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Travel news article: Masai Mara: great Wildebeest migration,  Follow the flow Wed 21-02-2018

Selected Article 69 Travel Masai Mara: great Wildebeest migration, Follow the flow: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Masai Mara: great Wildebeest migration, Follow the flow - trips: Tour Article69
Masai Mara: great Wildebeest migration, Follow the flow
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MASAI MARA GREAT WILDEBEEST MIGRATION The greatest animal show on earth takes place as the "clowns of African wildlife" olanket the Masai Mara landscape as far as the eye can see. Do you sit on the edge of your seat until Robert Redford saves Meryl Streep from the voracious lion? Do you stay up late watching documentaries detailing the delicate reproduction rituals of the black rhino? If the answer is yes, now is the time to discover Africa, and the Masai Mara Natural Reserve in Kenya is the ideal starting point. Arriving in Nairobi, with its ering glass skyscrapers, nothing prepares you for what Kenya has in store. Driv-outh, the scenery changes dramatically—fertile lands and vast corn plantations ually give way to the authentic African savannah, dominated by cacti and aca-But the best lies ahead in the Masai Mara Natural Reserve. Members of the Maa-ribe, living in traditional huts and dressed in colourful fabrics, welcome you to home—a unique terrestrial paradise. More than 1,000 square metres of nat-wildlife are home to lions, elephants, zebras, rhinos and other famous leading curacters of the jungle. However, the park thrives after July, as approximately two r' ion wild animals, heading towards the Grumeti River in search of food, cross the in a caravan-esque procession. The largest animal migration on the planet takes e every year from Tanzania to Kenya, and vice versa. The animals stay here until ember, when they hit the road again en masse to return to the Serengeti plains Tanzania. Whenever you visit the Masai Mara organised safaris with minivans or ieeps will safely take you close to elephants, lions and other wild, macho char-. Keep your camera handy to capture precious moments before returning to welcoming embrace of the Maasai. Spend the night in luxurious lodges—some, as Kichwa Tembo, are strategically located near the passage of the migrating animals, offering a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Highlights 1. Hot Air Balloon Safaris If Phileas Fogg placed his bet this year, he probably wouldn't get very far because of high fuel prices. A far more economical (and spectacular) idea is to explore the savannahs in a hot air balloon. Organise this airborne excursion through the reliable Explorer Kenya Tour & Travel website: 2. Kiunga National Marine Reserve Kiunga's marine ecosystem in Kenya consists of a large, wild and beautiful chain of islands and coral reefs, where you can hone your kayaking skills or explore the tropical waters while snorkelling. You can book an organised kayak tour at 3. Karen Blixen Museum Karen Blixen first stayed in this house, where "Out of Africa" was filmed, when she came to Kenya from Denmark in 1914. Since 1986 it has been functioning as a museum dedicated to the famous writer. (Karen Road, about 10km from Nairobi, 4. Lake Nakuru There is nothing special about Nakuru as a town, apart from being located next to the country's most impressive lake which attracts countless visitors all year round. Thousands of pink flamingos move in harmony over the lake's small surface, as if dancing to the rhythm of a mysterious melody. 5. Kericho This town in southwestern Kenya exports two things: tea and long-distance runners. With regards to the former, imagine verdant green hills covered in tea plantations— something you probably never expected to see in Kenya, and definitely worth your while. Info for Masai Mara It is best to go on a guided safari if you c substantial experience. An organised safe lasts 5, 7 or 9 days. Stay in Masai Mara Governors' Camp ( Its 37 luxurious tents are planted in the forest next to the Mara River in an area where Kenya's governors and the upper-class vacationed about a century ago. Kichwa Tembo ( In one of the most stunning and exclusive areas of the Masai Mara National Reserve, near the Great Migration Trail, you will find two independent camps making up Kichwa Tembo: the Bateleur Camp (the memorable last scenes of "Out of Africa" were filmed nearby) and the Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp, with vistas of the Sabaringo River. Food at Masai Mara Ati Barbour's Cave Restaurant (+25A 40 3202033. Inside a natural coral cave, it offers wonderful gourmet seafood dishes. Book in advance and the restaurant will send a car to pick you up from your hotel. The Carnivore ( Enjoy African game (zebra, giraffe, crocodile) roasted on Masai spears over charcoal pits in Africa's most famous restaurant. Tips for Masai Mara The compulsory malaria vaccine will not protect you from the disease but will make the symptoms milder Use a strong mosquito repellent all the time.

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