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Travel news article: Ljubljana,Slovenia Wed 17-01-2018

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Ljubljana - Slovenia: Stylish and cosmopolitan

The capital of Slovenia is a condensed version metropolis with magnificent architecture, culture, fun, youthful pulse - and history 5000 years

Ljubljana is one of the smallest capitals in Europe, a jewel in dimensions friendly visitor. The city has inherited the magnificence of Habsburg (if forgotten, you might think you are in Salzburg), enriching it with a special spirit and artistic avant-garde experimentation. It is no coincidence that the first half of the 20th century, Ljubljana gave step and unlimited scope for expression in eclectic Joz Pletsnik, Gaudí the Balkans. His works, which are everywhere in the Slovenian capital, lack the instantly recognizable extreme plasticity of forms of Gaudí. But if your eye stops on a building with strange, pyramidal windows or wonder what role she plays a series of columns that do not support anything in the middle of the road (it's patented public lighting), suspect the drawing board Pletsnik.

That spirit of experimentation has been revived in recent years in the art scene of the city. For a first contact, the best part is the Metelkova City, the old camp day brimming with energy artistic workshops, galleries, theater groups, and evening host any music trend in seven different places. In the southern part of the camp is the official Metelkova, where they operate (or under construction) three museums, ethnographic, national and modern art with modern sculptures scattered in the free space between them.

Nightly open air concerts, especially classical music, organized Krizanke, the monastery was converted into multiplex music-who else-the Joz Pletsnik. H regeneration of the monastery was the last work of the architect, which indeed he oversaw when he had now stepped her 80 years and Slovenia had already become part of Yugoslavia.

The preferred orientation point in the city, the castle with its verdant hills are and this concert venue and cultural events. The dream of the city mayor in the year 1897, the construction elevator for easier access to the castle, became a reality more than a century later, so since 2006, a futuristic lift, entirely of glass, climbed the walls of the bygone fortress. The red roofs of the old town with background Slovenian Alps are gorgeous from above - although the best way to experience the Old City is none other than the walks through the narrow cobbled streets and beautiful squares.

Speaking of squares, there is no way not to spend the Presernov trg, where everyone meets everyone, in cafes, bars and endlessly walks. From this square start to discover Ljubljanica, the narrow river that meanders seamlessly between the houses. Choose one of the bridges and enjoy the calm reflections of buildings in water - note, however, that the most famous bridge in the city, famous triple bridge, not necessarily the most appropriate for reverie, during that busy. And do not wonder who made this and the original bridge - better to consolidate the architect that he is everywhere, before sitting down to eat and find wide wide to menu featured pizza Pletsnikova ...


From Athens International Airport will arrive in Ljubljana with several European airlines through an intermediate station. The most affordable option is to Czech Airlines via Prague ( and with Malev via Budapest (, which will cost from 260 to 290 euro tax return. Otherwise, time but not money you will earn if you choose Austrian Airlines via Vienna (


• Hotel Mons (Potza Brdom 55, tel: +386 01 470 2700, Brand new, four-star contemporary design, beautiful garden. Cost of 120 euros for a double room.
• Celica (Metelkova 8, tel: +386 01 230 9700, The old jail was hostel with attitude. 20 euros per person for overnight stay in a dorm with shared bathroom from 46 euros for exclusive cell.
• Antiq Hotel (Gornji trg 3, tel: +386 01 421 3560, In Old Town. Wide range of rooms (and prices) are small with shared bathroom, in the order of EUR 60 and a large living room, sofa, handmade carpets, double sinks, etc.


Tip: Horse meat is a product consumer in Slovenia. If you do not want to try it, check that the name of the steak is not zrebickov zrezek (zrebickov = foal, zrezek = steak). If your eating curiosity, horse burgers served in restaurant Hot Horse and various fast food center.

• Traditional Slovenian dishes ... View Gostilna Roznik (Cankarjev vrh 1, tel: 0125134 29,, hilltop Roznik.
• The Zlata Ribica serves traditional Slovenian recipes over the river. Located at Cankarjevo nabrezje 5 - 7 (tel: +386 01 241 2680,
• Priskofu (Recna ulica 8, tel: +386 01 426 4508), a small, homely, the peppered steak has a reputation beyond Slovenian borders.
• Movia Vinoteka (Mestni trg 2, tel: +386 01 425 5448): The best place to discover the unexpected selection of local wines, in the candlelight.


The bars of the Old Town are full of life, while clubbing (youthful, advanced, for daring) has been transferred to Metelkova - available and site, and ask for directions, dj arrivals and other events:


The 56th Festival of Ljubljana ( will "fill" and this summer the city with art. The highlights include the Royal Filarmonii Orchestra under Andrew Davis (June 19), the Filarmonica della Scala (8 July) Mariinsky Orchestra of St. Petersburg (August 5) and Ennio Morricone (27 August). Even from 14 until 30 July at the Castle, will run "Movies Under the Stars."


If you have days, do not miss the national park Skocjanske Jame-area designated treasure of world natural heritage site by UNESCO-, one of the most impressive caves visited in the world. Open 365 days a year, guided hikes in the bed of the adjacent river Reka throughout April. Distance: 82 km (

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Bratislava: The heart of Slovakia

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A bit of history  about Bratislava:

Can the area be inhabited 4,000 years ago, the city stands out as the 1st century BC when the Celts build Bratislava Castle. Interestingly, the paradox of the capital of Slovakia, that has not always been Slavic. The Roman city Possonium, Hungarian and German Pressburg Pozsony, just in 1919, was a Slovak name as part of the new Czechoslovakia after the Second World War and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Its long history includes the Roman occupation, moving the hands of the Magyars to become the administrative center of the Hungarian kingdom in the 10th century. The next century was flourishing trade and in 1465 fou



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Inverness, Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

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Inverness: The Northern metropolis

The fastest growing city in Europe-such as keen to boast of its inhabitants-is one of the most beautiful destinations in Scotland, especially when the weather is nice, for lovers of Gothic tales and grandeur of Nature in the North

Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Caledonian Canal and the legendary River Ness to the crossing under ornate bridges, the Inverness, capital of the Scottish Highlands, retains all the elements of the turbulent, gothic past battles and claims and simultaneously develops the rhythms 21st century with grace and unexpected progress. The name means the "city on the river" in the ancient language of the Celts, who have left their mark deeply engraved in the culture of this northern country. Modestly spread on the banks of the Caledonian Canal, the small town has a character of its own altogether, letterpress from churches, ca

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