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Brazil Weather and Climate

The climate of Brazil comprises a wide range of weather conditions across a large area and varied topography, but most of the country is tropical.According to the Köppen system, Brazil hosts five major climatic subtypes: equatorial, tropical, semiarid, highland tropical, temperate, and subtropical. The different climatic conditions produce environments ranging from equatorial rainforests in the north and semiarid deserts in the northeast, to temperate coniferous forests in the south and tropical savannas in central Brazil. Many regions have starkly different microclimates.

An equatorial climate characterizes much of northern Brazil. There is no real dry season, but there are some variations in the period of the year when most rain falls. Temperatures average 25 °C (77 °F), with more significant temperature variation between night and day than between seasons.

Over central Brazil rainfall is more seasonal, characteristic of a savanna climate. This region is as extensive as the Amazon basin but has a very different climate as it lies farther south at a higher altitude. In the interior northeast, seasonal rainfall is even more extreme. The semiarid climatic region generally receives less than 800 millimetres (31.5 in) of rain, most of which generally falls in a period of three to five months of the year and occasionally less than this, creating long periods of drought.Brazil's 1877–78 Grande Seca (Great Drought), the most severe ever recorded in Brazil, caused approximately half a million deaths. The one from 1915 was devastating too.

South of Bahia, near São Paulo, the distribution of rainfall changes, with rain falling throughout the year . The south Brazil enjoys temperate conditions, with cool winters and average annual temperatures not exceeding 18 °C (64.4 °F); winter frosts are quite common, with occasional snowfall in the higher areas.

Being a large country, the climate of Brazil can be divided into five regional climatic zones: equatorial, tropical, semi-arid, highland tropical and subtropical. The main cities on the inland plateau, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, enjoy mild weather with average temperatures of 66°F (19°C). The coastal cities and areas like Rio de Janeiro however have warmer climates, although tempered by trade winds. Rio's average temperature is around 80°F (26°C), but it can swelter at over 100°F (38°C) in the height of summer. Down south Brazil experiences a subtropical climate, with hot summers and chilly winters. Between July and August, the southern winter, temperatures fall below freezing and overnight frost is common. The Amazon basin is warm and wet, with high humidity but temperatures lower than one expects, peaking at around 90°F (32°C). The equatorial Amazon has abundant rain between November and May, and less precipitation between June and October, although it is well soaked all year round.

Best Time to Visit Brazil:

The climate varies from hot and dry in the arid interior to the humid tropical rainforests of the Amazon jungle. Coastal Brazil tends to be hot and sticky for most of the year but it can get cold in the south and in the mountains during the winter months. Rainy seasons occur from January to April in the north, April to July in the northeast and November to March in the Rio/São Paulo area.

Clothes in Brazil:

Clothes you must have by visiting Brazil: Lightweight natural fabrics; waterproofs for the rainy season. Warm clothing is needed in the south during winter (June to August). Specialist clothing is needed for the Amazon region. The sunlight is extremely bright and sunglasses are recommended.

Weather forecast for Brazil

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