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Travel news article: Prague,Czech Republic Tue 20-02-2018

Selected Article 583 Travel Prague,Czech Republic : Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Prague,Czech Republic - trips: Tour Article583
Prague,Czech Republic
Categoty: Travel destinations

Prague: The Winter's face

It is beautiful all year round, romantic, gothic and baroque simultaneously - so it receives, along with Paris, the most visited in Europe. And because almost all have said about it, enjoy the extensive guide selected addresses publishing

It is very strange how this town causes a certain feeling, even the tourist who visits for the first time: that of nostalgia. It's strange, because supposed to lament something should ever have to live, feel and love (or hate). Here, however, nostalgia is born for the city, as you walk for the first time for you to foreign streets. The reasons for the "birth" of this emotion can hide a single fact: Prague is perhaps the only city in Europe (if not the world) that looks like a huge museum and the museum is eminently residence memory.

This living museum has one additional peculiarity. The details of the historical and social changes of the palimpsest that is the capital of today's Czech Republic revealed through the many architectural styles and each separately claiming the lion's share of the impression that will cause the ecstatic guest for the glory of his era. It is true that during the communist period, the rulers stubbornly refused her past and tried to let it frayed. If someone was visiting the city at that time hardly avoided depression, even the residents could not show off (or exploit) its beauty. But luckily the last ten years the restoration of monuments and houses allowed the lost luster (and memory) to be reborn. Remain only the buildings of the notorious socialist realism to find somehow their position on the periphery of the historic center.

A friend Czech architect (he victim of nostalgia for his city after living in Santiago) insisted that today in Prague "to us citizens of most interest are the type condominiums Soviet bloc to" contemporary "neighborhoods that have painted colorful. " And justified for that of the "indecency" concluding: "As you Greeks are captives of erstwhile glorious ancient past, so we are captives of exceptional architectural past, but compels us to a standstill. It does not help ... to move in the future. Can all you tourists to thrill her, but as he wrote and Kafka to a friend, "this town feel that we have been hooked by the hands of its history, we have to go off of if you want to escape. '"

Partly can not share his view, but not much and for too long, especially when you come from a country that does not respect the architectural past (and let's not compare with this thing). Furthermore, my face is very difficult to assess the validity of the position because the two times I visited the city struggled to acknowledge how this affects the lives of its inhabitants. One even once (I made the mistake and visited Easter) I had the impression that Prague is only inhabited by tourists as in herds circulated incessantly everywhere, all day. And because every street and narrow is a photographic subject, there was a permanent congestion of pedestrians. Therefore, if you want to visit, avoid by all means do it in holiday periods (or August to mid September).

Magic Prague

Written by Angelo Maria Ripelino in his book «Magica Praha»: «The palaiiki coquetry with which the city pretending that it is nothing more than a still life, an unspoken succession glorious eras that have long been lost, a dead landscape enclosed in crystal sphere, all that accomplishes is to intensify the spell. ALL cunning, finds a way to penetrated into the soul of spells and riddles that only she knows how to solve. " ("Prague, a city portraits' of John Banvil, Metaichmio). Is perhaps the most concise paragraph is written about how the acting thing in memory of the visitor.

The try and capture (and even more) all you need to see the visitor to Prague would take a lot more pages than he allows the dump of tribute. So consciously will stay the most indicative signs with nothing should overtake the visitor.

The river Vltava (Moldavia) is the one that defines the city's neighborhoods. On his right is the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter and New Town. Left of the Mala Strana (Small part), Prague Castle and the hill Hradcany (Chratsani).

• In Old City
Old Town Square: Dominates the church of the Virgin of Tin and the Palace of the stone square.
Old Town Hall: A necessary stop to admire the astronomical clock and a rise in the elevator to the balcony overlooking the square.

• In the Jewish Quarter
Old Jewish Cemetery: A Gothic experience between the plates with many names corresponding to multi-storey underground tombs.
Synagogue Klaouzen (plus exhibitions).
Monastery of Agia Anna.

• In New City
Gallery Oskar Kokoschka (Jungmannovo namesti 18).
Dvořák Museum (Ke Karlovu 20).
Museum of Communism (Na prikope 10).

• In Mala Strana
Charles Bridge has announced that in 2007 this city's trademark will be renovated.
Petrzin Hill: Well worth a visit for the wonderful views.
The Wall of John Lennon (Velkopzevorske namesti): This is a wall with graffiti dedicated to John Lennon, who tried many times in the past the police to go out.

• Prague Castle and Hradcany hill
Castle of the Republic: It is the seat of the Czech Republic.
Cathedral of St. Vitus: For a long tour in one of the most imposing Gothic churches of Europe.
Loreto: The value of this 17th century is not only aesthetic, but also religious, as in the site hosting a copy of the house where he was the immaculate conception of Christ.
New World: A residential neighborhood with beautiful small houses.

The festival

• 62nd Spring Music Festival. Starts May 12 and ends on June 3. This classical music festival (which used many different spaces, from squares to churches).
• 29 June under July 7th place in town Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Movies filmed in Prague

Milos Forman's Amadeus (the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Philip Kaufman (the transfer of the eponymous book by Milan Kundera).
Steven Sontempergk Kafka (Kafka's life through his books).
The short necklace of Jan Sverak (the velvet revolution through the eyes of a five year old).
Without identity of Doug Liman (espionage adventure with Matt Damon).
Mission Impossible I, Brian de Palma (the first film adaptation of the popular series).
The Brothers Grimm Terry Gilliam (the life of storytellers Grimm).
Casino Royale's Martin Campbell (the last adventure of James Bond).
The peacemaker of Mimi Leder (espionage adventure with George Clooney and Nicole Kidman).
From Hell the Hughes Brothers (the life of Jack the Ripper).
La mome (la vie en rose) of Olivier Daham (the life of Edith Piaf will come out this year in cinemas).

Books with background Prague

The books of Franz Kafka: Letter to father (Nephele), Letters to Milena (Greek versions), The Trial (Feeds & Letters) Transformation (Letters), The Tower (Cedar & Letters).
Kafka's Nicholas Murray (Indian).
Chatting with Kafka by Gustav Janus (Cedar).
Most novels of Milan Kundera: Ridiculous Romances (Odysseus), The Joke, The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Hestia) Ignorance (Hestia) Life is elsewhere (Hestia).
Prague (portraits of a city) John Banvil (Routledge).
Two Stories of Prague of Rainer Maria Rilke (Sextant).
Mozart on the way to Prague Edwards partial (Kastaniotis).
Occult intimacy (Travlos), Eros and garbage (Alexandria) Ivan climates.


Fly directly to Prague, the Czech Airlines CSA (T/801 1175600, 210 - 96.52.957) and Olympic Air (T/801 801 0101). In case you want to go to Prague with your car you should have taken care to "convert" your diploma internationally.

When to go

The winter face of things are more romantic than what the summer. Only the cold is usually bitter and this means that you must be prepared for hiking in sub-zero conditions. In the spring, the city is much more relaxed and monotony of gkrizadas breaks with its flowery Nature. The truth is that no ideal time to visit Prague is Easter (when it coincides with that of Catholics) or August, because then the city is sinking by tourists, to the point that you think has no inhabitants (however, the Japanese tourists are ... Weatherproof - is succeeding each season). The period after the Christmas celebrations to April is considered the low season.


The currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (kc). In banks indicated Czech Koruna (CZK). Subdivision of the krona is Heller (or cents). The is the address of the Internet to find out the rates of exchange at the time you travel.


Prague has excellent transport network (metro, trams, buses). For a more economical vacation you can choose a hotel away from the center (not your advise for the winter) and use the bus for your transportation. It is advisable to buy a season ticket for three days or one week. For the hill Petrzin you can take the cable car (tram go 12, 22 and 23).


For more hotels and information on websites,,,

€ € €
• Grand Hotel Bohemia (Kralodvorska 4, T/00 420 234 6081 11, It used to be perhaps the best hotel in town, hosted esteemed guests. Then had the best jazz club in the city. Then came the decline and after the relatively recent renovation, regained some of its former glory.
• Hotel U Krale Karla (Unoz 4, T/00 420 257 5335 94): The King Charles Hotel is essentially a house of the 16th century, renovated in 1993. The ambience and furniture of mentioning in the Middle Ages, but again there are some modern interventions.
• Prague Marriott Hotel (V Celcini 8, T/00 420 222 8888 88, the well-known hotel chain Marriott. The rooms are bright, without any particular style, and lofts the rooftop ideal for families.
• U Zlate studne (U Zlate studne 4, T/00 420 257 0112 13, It has no decoration of the former hotel, but a great city.

€ € €:
• Cerna Liska (Mikulasska 2, 00 420 224 3222 50, The passionate readers of Kafka would prefer because of its window shows the home of the author, but also the church of St. Nicholas. It is the only hotel in the Old Town Square - note that the skies the bed is simply stunning.
• Hotel Opera (Tesnov 13, T/00 420 222 3156 09, The truth is that we waited so simple rooms with such bright and cheerful facade. However, it is a neat hotel near the city center.
• Residence Retezova (Retezova 9, T/00 420 222 2218 00, In the Old Town a former palace has been converted into 9 stylish apartments.

€ €:
• Hotel 16 U sv Kateriny (Katerinska 16, T/00 420 224 9196 76, A small and pleasant hotel fourteen rooms located near the gardens of Prague and river Vltava.
• Botel Albatros, Nabrezi Ludvika Svobody, tel: 00 420 224 8105 47, This ship moored on the river Vltava, so the rooms are bunk, but the view was amazing, the atmosphere sufficiently romantic and is a few minutes walk from the Old Town Square.
• Pension Standard (Rasinovo nabrezi 38, T/00 420 224 9160 60, The small apartments that offers this guest house near the banks of the Vltava is a good and relatively inexpensive solution.

For reservations during your stay visit our website at:

€ - up to 60 €
€ € - up to 110 €
€ € € - 200 € up
€ € € € - from 200 € and above


The Czech cuisine is mainly based on red meat (though in good restaurants there are also fish). Do not hesitate to get from the street hot dog accompanied by onions or notorious utopence sausage is pickled; delicious ... and I'll keep on trekking. The restaurants look to find venison, while features are rohliky, buns banana shaped, perfect for dip them in sauces that accompany the dishes. Of course, the Czech Republic is famous for its beers. The most famous is the Pilsner. Try also Velkopopovicky Kozel (considered by many the best) and Staropramen (light).

In Prague there are many good restaurants for all tastes ... gourmet, almost from all cuisines. Here we will only recommend a restaurant with Czech cuisine.

V Zatisi (Liliova 1, T/00 420 222 2211 55): The floral wallpaper and small putti walls give an spring atmosphere in this fine restaurant with the most searched Czech cuisine. The menu (without wine) costs more than 1.000 kc (40 euros).
Restaurant Club David (Trziste 21, T/00 420 257 5331 09): Reminiscent kitchen house and the family atmosphere is the trump card. The menu (without wine) cost up to 1.000 kc.
Restaurant u Modre Kachnicky II (Michalska 16, T/00 420 224 2134 81),
Restaurant u Modre Kachnicky I (Nebovidska 6, T/00 420 257 3203 08): Two of the best restaurants with retro decor and imaginative Czech cuisine. The menu (without wine) cost up to 1.000 kc, but you can order a la carte (almost half price).
Plzenska restaurace v Obecnim domu (in the basement of City Hall, Namesti Republiky 5): Worth a visit one afternoon to admire the impressive mosaic pictures with rural life. Do not make the mistake and get appetizers (except for very large mostly). The menu (with wine) to 500 kc.
Lvi drur (U Prasneho mostu 6, T/00 420 224 3723 61): It is not so for the kitchen (which is admittedly very good) as for the view from the terrace of the Cathedral of St. Vitus. The menu (without wine) cost up to 700 kc.
U Kalicha (Original Svejk restaurant) (Na bojisti 12-14, T/00 420 296 1896 00-1): Actually it pubs, but in which appointment gave the "Good Soldier Sveik" with his friends at six o'clock, the day after the end of the war. The problem is that it is always crowded with tourists and the prices are a bit steep in terms of quality, but worth the effort for a visit. Up to 500 kc.
Klub Architektu (Betlemske namesti 5a, T/00 420 224 4012 214): Classical tavern into a cellar. Up to 500 kc.
Nebozizek (Petrinske sady 411, T/00 420 257 3153 29): Not only is the food excellent, but the unique views offered throughout the restaurant located on hill Petrzin. The menu (without wine) cost up to 1.000 kc.
Novomestsky pivovar (Vodickova 20, T/00 420 222 2324 48): Although it is actually a brewery, you will taste very good.


Ebel Coffeehouse (Tyn 2): The rumor that serves the best coffee in town.
Cafe Certovka (U luzickeho seminare): The tables almost licking the water of the river Vltava.
Brown Franz Kafka (Siroka 12): The name got here because he frequented the author, but because its walls are only photos related to him and his work.
Cafe Louvre (Narodni 20): Here frequented coffee Kafka, perhaps to make a dip in the pool.
Blinis (Maiselova 16): The temple of vodka after going to a Russian bar.
U Zlateho tygra (Husova 17, T/00 420 222 2211 11): The most famous pubs - jazz club in Prague, although the entrance bringing the visit to this Clinton (with Havel), it has lost nothing of the authenticity. Confident enough to find a chair to sit.
Karlovy Iazne (Novotneho Iavka, Smetanovo nabrezi 198): Does it really taste to dance in a place that used to be public baths.
Lucerna (Vodickova 36): In this club often give concerts big names in international jazz music scene.
Jazz Club U Stare pani (Michalska 9): The jazz aficionados consider the best jazz club in the city.
N11 (Narodni 11): If you are tired of the gothic, medieval or romantic decor, the N11 will take you through a night in the trendy ... New York.


Narodni divadlo (Narodni trida 2, T/00 420 224 9014 48): The National Theatre of the country, the scene of the alternate theater, ballet and opera.
Rudolfinum (Alsovo nabrezi 12, 00 420 224 8933 52): In this hall shows the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague.
Laterna magika (Narodni 4, T/00 420 224 9141 29): The most famous "black theater" of Prague.
Divaldo Ta Fantastika (Karlova 8): For many considered the best "black theater" of Prague.
Narodni divadlo marionet (Zatecka 1, T/00 420 224 8193 22): Theatre puppet performances for viewers in small and old.

What To Buy

Past editions of books, cd classical and jazz music, antiques and porcelains are naturally the first choice in the markets of tourists.
For souvenirs: Museum shop, Karlova 21. Obchod pod lampou, U luzickeho seminare 5.
For items home: Art Deco, Michalska 2. Art Decoratif, U Obecniho domu 2.
For antiques: Eduard Capek, Dlouha 32. Antikvariat U Karlova mostu, Karlova 2. Antique Alma, Valentinska 7.
For crystals: Erpet Bohemia Crystal, Staromestske namesti 27. Moser, Male namesti 11.
For books: Franz Kafka Bookstore, Staromestske namesti 12.
For CD: Bontonland Megastore, Vaclavske namesti 1. Philarmonia, Parizska 13.


• The tourist offices PIS are very helpful and have a long and useful material in English for tourists.
• When you want to book a hotel to ask first if heating.
• Taxi drivers are not known for their honesty. The advice usually they give you in hotels is to watch them on the meter, which is often ... weird.
• Usually the dishes in restaurants are themselves an entire meal. So, get on ... your order.
• Highly Saturday night is not uncommon for drunk a lot of beer, which make sure you avoid discreetly.
• Note the direction of the Greek Embassy: Helenska 2, T / (00 420) 22250943.

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