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Travel news article: Adrianople,Turkey Tue 16-01-2018

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Adrianople: Evros opposite

Calm and European aura, confectioneries and bulky mosques, plenty of green space and summarize the image of the western boundary of neighboring Turkey

Edirne is a beautiful provincial city with 128,000 inhabitants, situated in the fertile plain beside the river Evros. Is the natural entrance to European Turkey, since it is only 10 km from Greece and 20 km from Bulgaria.

The geographical position and historical past gives entono European character. On the wide city streets, wooded with tall trees and with a sense of spaciousness, the visitor encounters women dressed in western European standards, while those who wear the traditional headscarf is rather an exception.

The feeling derives the visitor is a provincial city calm and spacious. Although there is movement, the absence of parked vehicles in central arteries, the trees and Parkaki creates a pleasant feeling of space and comfort.

Unlike the nearby Alexandroupolis and gray buildings, construction in Edirne are bold and cheery colors, condominiums in colors pink and yellow with tiles on the roof, creating a sense of aliveness and joy.


The Edirne, built by Hadrian in 125 AD in place of the Thracian city Ouskamada, became a center of transport and commerce, a role he held until today. Hadrian renovation and embellished it with aqueducts, baths, market etc. In Byzantine times, named Orestiada. The position is such that during the long history had many "suitors". Large and important battles were there like in 323 AD between Constantine and Licinius, in 378 AD between Romans and Goths (killed 40,000 Romans) in 551 AD between Slavs and Byzantines, while the 568 AD besieged by the Avars. However, and the Bulgarians was besieged several times with success.

Eventually, the city fell into the hands of the Turkish Ssoultanou Murad I in 1361, and in 1367 moved there seraglio (harem and palace). Bayezid the Thunderbolt and Murad II adorned the city with monuments and used it as a base for their operations against Constantinople.

The expansion into Europe was one of the main aspirations of the sultans and Adrianople was the ideal meeting place for troops before each campaign. Often sultans brought in their yard followed by foreign ambassadors were accredited to the Porte, as the knight lost, ambassador of England, was buried there in 1681.

With the decline of the Ottoman Empire, Edirne field became violent clashes between Turks, Russians and Bulgarians. In this concluded the famous Treaty of Adrianople (1829), the year of the conquest of the city by the Russians, who established the independence of Greece and the release of several principalities of the Danube.

After the Russo-Turkish War (1877 - 1878) during which the Grand Duke Nicholas came to Saint Stephen (Giezilkioi) at the gates of Constantinople, the Congress of Berlin returned to Adrianople by the Turks.

With the Treaty of Sevres Adrianople passed into Greek hands until July 24, 1923, when the Treaty was signed in Lausanne and the city lose it again in Turkey.

The Treaty of Lausanne was signed after the defeat of the Greek army in Asia Minor and is the one that set the boundaries of modern Turkey. The Greece-lack of money-had to pay a land war reparations. This was done by extending the Turkish territories of eastern Thrace and the granting of the islands Imbros and Tenedos with the condition that they ruled on favorable terms for the Greeks. The Ecumenical Patriarch has ceased to Archbishop and the Patriarch came under special international legal regime.

In return, Turkey has resigned from all claims for old parts of the Ottoman Empire outside its borders and guaranteed the rights of minorities in Turkey. By separate agreement between Greece and Turkey decided to be exchanged minorities from both countries and the demilitarization of some Aegean islands.


In the city center, the main square is dominated by two beautiful mosques, the Selemigie mosque, the most imposing monument of Adrianople, and Ouxerefeli mosque, while most side is the town hall. Here are concentrated the majority of the shops of the city, and most of the "eateries" and cafes; cafes where old men sit and drink tea, chatting and playing dominoes. Here also there are many pastry shops with the famous sweet oriental origin as kantaifi and baklava, and dozens of restaurants selling kebabs, meatballs, Giaourtlou with the famous "round" or kebabs.

The Selemigie mosque is large imperial Zamia, built in 1569 - 1575 for Sultan Selim II is the masterpiece of the famous architect Sinan and culmination of a lifetime of searches in the service of Ottoman architecture. Because of the general shape in the middle of the secondary buildings, this mosque reminds me the famous Suleymaniye of Constantinople, also built by Sinan. The main mosque is preceded by a rectangular courtyard used for summer mosque and has an indoor arcade covered eighteen arches, supported on the walls of the courtyard and up to fourteen columns, from which some are ancient, and two poles. In the center of the courtyard rises an octagonal fountain, located in the main axis of the mosque, opposite the door that leads to the prayer hall. This door, beautifully decorated, comes from Oulu mosque Birgi and transferred to Edirne on Selim II, piece by piece! Next to the mosque is one of the main bazaars of the city, mouth snatch.

Ouxerefeli The mosque has four minarets, one of which is crooked and another equipped with a hammam, a work of Sinan repaired but recently. This mosque, finished in 1477, during the reign of Murad II, has a prayer hall, covered with a dome diameter of 23m, based on a hexagonal drum on two side walls and two solid hexagonal columns. From the main mosque is preceded by a courtyard with an indoor arcade covered with domes. In the middle of the courtyard stands a fountain or source for clearance. In the original, the mosque had only one minaret, that the northeast side, with two galleries. The remaining three minarets built at and one of them, that the three galleries, gave the monument its name Ouxerefeli Mosque or Mosque of the three galleries.

Leaving the city and on the way to the Turkish border, we find the bridge that crosses Merrick tributary of Evros and the bridge; Nehru a simple but beautiful bridge 'Ottoman' style, typical of the local architecture.


Adrianople to get to your car, making a long trip to the border Kastanies Evros (tel: 25520 to 85211) unless you prefer to "fly" to Alexandroupolis - Airport «Demokritos» (, and then rent a car (, and continue by road. Now that fthinyne gasoline, the second option would cost you, of course, a little above. Necessary to identity new type, ie Latin characters.


Athens - Alexandroupolis 830 km
Thessaloniki - Alexandroupolis 325 km
Alexandroupolis - Chestnut: 120 km
Chestnut - Adrianople: 10km


Although our proposal is to stay in Evros, it is good to know that the neighboring Adrianople has several hotels, most two-and three-star hotel, where you stay overnight. In this case, it is particularly informative site

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