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Travel news article: Prague,Czech Tue 20-02-2018

Selected Article 582 Travel Prague,Czech : Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Prague,Czech - trips: Tour Article582
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Prague: H. .. Mysterious

A different kind of ride in the Czech capital through stories and personal experiences of young and old people.

Approaching 9pm. I have climbed the tower of the Astronomical Clock to admire the panoramic view of Prague with the floodlit sights. Underneath, tourists waiting to see the twelve apostles that come out of the small window when it just means time. By nudging a young trumpet player, dressed in red - yellow medieval clothes. Resembles figure Valais paper deck. "He has taken my place," he says, while make two steps further. Acting entertainer of Czech tourism industry: when the bells stop and the rooster plays a short rhythm section on three sides of the tower. "You do this every day? 'I asked him. "Every hour from 9am until 9pm. Now is the end of the shift, "answers smiling.

I turn phantom clockwise a day ago: This time I'm down in the crowd, and I look at this famous work of art that came into being in 1572. Surround four statues symbolizing the vanity, avarice, death and lust. Indeed, Death, in the form of a skeleton, ring a bell. "Every hour that passes, draws nearer the grave," says Michael van der laani, a lawyer who has to take me around the city. The Czechs are a) cynical and b) familiar with the afterlife: they believe that their city is full of ghosts, ghoulish figures and haunted places. Suggest to guide me to go for beers - also tired with sightseeing. Besides, if something is famous Bohemia, this is the brewery.


The per capita annual consumption of beer amounts to 160 liters, which means a glass inhabitant per day on average. All my nights in Prague result in a beer garden or at a bar: I have vowed to try all Czech beers. The most famous is the Pilsner Urquell, which exists since 1842.

The classic pub Pivnice U Rudolfina close to the chic Rountolfinoum music hall, where the seat of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Michael comes first. In other countries this may be interpreted as rudeness here means bravery. "In pubs put first the men and then the ladies', because, as he explains," we must protect our session from any fights. "

The beer is crowdedly. Burly men with square heads and chopped hands, which are in style lumberjack, talk, drink and eat meat. "The pub is an important part of Czech culture. Are the places where people come to discuss. You'll notice, of course, that there are many women - women prefer wine, "says my guide. Try traditional dishes of Czech cuisine: goulash (beef into thick sauce accompanied by pasta knediky) and svikova (pieces of tenderloin with ntampligk, raspberries and carrot in sweet sauce). "Nazntravi!", We say, and huge glasses clinking.

We continue our evening at Duende, a nice bar that was recommended to me from Athens. Walls secured the most diverse objects, from paintings, commemorative photos, movie posters, religious images and maps to life jackets, umbrellas, musical instruments and watches. The small beer (Bernard) only costs 20 kroons, ie either a 1 euro!


Tells Michael to talk about his city. "Prague is like a metronome counts the good and bad times." From the bad moments in Czech history was undoubtedly the coup and the rise of communism in 1948 and the invasion of Soviet tanks '68. The acclaimed Czech photographer Josef Koudelka has recorded the event with his camera. The famous black and white photographs are grouped in a luxurious album «Invasion Prague» (Thames & Hudson).

Michael was 17 years old when he started the Velvet Revolution (17 November 1989). That day, remember, people had pinned to their clothing with a badge Czech tricolor flag. The peaceful march started from Vysehrad proceeded alongside the River Vltava (Moldavia) and went to the mall Narodni. "There, we were attacked by the police. Our motto was: "We have bare hands", "Chronicles. When he returned home, opened the free radio Voice of America and heard the announcement: "This is the beginning of the end of communism." His heart leaped.

So younger people, and let's not ever lived totalitarian regime. The KATK Bekovo, 26, a student project officer of TOL (institution that promotes journalism in Central Asia), says: "We are grateful for the time we live. The children of my generation hate communism, although privatization and democratization did not go as good as imagined. The changes, unfortunately, occur slowly. "

"Democracy and the conditions of an open society take time. Many believed that freedom is easy and offers many opportunities; in practice this did not happen, "says David Biggie, 44, an architect. I met him at the historic Art Deco café Slavia, located opposite the National Theater (Narodni divadlo). He came to embrace the iPad and the fifteen year old daughter, Nina. "Unfortunately, along with the freedom came and illegal" comments. Although seemingly safe city Prague, Square Vaclavske Namesti (which resembles avenue), you will see many Africans to sell drugs.

The Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004, but then Eurosceptic Czech President Vaclav Klaus refused the common currency. Sto Moustek the entrance to the old town, stands the Gothic 'Building of the Crown. " In the countryside stand as guards something scary statuesque creatures that resemble dragons. Opposite, in the other corner, is the "Building of the Euro". It's like these two edifices to fight for what would prevail, taking us the atmosphere of the critical situation in Europe.

Prague is a potpourri architecture. "It combines many architectural styles, but dominated by the baroque," says David. Not bombed during the war, resulting constancy in time, thus preserving all its beauty. The Old Town, in particular, looks like grand theater stage. "All the old buildings-essentially the entire city are preserved. An architect can not create a lot of things here. Although I do not really like the design of the Dancing Building of Frank Gehry, I am glad when new architectural ideas. " What is your favorite building? "The" Church in the most Sacred Heart of our Lord. '" Strange this sacred place of brick, built in 1932 by the Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik, is one of the unique buildings of Prague. Modern has, like almost all the churches of the capital, a huge clock on it. It is indeed a must for lovers of architecture.

The Czech capital attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Indeed, in the 90s, he moved a large stream of Americans, Australians and English. Then opened and the familiar English-language bookstore Globe in Nove Mesto, ie the New Town. So many tourists, not know where to hide. In my quest to discover emerging areas away from the hordes of tourists, admittedly lost time. But it is worth going to DOX, a new center for contemporary art located in Holesovice. My advice is to head to the mall and walk around. A good way to browse through the city is to take the tram number 22, which reaches up to the Castle. It's a beautiful drive, with stops at famous coffee Savoy, the hidden Wallenstein garden and summer palace Belvedere.

One day before I left, I go for one last time at Duende. There he meets Vincent, a French stewardess, who had married a Czech, but separately. I ask him what he thinks about the thing. «C 'est magnifique!» Exclaims. "It's beautiful, but I feel that something is missing," he says. "So am I, but this is nice. Why is there always something to discover. Due profession I have met many cities in the world. Prague is untamed, tolerant and girls are free to do what they want. "

The girlfriend, Nicola, seems to have the opposite view: "I miss the action in the city, as in Berlin. I often hear visitors say: "A long time." Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Czech people carrying grief and not very friendly and open. " Starts showing me pictures on the smartphone in a bid to prove he is social. The illustrations show her friends, her grandmother, holding a huge teddy bear gift from her, cuddly World Square which celebrates the victory of the national ice-hockey (The Czechs love this sport) and the three cats, "children it, "as he calls.

On the last day of the trip visit the Museum of Kafka. The Jewish Czech writer, although a major tourist pole, not valued highly by the readers of his country. "In the Czechs did not particularly like, because it's tricky. Other authors are more dear here as Jaroslav Hasekis, who wrote the "Good Soldier Sveik '" says KATK Bekovo.

However, Prague and Franz Kafka are inseparable. He talked about the "architecture of fear", likening his birthplace with "a crone who grabs on to her nails and does not let you go." Prague, like Kafkaesque literature is an endless practice a deferred condition, an enigmatic labyrinth landscape, where the search for meaning and possibilities continues.


1. Michael van der laani, 39, lawyer - guide


Manufactura (Melantrichova 17, Praha 1, Wooden toys, cosmetics beer, ornaments for the Christmas tree, ideal for gifts.
Mosers (Staromestske namesti 603/15, Praha 1, Handmade Bohemian crystal quality.


The Summer Palace Belvedere. One of the best examples of Italian Renaissance. Walk in royal garden.


Jazz club Ungelt (Tyn-Tynska ulicka 2, Praha 1). Known jazz clubs in Prague.

Two. David and Nina Biggie, 44, architect / 15 years old schoolgirl


Charles Bridge. For its panoramic views and 30 Baroque statues of saints and rulers that are rigged on both sides.
Prague Castle. Built by the dynasty of Premyslidon, is now the seat of the President of the Republic. Palaces with hundreds of apartments, churches, monasteries, galleries, gardens.
Stromovka. Of the largest gardens of Prague. Here once the royalty hunted deer.

Three. KATK Bekovo, 26, student


"Good Soldier Sveik" of Yaroslavl Hasekis. Scathing satire that best describes how the Czech soul.


Along the river Vltava. "I like it, especially at Christmas, going to feed the ducks and swans."


By direct flight of Czech Airlines (Czech Airlines, T/210-96.52.957, Also, with other European companies through an intermediate station, for example by Lufthansa, via Frankfurt or Munich, or Malev, via Budapest. A good ticket price you will find for a month after is 228 euros, while depending on the dates and movement-especially festive days-the price rises and exceeds 300 euros per person with tax return.


Hotel Yasmin (Politickych veznu 913/12, Praha 1, T / +420 234.100.100, Design hotel four star hotel in the heart of the city. Features 196 luxurious rooms, including 11 suites, all with minimal décor and free wireless Internet. From 106 euros for a double room, and you can visit the hotel's website for special packages.
Hotel Salvator (Truhlarska 10, +420 222.312.234, In historic listed building the Old Town Square, the hotel boasts a great decor, friendly service and hearty breakfast. From 55 euros for a double room in low season to 89 euro high.
Art Deco Imperial Hotel (Na Porici 15, Praha 1, T / +420 246.011.663, This monument was built in 1913-1914 and renovated in 2005-07, has Art Deco exterior and Art Nouveau decorations inside. Impress the lobby, the restaurant and the grand marble staircase. The hotel has 126 elegant rooms and suites, fully equipped with high speed internet access. 120 euros for a double room.


• Bakeshop (Kozi 1, Praha 1, Bakery full of delicacies: bread with yeast, cakes, biscuits, pies. Anything you need for a quick bite while strolling in the Jewish Quarter.
• Savoy (Vitezna 5, Praha 5, Serves the best breakfast in town!
• Cafe Louvre (Narodni 22, Praha 1, Used to be a meeting point philosophers. Here they drank their coffee as Albert Einstein and Franz Kafka.
• Slavia (Smetanovo nabrezi 2, Prague 1). This historic café opened in 1881. Concentrated mainly artists and intellectuals. Among the guests was former Czech president and playwright Vaclav Havel.
• Pivnice U Rudolfina (Krizovnicka 10, Praha 1, T / +420 222 328 758). Tobacco, tables with wooden benches, fresh pilsner from the tank. Traditional brasserie serving classic dishes of Czech cuisine.
• Duende (Karoliny Svetle 30, Praha 1). For drinks near the river. Cool, relaxed, open to dating.
• Oliva (Plavecka 4, Prague 2, If the Czech food is falling heavily and have nostalgia Mediterranean cuisine ... The restaurant is located away from the busy center. Specialties, shrimp with hummus ice cream and vanilla flavored olive!


DOX (Poupetova 1, Praha 7, Center for Contemporary Art opened in 2008. Has a nice gift shop and coffee. The exhibition «Lucifer Effect: Encountering Evil» examines how easily people become bad (until 02/01/2012).
Kafka Museum (Cihelna 2b, Prague 1, calendar pages, the first manuscript of "trial", the first edition of "Castle" expressionist drawings, family photographs by Czech writer who wrote in German.


The website of the tourist organization of the city will find accommodation of all categories and a vast wealth of information about the city.


Write down and organize your time: Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square (The Tiny House, Mansion of Petrino Bell, Church of Our Lady of Tin, Agan Hus Monument, Church of St. Nicholas , Old Town Hall), Old Jewish Cemetery, Old - New Synagogue, Loreto Hill Petrzin, Vysehrad.

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