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Travel news article: Istanbul,Turkey. Tue 16-01-2018

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That is one of the most beautiful, historic and picturesque cities in the world did not expect to tell me. This year, moreover, which is European Capital of Culture, will get it constantly reminds: "This year you have another reason to visit the city ...". I'll try to walk on the secrets. To help you escape the mundane tourist industry. Let me show you some of the many unfamiliar faces and to talk to you about the soul.

Always hard to explain what it is that keeps me in the City for the past seven years. "You live indeed in such beauty?" By asking fellow Arabs, riveted by the panorama, which form the background of Turkish television series which sweep last year viewership. "The outer beauty is just one of the many charms of the City," I answered.

What is it that so enchants us here in. The spectacular topography, the imposing remains of thousands of years of history, the weight of the memory of so many centuries? None of itself and all in combination. But more that binds us to the City is its many faces. The neighborhoods, which differ so much that you think belong in different cities that divide them thousands of miles and cultures. The colorful and bustling mob of roads and markets. The secrets of the forgotten alleyways, the unexpected change in the architecture and in population from one street to another. The city is a kaleidoscope images incoherent but charming, a source of positive energy that you wish to sink. My city is missing, even when I am here, in the apartment of Pera, in "our little village." Friends, hangouts, all around. Knowing that, while I'm locked up working, the markets and the inns are full flow, steamboats urban transport commute Europe - Asia and the world strolled the waterfront of the Bosphorus makes me want to take the streets. City can easily escape. To get lost in bygone microcosms, forgetting the stresses and surpassing the horizons of short, your own everyday life.

My favorite escape is the Ottoman khans. They nest on the slopes of Mercan (Mercan) and Tachtakale (Tahtakale), between the Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi - Covered Market) and the Spice Bazaar (Misir Carsisi - Egyptian Market) of Eminonou (Eminonu). Formerly inns for caravans and wholesale points, the inns now houses workshops and crafts. Here you will find silversmiths, cobbler carpets, polishers and smiths, the last representatives of traditional professions fade to trade as they do for centuries. Worth spending hours on these majestic Ottoman buildings with internal courtyards, the dark corridors and rows of small domes on the roof. The images will record there in a few years will be a memory only.

Closest my escape, ten minutes walk from my house, the Tarlampasi (Tarlabasi), the largest, sometimes romaiiki, neighborhood of Pera. Today this is the most explosive social cocktail, the most intense color. Under the washing lines that decorate the downhills as the garlands festival, spreads a notorious ghetto populated by outcasts - transvestites, Gypsies, Kurds and African immigrants. In the Greek houses, creations of a bourgeoisie that was wiped out, seem incongruous. But we all learned to love this neighborhood as it is today, surpassing the heartache caused by the abandonment of the Greek houses. Anxious not to achieve the ambitious plans of the Metropolitan Mayors 'regeneration' of the region aspiring to transform into neighborhood air Dubai.

Friends who come for a few days in the city asking me what to Misdemeanors, where to pioneering. Overtook tell them, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and the like and look further. The magic of the city Search in panoramas and small joys that only here you will find. Maybe that leaves you sharper image is the passage between Europe and Asia by one of the steamers of the line. From the deck, sipping a hot tea in glass with a tulip shape, you can enjoy the fantastic topography: the three water masses, Bosphorus, Golden Horn and the Sea of ​​Marmara, to mingle, the domes and minarets of the Old City, the Tower of Leander (Kiz Kulesi) be erected underwater. Be sure to come back to the West to confront the Old City on a prey, the silhouettes of mosques in black against the fire of heaven.

City need to wander. Turn its introspective historical neighborhoods. We walked in to Kumkapı (Kumkapi), the old Armenian and romaiiki neighborhood with craft shoes, mansions of the Belle Epoque madane like lepers, their porters and Africans and Asians immigrants. At the Phanar, in the shadow of the Great School has steep uphills and melancholy to a stabbing at each step. In Bali (Balat) with rows Tripp home, periteiches churches and synagogues and aunts from Pontus with floral patterned headscarves and skirts gossiping for hours in the treads.

But do not limit yourself in history and charm. If and are the most fascinating person of the City, the old neighborhoods give only a partial picture. Istanbul today is a megalopolis of 17 million, offering everything to anyone who can pay ... If you leave without having seen the magnificent facades and expensive storefronts of Nisantasi (Nisadasi) and Tesvikie (Tesvikiye), countless galleries springing up across the city, the museum of modern art, the achievements of modern architecture such as supermarket Canyon and the masterful restorations like Santral Istanbul, you will not have a complete picture. And after seeing them and suck them all, will escape to the periphery. Will cross the Bosphorus by ferry to the mouth of the Black Sea and ascend to the Byzantine fortress at Anadolu Hisar (Anadolu Hisari). You get the ship as Pringipos (Buyukada) and panting climb the hill of St. George, to eat the tavern next to the monastery. To Download Antigone (Burgazada), the quietest of the islands, walk up the abandoned Greek cemetery on the hill, smothered in flowers in the spring and with panoramic views of Marmara in Istanbul. We walked the waterfront of the Bosphorus from Nihori (Yenikoy) as the Therapeia (Tarabya), blinded by the beauty of the narrow and counting ships the crossing. And yes, as do all these, you "sick" and you're hopeless. The germ of the City. And I will not wait to get back.

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To know however we Ten

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