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Travel news article: Normandy, France Tue 16-01-2018

Selected Article 527 Travel Normandy, France: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Normandy, France - trips: Tour Article527
Normandy, France
Categoty: Travel destinations

the coast of Normandy: Romance and History

At 500 km of coastline, from Cherbourg as Le Havre, Normandy is one of the richest parts of France in history and attractions, mapped tens of thematic routes.

When you hear about Normandy, his mind running through the Vikings and comics, lush valleys with cows live well and some of the best known dairy products such as camembert Président. Come on, however, to five hundred kilometers, by far the Cherbourg as Le Havre, you will discover one of the most historic parts of France, with places and attractions that will amaze you, in a really wonderful landscapes. You just have to choose one of several themed routes that would suggest: palaces, monasteries, historic towns and villages with centuries of tradition, resorts. And, of course, in the must of your trip, the absolute-incumbent would say-destination: the coast of Allied invasion of 6 May 1944, and visited tourist exploited. Before we get there though, let's go meet the best of Normandy.


In short trek we chose, we will be first in the most beautiful city of Normandy, the Honfleur (Honfleur), only two hours from Paris, in the "mouth" of the Seine, as he runs towards the Channel. Here was built once a small fishing village, now brings all the graces of the Norman countryside, around a charming harbor regulating always the life of its inhabitants. A much da state like miniature 17th century, in the flowers, but as its name. Until the creation of Le Havre, in 1517, the Honfleur was the most important port in the region, as it was around the Seine and held the "keys" of the transit of commercial vessels to the mainland. Society has strong naval tradition, the 16th century saw the steamboats N 'sails for new sites for other homes: from Brazil and Guinea to Canada, where in 1608 Champlain arrived in 1650 and founded Quebec. But it was and the time when, apart from the trade was at its peak and the slave trade, with boatloads of people arriving from Africa mainly for disposal at ports of Normandy and then the huge farms that were created in the Dominican Republic in Guinea, the Indian in coffee plantations and sugar cane.

The small Honfleur had become the fifth largest port in France in trafficking slaves after Le Havre, Bordeaux, Nantes and La Rochelle. Today whole blocks around the old harbor testify that distant (and witness to many) times, with old houses and warehouses. There collecting salt in white-golden-era, necessary to preserve cod and sardines. Nowadays these warehouses have been converted to cultural sites, where you will see jostling ... like sardines artists around the world.

The perimeter of the old harbor, behind sailboats and fishing boats, you will see colorful oblong houses of merchants and captains. Simply out, mansions from within, like touches thrown in the calm waters of the harbor. Around there, the Quai St. Catherine, seafood restaurants thee break his nose with the strong odor of Garlic bouillabaisse. No need to read the catalog to order at least known, coquilles St. Jacques, who is here in their place, or crunchy bites mussels.

And of course, when someone is in Honfleur, should bear in mind that is one of the most popular and polyzografismena centers of impressionism, home of Eugene Boudin, one of the main representatives of early Impressionism, around which gathered the protomastores current - Monet, Pissarro, Sisley, Koros, Diffa. Great painters who immortalized on canvas the charming atmosphere of the region, with tens of projects that will see the Museum Eugène Boudin in Honfleur, inside an old monastery chapel. Here you will also see the beautiful Maritime Museum, the Ethnographic Museum with rich folk collections and finally well old Norman type churches.


15 kilometers from there lies the Deauville - Trouville (Deauville - Trouville) the duo resort, one of the most beautiful in France. In the early 19th century this area was nothing more than sand dunes and a vast pasture. In 1858 some Parisians nobles with some Englishmen later decided to transform it into a secular part of high standard. This is a unique spa in Belle Époque style, with amazing mansions-2005 alone restored 500 - whose style-pioneering-has guided the formation of a particular type of architecture in France. So we call it open museum. In 1913 he came here and Coco Chanel opened her first shop, even launching the 'boyish' fashion (à la garçon), while many others have followed French and English surname, led by Rothschild.

What you'll see at Twin resort:

• Walking on the beach 3km, not only will enjoy the bathrooms in one of the nicest beaches of Normandy, but will admire the palace-style buildings-houses and hotels along the famous promenade.
• The casino, 1912, among the best in Europe.
• The Normandie Barriere, a grand traditional hotel 300 rooms, of 1912 also.
• The famous market square.
• The atmospheric town hall in 1881.
• The impressive building of hot baths in Pompeii style, with cabins for bathers and a patio in the middle which is one of the historical monuments.
• The liveries Henri de Rothschild and André Citroën.
• The two Horserace centers, due to which the Deauville called the «horse lovers' resort». Local and international equestrian competitions succeed each other throughout the year, and there are few horses that we see running free - pictures which blend perfectly with the landscape!


And from cosmic shores go now-very near from here-on ... historical: the landing on the shores. It was dawn on June 6, 1944, when we began the largest military operation ever known in the world, named Overlord, Overlord ie. Then that opened the roads for the liberation of Europe. It is 60 to 70 kilometers of coastline shocking in an unforgettable journey where you will find what is left of it: German forts, famous Blockhaus forming the wall of the Atlantic along the coast, and remains stuck in the sand as the bridgehead Mulberry who had set up the allies in the sea. The five heroic coast, close to each other, then divided into administrative areas are the Sword, Juno and Gold-under the control of the British, Canadians and French-and Utah and Omaha - under the control of the Americans. The latter, who was named Bloody Omaha, gathers the most interest, with insurmountable obstacles encountered by allies that stormy Tuesday morning of D-Day. The idyllic hill of Colleville-Sur-Mer, overlooking the coast Omaha, 3 km long, is currently the largest American cemetery in Europe, with over 9,840 American soldiers who died on the shores of Normandy. The area around awe with German fortifications on the hill above the shore, where a sculpture memorial bears the name «Les Braves» (the brave).


Arriving here, you are at the hub of most business in 1944 in Normandy. Do not rush to spread your towel on the sand. You have to see more. You are at the point chosen by the Allies with full secrecy, since 1943, to create artificial harbor in the sea, the famous design Mulberry. A huge pier-parts of which are visible to the naked eye from the beach-8 km long erected in 8 days just for a start with the 100 next disembarkation 2,500,000 men and 500,000 tanks promoted in Europe.

Then you wait for the shocking Landing Museum in Arromanches. You will observe in circular screens exactly what happened those first early hours of landing and will learn more, and the role played by the two Greek corvettes' Tobazis "and" Kriezis. "

Other times and other people then. Make no mistake, though. Today this whole coast is primarily object tourism operators, with huge infrastructure and organization and visitors from all parts of the Earth. Colored minibuses pigainofernoun world when the tide is favorable and the water permit. Beach children have set up party picking up shells. Other times!


By plane Paris (the Aegean, Air France, Olympic Air, easyJet) and from there by train or bus to Honfleur or Deauville. The Deauville is 195 km from Paris and 15 km from Honfleur. In Deauville, also the airport which is 10 km northeast of the city, we can go with an internal flight from Paris. The easiest way to find ourselves on the shores of the landing is through the central axis. There are detailed maps at the local tourist offices and well marked roads. If you stay in Deauville, you will be very close.


Deauville - Trouville

Le Trouville (1 rue Thiers, Trouville sur Mer, T / +33 02 31 98 45 48, Two star hotel near the beach. Atmospheric rooms, good service and good prices. From 40 euros per person.
La Maison Normande (4 place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, Trouville sur Mer, T / +33 02 31 88 12 25, Building of the 17th century, with period atmosphere in 17 charming rooms. From 45 euros per person.
Le Fer a Cheval (11 rue Victor Hugo, Trouville-sur-Mer, T / +33 02 31 98 30 20). Modern hotel with 34 comfortable rooms, around 85 euros per person.
Normandy Barriere ( Simply wonderful! Hotel anglonormadikou style of the 19th century, facing the sea and next to the casino, where the entrance for those staying at the hotel is free. French touch in beautiful rooms, the dining room and other areas.

Honfleur ( for general information)

Etap Hotel ( Good and affordable hotel of the famous chain. 38 to 50 euros per person.
Hotel Belvedere (36 rue Emile Renouf, T / +33 02 31 89 08 13). Very quaint, sees the Normandy Bridge and has a great garden. From 50 euros per person.
Hotel du Dauphin (10 place Pierre Berthelot, T / +33 02 31 89 15 53, Behind the facade of the 17th century lies a modern hotel with nautical decor and comfortable rooms. From 70 euros per person.
La Maison de Lucie (44 rue des Capucins, T / +33 02 31 14 40 40, Atmosfairiko small inn 1874 to 10 rooms overlooking the harbor and the impressive bridge of Normandy. During summer, breakfast is served on the terrace, which is the best point of the hotel. From 150 euros per person.


Normandy is known as a gastronomic paradise. Wherever you go, dominating smells from ovens and atmospheric restaurants. The pier of St. Catherine in Honfleur, there are many brasseries and restaurants French cuisine and fish. It is worthwhile to note the famous La Tortue (36 rue de l'Homme de Bois, T / +33 02 31 81 24 60, with many Norman type dishes and L 'Ascot (76 Quai Ste Catherine, T / +33 02 31 98 87 91), another haunt of foodies for meat and fish. Also, the restaurant L'Absinthe in the seaside resort (1 rue de la Ville, T / +33 02 31 89 23 23, overlooking the old harbor and sophisticated French cuisine. If you are going to visit on Friday or Saturday Book.


Try the wonderful apple juice of Normandy.
If you are interested to see how they make the Camembert or Livarot, go to Farm President, a 19th-century farmhouse, the largest production centers of Camembert cheese and other.
Founder and President of the product own the title creamy cheese. More at
For Arromanches and the Landing Museum you will find information on
To see the shores of D-Day, you can either take a minibus to the beaches or bike (,
For the equestrian events, more at

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