of showing still or moving images generated by a computer and processed by a computer graphics card. Monitors generally apply to one or more computer display standards. Sometimes the name "display" is preferred to the word "monitor", as the latter is perceived to be ambiguous alongside the other senses of "monitor" meaning "machine-level debugger" or "thread synchronization mechanism".

What are the differences between LCD and LCD TV ?
The differences between LCD computer monitors and LCD TVs are improperly misinterpreted by lots of people and confuse them eventually. Many people compare the LCD computer monitors and LCD TVs prices even though they do not have the same basic features. One might say he or she has an
LCD TV and another person says he or she has a better LCD monitor that is much cheaper. There's a reason why LCD computer monitors and LCD TVs have a vast dissimilarity in pricing. Let's start off with the LCD monitor.
LCD monitors are mainly used as display devices created for the purposes of computer use. They usually have ports to enable signals coming from computer video cards. To say it plainly, they are built to be connected to computers only.
There are a couple of ways a monitor can be connected to a computer. The most common method is the D-Sub analog connection which is the one used even during the CRT monitor time period. Next would be DVI or ( Digital Visual Interface ). Also, its good to know that some computer monitors allow the infamous HDMI connection. These are all connected to the computer's graphics card.
However, if you're asking yourself if other devices and video signals can be used on a computer monitor, then the answer is definately yes. With the help of other devices such as TV tuners, TV boxes and different types of adapters and cables, you can connect other media sources such as cable TV, TV antenna and even DVD players and consoles. The bottom line is that on its own, the LCD monitor cannot utilize them. LCD TVs, on the other hand, are your basic televisions that have LCD panels. It has built-in tuners so that you can flip through channels from your antenna or cable connections. It also has additional ports so that you can plug-in other media sources such as DVD players, videoke players, home theater systems and so on. An LCD TV usually has a composite connection or RGB, component connection or YPbPr and S-video for cable signal. However, most of them also have a D-Sub analog port for the PC, DVI or an HDMI port. Therefore, you can also use them for your PC.
That's the main reason why LCD TVs are much more expensive compared to LCD monitors. They are capable of receiving and displaying data from several other devices. Also, LCD TVs are really meant for watching TV programs, movies and other types of home video. They usually have dimensions as big as 60 inches or more. The technologies for LCD TVs are meant to enhance video playback. The computer is more advanced though and can reach resolutions much higher than 1920x1080 which is the 1080p standard (the highest resolution thus far on an LCD TV). This is due to the powerful video cards that handle computer displays.
It would be very idealistic to use a 60-inch LCD TV as a computer monitor. I have a friend who has a 32-inch LCD TV connected to his PC and it is a bit difficult looking for icons and other stuff on you desktop.
So to summarize, these are the differences between an LCD computer monitor and an LCD TV. You really can't compare the computer monitor and an LCD TV's pricing as they have different features. So I hope you won't confuse these two. Just make sure that if you're thinking about buying an LCD display, you base that desicion on your own purpose.
If you just need to use it for your computer, by all means go for LCD computer monitors since they can offer really high resolutions and if you are a gamer then your computer games will look really good on that computer monitor. If you need a display where you can use your video players for home viewing or simply a television, go for an LCD TV and leave the computer monitor alone. What is a flat panel LCD computer monitor ?
A flat panel monitor can be used in either a computer or television monitor. A flat panel computer monitor does not use cathode ray tube (CRT) technology, but commonly the newer and better LCD technology. This allows the monitor to have a thin screen, which is why the flat panel monitor got its name. A flat panel computer monitor is always light weight, has clarity and has the latest achievements of digital computer monitor technology, so the flat panel monitor has become the monitor of choice.

Prior to the flat panel monitor, the CRT monitor was the standard computer monitor. CRT monitors are easily recognizable by the bulging back or picture tube. Vacuum tube monitors are not only bulky and heavy, but they are environmentally unfriendly and emit more radiation than a flat panel monitor.

While there are many advantages to a flat panel monitor, there are also one or two possible disadvantages. One disadvantage of the flat panel computer monitor is the limited viewing angle, although this is easily avoided by shopping discriminately, as the viewing range is included in the specifications of these products. A second potential disadvantage is the computer monitor being bound to the "native resolution."

Computer Monitor Recycling

Computer monitor recycling is becoming very crucial nowadays as we are now updating our computer equipment much at a rapid pace, much faster than ever before, and this is creating never-seen-before levels of electronic waste, a term also known as e-waste.
If computer monitors are not disposed of properly, the hazardous waste that they contain can seep into the ground. This damages the soil of the area making it unfit for future use, as well as getting into the ground water and contaminating nearby water reserves.

Eliminating waste
through computer monitor recycling
The sad thing about our sociery is that we have become an extremely wasteful community and we are not learning from our mistakes. When something no longer works properly or we simply want to upgrade to a new and improved model, then the natural reaction for a lot of people is just to throw it out. Recycling of computer monitors is a relatively unknown concept to a lot of people and it shouldn't be. Some people rarely stop to consider whether their unwanted computer equipment might be of use to someone else, or if the parts can be re-used for some other purpose. This wasteful and inefficient attitude has to change so that we can reduce the amount of waste in landfills around the world, and reduce the need to extract new raw materials from the earth.
Technological progress has meant that we are now updating our home and business technology products regularly, and more computer monitors and electronic waste is ending up doing harm to the environment. Paying more attention to computer monitor recycling may also have economic benefits as less money will need to be spent on raw materials.

How to recycle a computer monitor
If you have a computer monitor which you don't need anymore for some reason and you would like to recycle it, there are some things that you can do. First, if it is still working in some way (or even if it only needs small and cheap repairs) then you may want to consider donating it to someone in your community where you live. By doing that you can are ensured that the product is going to good use, and you could be making life easier for someone who was less fortunate then you but now he is much more fortunate thanks to your donation-recycling.
If the computer monitor is broken or unusable, then you have other computer monitor recycling options available. You could check to see if there are any local businesses or people who might be interested in using the monitor for spare parts.

Computer monitor repairs

Computer repairs can take much of your time and money. Because of this, some computer users have taken it upon themselves to learn how to do some of these repairs themselves. Fewer people are willing to attempt to repair a computer monitor that is not functioning properly, but with some instruction they can perform basic monitor repair.

Start with the Easy Stuff
A great first rule of troubleshooting and repair a computer monitor is to try the easiest and most simple solutions first. For a monitor that does not turn on at all, check that you have power coming from the electrical outlet by plugging a computer monitor that you know operates correctly into the outlet. Inspect the power cord of the computer monitor to ensure that the connections to the computer are secure and stable, and also for damage such as signs that it is burnt out. If the computer monitor will turn on but has a poor or incorrectly adjusted picture, try simply resetting the computer monitor to its original (default) settings. This can be done from the on-screen computer monitor menu that is reached by pressing the buttons on the computer monitor itself. These seemingly obvious solutions sometimes fail to get noticed. It seems to be human nature to assume that the problem is complicated, and thus many computer monitor repairmen have been called out only to find that the computer monitor was just unplugged.

Getting the help of a professional
It is also important to know when attempting to fix a computer monitor issue is not any of your business. A computer monitor that makes clicking or popping sounds, gives off sudden flashes of bright light on its screen or gives off a burning smell, should be turned off immediately and not messed with by a non expert user. Then you weigh the options of affording the expense of professional repair vs. just buying a new monitor. Fortunately this is not usually the case, and you stand a good chance at repairing your computer monitor on your own.

TV as a computer monitor

Computer to TV Connection

First, you have to connect and later you can use your TV as a computer monitor using Windows, or other operating system computers. You can connect any computer to a TV either by using cables or by connecting through wireless. The method you choose to connect them relies on how compatible the input and output connections are between your TV and computer as well as how much money you can spend buying additional hardware.

Getting started
Before you get started, be sure to install the latest drivers for your computerís video card. To do so, go to the manufacturerís website of your particular computerís video card to download and install it. If you have cable or satellite TV, make sure that your provider offers a cable box with a DVI or HDMI output. Also consider how you will hook up sound/audio since computer speakers may not provide enough volume for certain uses. Your computer has a sound card speaker jack. Hooking up the monitor to a separate stereo can work so you can control volume through a cable/satellite box volume control.

One last thing. It might make sense to provide the meaning of the many acronyms used with this technology and within this article. Without these, this topic can be confusing. Feel free to refer to this list as you read down through the rest of the information below.

Connecting with Cables
If you are going to connect your computer to your TV using cables, you can start by identifying inputs and outputs on the TV and the computer to see if the connections match. For example, check to see if your TV has a VGA input and your computer has a VGA output. If so, you will need a cable to connect the two.

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