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Travel news article: Southern Moravia, Czech Republic Fri 19-01-2018

Selected Article 581 Travel Southern Moravia, Czech Republic: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Southern Moravia, Czech Republic - trips: Tour Article581
Southern Moravia, Czech Republic
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Southern Moravia: The great unknown Czech Republic

Low cost travel to the generous nature of the Czech interior, the middle of summer and ... her well.

Prague or Karlovy Vary clearly are first stations visit the Czech Republic. But having already been there before, this time we decided to find other attractive corners of the country, such as the beautiful province that bears the name of south Moravia.

The journey, of course, begins with our arrival in Prague. From there by rented car and through a highway Prague - Brno Brno overtake, which is the capital of southern Moravia, and perform our first stop in town Lednice, 256 km from Prague. We are in the tri with Austria and Slovakia. That the south Moravia is known as the "Garden of Europe" was meant to see with my own eyes, starting from the area of ​​Lednice, which since 1996 belongs to the list of UNESCO. Mansions, castles overlooking kilometers, flawlessly designed garden in classic and romantic style, all seamlessly integrated into the namesake national park. We have come to the palace of Lednice, former property of the powerful European family of Liechtenstein, which was in possession of a ... humble area of ​​just 200 square kilometers., with lakes, parks, gardens and farmlands. The palace-which gained pace in the neo-Gothic 1848-1855, modeled on the neo-Gothic palaces of England and offers a historic greenhouse of 1845 and North American palm trees. Boating by boat on the river Dyie reveals a small piece of nature that surrounds the palace, and leads to an unexpected attraction: an imposing minaret of 1797, amounting to 60 m on the brink of a lake, around which dozens of Czechs pedaling , running or just strolling. The region Lednice - Valtice has many palaces, castles, parks, trails and tagged many-many outdoor activities.

The Czechs and the few foreign tourists-mainly from neighboring states-have poured out in nature, enjoying this summer day. It is time, however, go further to the generous nature of the Czech inland, with the next target to approach, after a journey of about 75 kilometers-the Uherske Hradiste. The very good thing is that we move off highway now, which gives you infinitely more possibilities for poses, photo shoots and especially for deeper acquaintance with the area you are visiting. We realize, therefore, "serpentine" paths in the midst of a green nature. And passing one after another, "read" signs in Slavic characters, the names of small villages doll. Before our final destination, the tour guide is proposing-and-hear ... a stop in the area of ​​Straznice. Here we are in a band about thirty historic cellar of Petrov / Plze. These two parallel streets, with painted uniformly white, family wineries open for free trials and markets wines. We agree that the architecture reminds them curiously ... Latin America and not Czech. And after we deposit the wine-mite our move to the next town which is our destination.

You heard, perhaps, monotonous, but the Uherske Hradiste is simply sublime. The strengths of "papers" is the stately square, the complex of buildings of the Jesuits, the old town hall, the old pharmacy and a number cellar, in one of which dinner and taste wines accompanied by live traditional music. The area is ideal for wine tourism, which has already begun to grow dynamically. The oenophiles even visiting this region, have the rare opportunity to gain winemaking experience and fragrances from three countries, combining visit wineries in Austria, Slovakia and the Czech course. The wineries are spaced just a few dozen miles of quiet country roads.

Hidden Gems in
Southern Moravia

After several amounts of wine, the next morning begins the process of gradual regrouping forces. This time we move towards the Luhacovice, about 32 kilometers from Uherske Hradiste. This is the biggest spa town in Moravia. This built on the wooded hill of the White Carpathian town has 16 sources rich in minerals, which produce 15,000 liters of mineral water and considered among the best in Europe, particularly for the large concentration of natural elements and carbon dioxide have. The built in art nouveau town is an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation through treatments recommend and implement specific professionals. Moreover ideal for hiking, skiing and cross country. It is a city that can rival in beauty the Czech capital of the spa, the now famous Karlovy Vary, without having even-at least, the crowds of tourists and nouveau riche Russians with cost of goods and services clearly cheaper. We walk the city, enjoy, and drink cappuccino in our square with fountain and farewell, hoping to capitalize on our next visit some of the beneficial properties of the sources.

Another hour road amid lazy valleys reveals another well hidden architectural gem of southern Moravia. It lies at 55 km from Luhacovice and none other than the city Kromeriz. We start exploring the huge medieval square, the arches of the buildings and the imposing tower of 86 meters of the palace of the Archbishop. The tower with the complex of gardens owned and those in the list of UNESCO. The visit we make to the palace-with the help of local guides-reveals valuable furniture and artwork 15th-18th century by artists across Europe (Tizian, Veronese, Van Dyck, Cranach etc.). Here of course we feel a kind of cultural shock is the complex of gardens, having momentarily think you're somewhere in England. The reason for this feeling gives the perfect geometrical arrangement of flowers and flower beds and a monumental building with arches and statues of Greek and Roman gods and mythical characters. Another day comes to an end, with deep satisfaction that good capital cities and tourist areas in each country, but it is worth tempted to look a little farther, there on uncharted-tourist-areas. It is these areas that the authenticity of people and landscapes valorizes the journey and convert from tourist browser integrated!

In the capital of
Southern Moravia

To conclude with these thoughts circle of our tour in one, just piece of southern Moravia, the next day we move west towards the capital of the region (we overtake entrants province), Brno, to 81 km from the Kromeriz. The second largest Czech city (400,000 inhabitants) was founded in the 11th century to a hub, a crossroads of trade routes, being at a distance of up to 200 km from Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. To the north of the city lies the protected area Moravian Karst and to the south the wine region of southern Moravia. The city is an important administrative, economic and Exhibition Centre, with a great university and cultural life, and is surrounded by beautiful mixed forests, which offer dozens of options for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. No, there is a natural size, have the warmth and small scale across at the other smaller towns we visited, nor a compact historical center of Brno visit quite a few attractions such as the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and amphitheater built castle Spilberk (no relation to the famous namesake director!), which offers panoramic views in all directions of the city, featuring also a beautiful park. The city is endowed with a more modern architectural gem, the Villa Tugendhat. This is an elegant combination of modernism and fanktionalismou, the most famous building designed by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Europe. And the villa since 2001 belongs to the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

The southern Moravia

The southern Moravia boasts not only some specific attractive places which must visit. Every hill and every alley hiding behind him something unique: a sublime humble hamlet worth the walk, a castle or manor house belonging to the world cultural heritage, lakes, rivers, trails, hidden in dense forested hills or plains, to medieval villages, picturesque cellars and interesting gastronomy. But above all feature simple, smiley and helpful people who love their place. As regards the cost of accommodation and food, southern Moravia is much cheaper than Prague, although still in a phase of development of hotel infrastructure. If you visit the Czech Republic, why not add this unknown piece in the location visited to your destinations? Will compensate you with more!


From Athens by plane to Prague directly with Czech Airlines (T/210-96.52.957, www.czechairlines. Com) or stop by one of the companies: Lufthansa, Swiss, Lot, Brussels, KLM or Alitalia. From Prague we recommend renting a car.


As in all modern European countries, so the Czech Republic provided all types of accommodation, from hostels for young and apartments to five star hotels. While in Prague prices are quite high in the province, things are much better. To ensure accommodation, please contact either your travel agent or one of the following websites:,,,

Also note the following:

Penzion Myslivna in Leznice ( Clean, comfortable rooms and facilities ... billiard and bowling!
Hotel Slunce in Uherske Hradiste ( Relatively small, but very comfortable rooms in an elegant building in Renaissance style 1578.
Penzion Stella in Luhacovice ( Cozy family guesthouse with large rooms and nice views.
Penzion na octarne in Kromeriz ( Former Franciscan monastery converted into a stylish guesthouse with quiet courtyard and wine cellar.
At Hotel Omega Brno ( Large bright rooms with wooden furniture, in a quiet neighborhood, 1 km from the center.


H Czech cuisine is a blend of Central European influences with German, Austrian, Polish and Hungarian characteristics and the strong presence of meat. Whether you eat in a restaurant (restaurace), wine bar (vinarna) or brown (kavarna), it is likely that the list will include: first some soups, creams, dumplings (steamed dough in different flavors), beef fillet (with sweet vegetable sauce, cream and dumplings), Goulash (thick red sauce with onion, pieces of beef and dumplings), smoked pork (with potato dumplings and sweet and sour cabbage boiled) beef steak (with a thick tomato sauce and dumplings), etc. . From sweets try strountl (apple pie wrapped in fresh leaf) and various cakes. In the country there are 50 small and large breweries: it will be a shame not to try some of their beers.

Also, while in Prague will eat at rates proportional to the Greek (with the exception of beer and coffee, which is considerably cheaper), South Moravia prices are cheaper. For restaurants and nightlife consult the websites:,

• Penzion Onyx in Lednice ( It features a restaurant with exuberant cuisine with an emphasis on the grill.
• Zine Kavarna & Gallerie in Uherske Hradiste (street Havlickova, T/739.020.847). Light dishes, salads and pizza offered in a space that serves as gallery.
• Restaurace Elektra in Luhacovice (street Masarykova, T/577.134.335). Atmospheric restaurant with a good variety of meats and pizzas.
• Steak Bar in Kromeriz (Ztracena 65, T/573.333.388). Traditional dishes of Moravia, either inside or outside of the cheerful space.
• Spalicek in Brno (Zelny trh 12, T/542.215.526). In the oldest restaurant in town serving delicious soups and hearty portions carvery area.


The website of the national tourism office ( but also to that of southern Moravia ( you find a wealth of tourist information. Also, the Czech embassy in Athens has a very useful tourist information website in Greek ( / athens).

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