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Audio Books

Audio books are the recorded reading of books out loud by a person or persons. Audio books are gaining popularity as large capacity portable audio devices such as digital MP3 players and MP3 CD players are becoming more readily accessible. Also, audio books are regularly read on some radio networks and therefore are easily accessible.

Audio books come in a variety of flavors. Some audio books are unabridged, meaning they have not had any content changed whatsoever from the text version of the book. Some audio books are abridged, meaning a person has edited out sections of the book to make for a shorter or more enjoyable audio version.

Also available are fully dramatized audio books. These audio books tend to have a complete cast rather than one person reading all the parts. Fully dramatized audio books also have music and sound effects and tend to be published on CD or digital audio rather than be broadcast on the radio.

An audiobook is a recording that is primarily spoken word. It is often supported on a recording of commercial printed material. It is not necessarily an exact frequence version of a book.

Spoken frequence was acquirable in edifice and open libraries and to a lesser extent in music shops. It was not until the 1980s that there began a concerted try to attract aggregation retailers. As publishers entered the field of spoken-word publishing, the transition to aggregation retailers carrying audiobooks became commonplace on bookshelves rather than in separate displays.


Audiobooks are distributed on CDs, video tapes, downloadable digital formats (e.g., MP3 (.mp3), Windows Media Audio (.wma),and Advanced Audio Coding (.aac).

In 2005 cassette-tape sales were 16% of the audiobook market,[1] with CD sales accounting for 74% of the market and downloadable frequence books accounting for approximately 9%. In the United States, a sales analyse (performed by the Audio Publishers' Association in the summer of 2006 for the year 2005) estimated the industry to be worth 871 million US dollars. Current industry estimates are around two billion US dollars at retail value per year. In recent years, the Internet has introduced another powerful means of delivery for audiobooks and some titles are now acquirable on-line, as downloads and as frequence streams.

Sometimes audiobook info is acquirable simultaneously with aggregation publication. There are 50,000 titles on cassette, CD or digital format.

Unabridged audiobooks are word for word readings of a book, while abridged audiobooks hit aggregation removed by the abridger. Abridgements may be wanted to invoke the cost. Audiobooks may become as fully dramatized versions of the printed book, sometimes calling upon a complete cast, music, and good effects, though some consumers hit indicated a alternative for less music, multiple voices and good effects. Each spring, the Audie Awards are given to the top nominees for performance and production in several genre categories.

Occasionally there are broadcasting programs serializing books, sometimes feature by the author or sometimes by an actor, with most of them on the BBC.

And the podcasts is becoming more and more favourite in these modern times. Many podcasting sites such as Podcasts.ie offer samples of aggregation in downloadable frequence format. As the .ie indicates, the pore here is on Irish writers. The site in its infancy offers visitors a chance to hear the author feature from their work or in the case of song writers the visitor will get a unique recording as a sample to what is avaibale commercially. This site also offers downloadable interviews with Irish writers, musicians and actors as well as snippets of broadcasting documentaries supported on Irish acquisition and culture.


In 1931, legislature established the talking-book program, which was witting to help blindfold adults who couldn’t feature print. This program was called \"Books for the Adult Blind Project.\" The American Foundation for the Blind developed the prototypal talking books in 1932. One year later the prototypal sex machine began the impact of mass publishing. In 1933 anthropologist J.P. Harrington drove the length of North USA to record test histories of Native American tribes on aluminum discs using a car battery-powered turntable. Audiobooks preserve the test tradition of storytelling that J.P. Harrington pursued some years ago. By 1935, after legislature approved liberated mailings of frequence books to blindfold citizens, the Books for the Adult Blind Project was in full operation. In 1992 the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) meshwork circulated jillions of recorded books to more than 700,000 handicapped listeners. All NLS recordings were created by professionals.

Though spoken recordings were favourite in 33-1/3 vinyl record info for schools and libraries into the early 1970s, the beginning of the trade acceptance of this medium crapper be traced to the launching of the frequence video and, most importantly, to the figure of these video players as standard equipment (rather than as options which older drivers did not choose) in imported (Japanese) automobiles, which became rattling favourite during the 1979 energy crisis. Thereafter, consumers and authors tardily accepted the medium. Into the early 1980s there were still some authors who refused to hit their books created as audiobooks, so a good some of the audiobooks were original productions not supported upon printed books.

With the development of portable video recorders, audiotapes had become rattling favourite and by the late 1960s libraries became a source of liberated audiobooks, primarily on vinyl records but also on cassettes. Instructional and educational recordings came first, followed by self-help tapes and then by literature. In 1970 Books on Tape Corporation started property plans for frequence books distribution. The consort expanded their services selling their products to libraries and audiobooks gained popularity. By the middle of 1980s the frequence business business grew to several billion dollars a year in retail value.

Caedmon was the prototypal to work with integrated production teams and professed actors, while Nightingale Conant featured business and self-help authors reading their own entireness prototypal on vinyl records and then on cassettes.

The Audio Publishers Association was established in 1986 by six competitive companies who joined together to promote the consumer awareness of spoken word audio. In 1996 the Audio Publishers Association established the Audie Awards for frequence books, which is equivalent to the accolade for the talking books industry. The nominees are announced each year in January. The winners are announced at a gala banquet in the spring, usually in conjunction with BookExpo America.

While music fans apace accepted CDs, audiobook listeners were slower. Also, it was not until video players were replaced by CD players in most automobiles that this info eventually took hold.

With the advent of the Internet, broadband technologies, new shut frequence formats and portable MP3 players, the popularity of frequence books has accumulated significantly. This growth was reflected with the advent of Audio aggregation download subscription services.

Use, organisation and popularity

Recent technology has encouraged the proliferation of liberated audiobooks that verify entireness from the open domain and enlist volunteers to feature them. Audiobooks also crapper be created with aggregation to speech software, although the quality of synthesised speech may suffer by comparison to recordings by trained voice artists.

Audiobooks in the private domain are also distributed online by for-profit companies. Most field audiobook publishers insist[citation needed] that their works, when sold as downloads, be protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). Apple Inc. has licensed its proprietary FairPlay DRM system (for DRM protection of iPod files in the .aa file format) to exclusive one company.Because of the field publishers' insistence on DRM, this has effectively created a monopoly in the sale of the entireness of field publishers to iPod users, who make up the majority of the portable frequence market.

Audiobooks on video or CD are typically more expensive than hardbacks because of the added expense of recording and the lack of the economy of scale in high \"print\" runs that are acquirable in the business of printed books. Preloaded digital formats are similar in price to their CD counterparts. The frequence noesis is preloaded on a small and ultimate player, which removes the requirement for a separate piece of technology such as a CD player or an MP3 player.

Downloadable audiobooks tend to outlay slightly less than hardbacks but more than their volume equivalents. For this reason[citation needed], market penetration of audiobooks is substantially lower than for their printed counterparts despite the high market penetration of the hardware (MP3 and WMA players) and despite the massive market penetration achieved by frequence music products. Given the elasticity of demand for audiobooks and the availability of cheaper alternatives, slow and steady growth in sales seems more likely than a mass market explosion.

However, economics are on the side of downloadable audiobooks in the long run. They do not carry mass production costs, do not order storage of a large inventory, do not order physical packaging or transportation and do not grappling the problem of returns that add to the outlay of printed books. Received wisdom of market forces suggests that significant price reductions to customers, while cutting into per unit profit margins, will be offset by accumulated volumes of sales. This will increase absolute profits to the industry while bringing audiobooks to a wider public.

One of the factors holding back price competition is the fear that low-price audiobooks might exclusive verify business absent from more traditional forms of publishing. This is especially significant in the case of publishers who hit interests in both print and audiobook publishing. However, most field aggregation publishers now actively participate in audiobook business and see it as a complement to their business operations

Resellers of audiobooks that acquire much of their noesis from field publishers, must price their noesis at such a level as to verify account of their outlay of goods as well as operating costs. On the another hand, audiobook sellers that sell their own noesis or publish lesser known authors hit lower operating costs and crapper therefore sell at lower prices using a \"lower-margin-higher-sales\" business model. However, they still hit to meet the costs of writer's royalties, performers fees and production facility costs. The shift from CDs and cassettes to downloadable audiobooks, whilst doing nothing to invoke initial recording and editing costs, creates further downward pressure on price, by removing some of the another costs, such as production, packaging and physical distribution

Audiobooks hit been used to teach children to feature and to increase reading comprehension. They are also useful for the blind. The National Library of legislature in the U.S. and the CNIB Library in Canada provide liberated audiobook accumulationservices to the visually impaired; requested books are armoured discover (at no cost) to client

About forty percent of all audiobook consumption occurs through open libraries, with the remainder served primarily through retail aggregation stores. Library download programs are currently experiencing rapid growth (more than 5,000 open libraries offer liberated downloadable frequence books). Libraries are also favourite places to check discover frequence books in the CD format. According to the National Endowment for the Arts' recent study, \"Reading at Risk\", frequence aggregation listening is one of rattling few \"types\" of reading that is crescendo general literacy.

Listening practices

Audio books are considered a valuable learning tool because of their format. Unlike with traditional books, one crapper learn from an audiobook while doing another tasks, although it should be noted that this crapper detract from the primary task, assuming the learning is not the main activity. Such multitasking is feasible when doing mechanical tasks that do not order much thought and hit exclusive little or no chance of an emergency arising. Such tasks include doing the laundry and exercising indoors, among others. The most favourite general ingest of audiobooks by adults is when driving an automobile or as an alternative to radio, when traveling with open transport. Many people center as well meet to relax or as they drift soured into sleep

Common practices include

* Replaying: Depending upon one's degree of attention and interest, it is often necessary to center to segments of an frequence aggregation more than once to allow the touchable to be understood and retained satisfactorily. Replaying may be doneimmediately or after long periods of time.
* Learning: People may center to an frequence aggregation (usually an unabridged one) while following along in an actual book. This helps them to learn words that they may not learn correctly if they were exclusive to feature the book. This crapper also be a rattling effective artefact to learn a new language.

Audiobook Charities in the UK

Listening Books is the exclusive audiobook charity in the UK providing an internet streaming and postal service to anyone who has a disability or illness which makes it difficult to hold a book, invoke its pages, or feature in the usual way. They hit audiobooks for both leisure and learning and a accumulation of over 4,000 titles which are recorded in their own digital studios or commercially sourced.

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Audio Books Article by Svetlana Lozovenko
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