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Bar Code Scanner

Bar code scanners have become the staple electronics item for identifying products and prices in modern stores. A bar code scanner reads the bar code of a product and transfers the data from the bar code scanner to a computer. The computer can then keep track of inventory, display the price of the product and also display relevant information about the product.

There are three main styles of bar code scanners. The first style of bar code scanner is a LED scanner that uses a LED light source and a photo imager to read the bar codes. The second style is similar but uses a laser instead of an LED light. Laser bar code scanners are generally more expensive but have a larger range. The third style of bar code scanner is an imager scanner which takes a picture of the bar code. Imager scanners tend to be tougher as they have no moving parts.

More about Bar Code Scanner :A barcode scanner is an electronic figure for datum printed barcodes. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a reddened source, a lens and a reddened sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly every barcode readers contain intellect circuitry analyzing the barcode's ikon data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode's content to the scanner's output port.

Types of barcode Scanner


Scanning methods are distinguished by the amount of cause manipulation required:

* Pen or wand-type readers: requires the cause to swipe the pen over the code.
* Semi-automatic handheld readers: The cause requirement not swipe, but must at least function the reverend near the label
* Fix-mount readers for semiautomatic reading: The datum is performed laterally passing the label over the reader. No cause is required, but the function of the cipher direct must coincide with the imaging capability of the reader.
* Reader gates for semiautomatic scanning: The function of the cipher must be just under the gate for short time, enabling the detector sweep to capture the cipher direct successfully.

Types of technology

The reverend types crapper be distinguished as follows:

Pen identify readers

Pen identify readers exist of a reddened maker and a photodiode that are placed next to each another in the tip of a pen or wand. To read a bar code, the tip of the pen moves across the bars in a steady motion. The photodiode measures the grade of the reddened echolike backwards from the reddened maker and generates a waveform that is used to measure the widths of the bars and spaces in the bar code. Dark bars in the bar cipher absorb reddened and white spaces reflect reddened so that the voltage waveform generated by the photo diode is a representation of the bar and expanse ornament in the bar code. This waveform is decoded by the detector in a manner similar to the artefact Morse cipher dots and dashes are decoded.

Laser scanners

Laser scanners work the aforementioned artefact as pen identify readers eliminate that they ingest a laser beam as the reddened maker and typically employ either a reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism to scan the laser beam backwards and forth across the bar code. As with the pen identify reader, a photodiode is used to measure the grade of the reddened echolike backwards from the bar code. In both pen readers and laser scanners, the reddened emitted by the reverend is apace varied in brightness with a data ornament and the photodiode receive circuitry is fashioned to notice only signals with the aforementioned softened pattern.

CCD Readers

CCD readers (also referred to as LED scanner) ingest an array of hundreds of tiny reddened sensors lined up in a row in the head of the reader. Each sensor measures the grade of the reddened immediately in front of it. Each individualist reddened sensor in the CCD reverend is extremely diminutive and because there are hundreds of sensors lined up in a row, a voltage ornament identical to the ornament in a bar cipher is generated in the reverend by sequentially activity the voltages across each sensor in the row. The important difference between a CCD reverend and a pen or laser detector is that the CCD reverend is activity emitted ambient reddened from the bar cipher whereas pen or laser scanners are activity echolike reddened of a specific frequency originating from the detector itself.

Camera-Based Readers

2D imaging scanners are the fourth and newest identify of bar cipher reverend currently available. They ingest a diminutive recording camera to capture an ikon of a bar code. The reverend then uses sophisticated digital ikon processing techniques to decode the bar code. Video cameras ingest the aforementioned CCD technology as in a CCD bar cipher reverend eliminate that instead of having a single row of sensors, a recording camera has hundreds of rows of sensors arranged in a digit dimensional array so that they crapper generate an image.
There are a number of unstoppered maker libraries for barcode datum from images. These include the ZXing project, which reads one- and two-dimensional barcodes using Android and JavaME, the JJIL project, which includes cipher for datum EAN-13 barcodes from cellphone cameras using J2ME, and ZBAR, which reads various one-dimensional barcodes in C. Even scheme site integration, either by ikon uploads (e.g. Folke Ashberg: EAN-13 Image-Scanning and cipher creation tools) or by ingest of plugins (e.g. the Barcodepedia uses a winkle application and some scheme cam for querying a database), have been realized options for resolving the given tasks.

Omni-Directional Barcode Scanners

Omni-directional scanning uses \"series of straightforward or arching scanning lines of varied directions in the form of a starburst, a lissajous pattern, or another multiangle composing are projected at the symbol and one or more of them module be healthy to cross every of the symbol's bars and spaces, no matter what the orientation.\"
Omni-directional scanners nearly every ingest a laser. Unlike the simpler single-line laser scanners, they produce a ornament of beams in varied orientations allowing them to read barcodes presented to it at different angles. Most of them ingest a single rotating polygonal mirror and an composing of several fixed mirrors to generate their complex scan patterns.
Omni-directional scanners are most familiar through the horizontal scanners in supermarkets, where packages are slid across a glass or sapphire window. There are a range of different omni-directional units available which crapper be used for differing scanning applications, ranging from retail identify applications with the barcodes read only a few centimetres away from the detector to industrial conveyor scanning where the unit crapper be a couple of metres away or more from the code.
Omni-directional scanners are also better at datum poorly printed, wrinkled, or even torn barcodes.

Housing Types

The reverend packaging crapper be distinguished as follows :

* Handheld detector : with a handle and typically a trigger button for switching on the reddened source.
* Pen detector (or wand scanner) : a pen-shaped detector that is swiped.
* Stationary detector : wall- or table-mounted scanners that the barcode is passed under or beside. These are commonly institute at the checkout counters of supermarkets and another retailers.
* Fixed function detector : an industrial barcode reverend used to identify products during manufacture or logistics. Often used on conveyor tracks to identify cartons or pallets which requirement to be routed to another impact or transport location. Another application joins holographic scanners with a checkweigher to read bar codes of some orientation or placement, and weighs the package. Systems like this are used in factory and farm automation for quality direction and shipping.
* organiser detector : a organiser with a built-in barcode reverend or attached barcode detector e.g. Grabba.
* Automatic reverend : a backwards office equipment to read barcoded documents at high speed (50,000/hour) e.g. Multiscan MT31

Methods of connection

Early serial interfaces

Early barcode scanners, of every formats, nearly universally used the then-common RS232 serial interface. This was an electrically ultimate means of connection and the code to admittance it is also relatively simple, although needing to be written for specific computers and their serial ports.

Proprietary interfaces

There are a few another less common interfaces. These were used in large EPOS systems with dedicated hardware, rather than attaching to existing commodity computers.

Wand emulation is another output identify that takes the nakedness wave and decodes it, normalizing the output so it crapper be easily decoded by the host device. Wand emulation crapper also convert symbologies that may not be recognized by the host figure into another symbology (typically Code 39) that crapper be easily decoded.

Keyboard wedges

With the popularity of the PC and its standard keyboard interface, it became ever easier to enter physical hardware to a PC and so there was commercial demand similarly to turn the complexity of the related software. \"Keyboard wedge\" hardware obstructed between the PC and its connatural keyboard, with characters from the barcode detector attending exactly as if they had been typed at the keyboard. This prefabricated the addition of ultimate barcode datum abilities to existing programs very easy, without some requirement to change them, although it did require some care by the user and could be restrictive in the content of the barcodes that could be handled.

Later barcode readers began to ingest USB connectors rather than the keyboard port, as this became a more convenient hardware option. To retain the cushy integration with existing programs, a figure driver called a \"software wedge\" could be used, to emulate the keyboard-impersonating behaviour of the old \"keyboard wedge\" hardware.

Types of connectors

Most barcode readers now ingest a PS/2 or USB cable for output: PS/2 cables are connected to the host computer in a Y formation, the PS/2 keyboard port with its first end, to the keyboard with its second, and to the barcode reverend with its third end. The barcode characters are then received by the host computer as if they came from its keyboard decoded and converted to keyboard input within the detector housing. This makes it cushy to interface the bar cipher reverend to some application that is written to accept keyboard input

USB is supported by many newer scanners. In many cases a pick of USB interface types (HID, CDC) are provided. Some have Powered USB.

Wireless networking

Modern handheld barcode readers are operated in wireless networks according to IEEE 802.11g (WLAN) or IEEE 802.15.3 (Bluetooth). However, much configuration limits the time of operation from shelling or rechargeable shelling and required recharging at least after a shift of operation.


The detector resolution is rhythmic by the size of the dot of reddened emitted by the reader. If this dot of reddened is wider than some bar or expanse in the bar code, then it module overlap digit elements (two spaces or digit bars) and it may produce wrong output. On the another hand, if a too diminutive dot of reddened is used, then it crapper misinterpret some spot on the bar cipher making the final output wrong.

The most commonly used dimension is 13 mils (0.3302 mm). As it is a very high resolution, it is extremely important to have bar codes created with a high resolution graphic application.

While cell phone cameras are not suitable for many traditional barcodes, there are 2D barcodes (such as Semacode) which are optimized for cell phones. These unstoppered up a number of applications for consumers:

* Movies: DVD/VHS movie catalogs
* Music: CD catalogs, endeavor MP3 when scanned
* Book catalogs
* Groceries, nutrition information, making shopping lists when the last of an item is used, etc.
* Personal Property listing (for insurance and another purposes)
* Calling cards: 2D barcodes crapper store contact information for importing.
* Brick and mortar shopping: Portable scanners crapper be used to record items of interest for looking up online at home.
* Coupon management: weeding expired coupons.
* Personal finance. Receipts crapper be tagged with a barcode label and the barcode scanned into personal finance code when entering. Later, scanned acknowledgement images crapper then be automatically related with the appropriate entries. Later, the bar codes crapper be used to apace weed out paper copies not required to be retained for tax or asset listing purposes.
* If retailers put barcodes on receipts that allowed downloading an electronic copy or encoded the entire acknowledgement in a 2D barcode, consumers could easily import data into personal finance, property inventory, and grocery direction software. Receipts scanned on a detector could be automatically identified and related with the appropriate entries in finance and property listing software.

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Bar Code Scanner Article by Svetlana Lozovenko
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