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Travel news article: Bergen,Norway Wed 17-01-2018

Selected Article 524 Travel Bergen,Norway : Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Bergen,Norway - trips: Tour Article524
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Bergen: The beauty of the north

If modern civilization is the improvement and quality of life, then surely Bergen is the perfect creation. The icy Norway may justly boast one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Even if it rains 265 days a year

He was in the 13th and 14th century capital of Norway. For six centuries flourished, while the 17th century was the largest city in Scandinavia with a population of 15,000. Built on a peninsula and Being harbor developed into a major center of the all-powerful Hanseatic League, the medieval cooperative German origin, identifying the trade of Northern Europe and the Baltic creating one of the largest commercial empires in world history with military power. Today Bergen is still a thriving city that combines beautiful natural surroundings with architectural grace of the past and the comforts that promise quality life. With a healthy economy traditionally based on fishing, agriculture, shipbuilding, industry, alongside trade and of course tourism, the city has the resources to create everything needed for the modern citizen. A fair welfare state, more than 1,000 parks, sports centers, discrimination in conferences, environmental action and an excellent university characterize the Cultural Capital of Norway (as considered Bergen). The thousands of students who live in the city inundated his youth hangouts and also give potential "present" at museums, theaters, Philharmonic and the live rock scene. It would be remiss not to mention the personalities of the country's culture, like classical music composer Edvard Grieg and of course, the great playwright and director of theater of Bergen, Henrik Ibsen.

The first impression of Bergen is that it came from a children's book. Apart from the high standard of living has not lost anything from the idyllic atmosphere of a Scandinavian village. Built on a peninsula enters the North Sea, in the shade of lush mountains spreading its quaint houses with red tile roofs of the dock Brigken up there where the roads start to fjords. Those who arrive here with one of the many cruise ships that travel to the Norwegian coast facing hillsides adorned with buildings like dollhouses. At the port Vogken, bygone basis of one of the branches of the famous Hanseatic League, lined the moored sailboats now taking the place of the wooden hull boats of the terrible Vikings. The cold sea breeze wraps and adjacent Torgket, where the live fish market in the city. Cod, shrimp, herring, salmon and whales array benches to become the raw material of Norwegian cuisine based on seafood. The neighborhood of Brigken declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, stamped by the history of the place.

Massive construction, other stone with roots in the Stone Age, with other boards of the period of the Vikings, Gothic and Channel combined rate making this goiteftikotato piece of Bergen. Entering the wooden building of the Hanseatic Museum, you will get both the strict environment where lived the powerful merchants of the link, with the same ticket we will visit the neighboring Schetstouene in classrooms where met by the Association. Leaving there, waiting for us on the opposite side of the street, the Museum of Brigken, built over an earlier construction 800 years, but the stone church Mariakirchen. The latter is the oldest building in the city. Built in the 12th century stands out with its robust entry, the Twin Towers, but the interior decor, which includes an elaborate baroque iconostasis of the 15th century. Before leaving the Brigken, it can move up to the majestic fort Bergkenchous. A robust built in 1560 that was built to house the king and to guard the city. Climbing the spiral staircase of the tower existed here since 1273, look to the panoramic view of the city.

In an environment with such high cultural level, such as Bergen, a natural interest for visitors hauling museums. Outside the medieval section stands the Natural History Museum with exhibits from the animal kingdom in the north, while a good look at the tack of Norway, including thumbnails and Viking ships, gives us the Maritime Museum. Weapons of recent, medieval artifacts and folk art hosts the Folk Museum. Art lovers should not miss the Museum of Art, one and displays the works of famous Norwegian artists such as Edvard Mynch, and foreign, such as Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.

A beautiful walk at the end of the peninsula Norntnes will bring us to the park where the Norwegians a dip in the outdoor heated pool and sunning themselves sometimes when it's not raining - rare, ie, after 265 days of the year falls at least drizzle. Beneath the park can visit the Akouarioum to see penguins swim in the outdoor pool, but many species in the Baltic to swim in designated areas of the main building. Finally, another interesting story with gruesome details about the epidemic of the 19th century has to narrate the particular Leprosy Museum housed in the hospital that housed patients for over 5 centuries. Spinalonga Norway, namely ...

When viewed from above

Walking through the city enjoyable, but the cable car ride over it enjoyable. We'll take to get to the top of the mountain Flouen, at 320 meters, having the opportunity to admire the captivating picture of Bergen with triangular roofs to reach up at the point where the dark sea with sailboats. Hikers will love the excellent trails that start from the cable car station and enter the forests above the village or even can simply walk back along the path that connects Bergen to the top of the mountain. Another view of the city and fjord that cut the mountains, waiting for us if we take the aerial cable car Oulriksmpanen.

Music lovers will not lose his house composer Edvard Grieg in Trolntchoougken, which apart from the interest shown in the residence of an important personality charm has xechori it is positioned next to a lake.

Although Bergen itself is a huge nordic pole is parallel and the starting point for excursions in stunning Norwegian nature and the miracle called fjords. The roads from the city entering into cool dense forests, passing by streams, rivers meet, lakes, valleys, stopping at picturesque villages, to reach eternal snowcapped mountains. Below them, start the pagetikis origin formations fjord. Formations that were created when eroded by river valleys and glaciers melt. The path to the longest fjord in Norway, the Sogknefiornten, will provide us with perhaps the most precious moments of our trip to Norway. We will travel to the world famous train Bergkensmpanen. This is the line that connects Oslo with Bergen doing one of the most scenic train journeys in the world. Those who love skiing, rafting, canoeing, rappelling the waterfalls stop at the small lakeside town Vos, known for its sports centers, as well for its annual festival Sheep in October when consumed hundreds of sheep's head! The longest fjord in Norway cuts the earth 204 km and deep waters (1,308 meters) spread under rock formations of 1,000 meters. The trackless these natural walls give way to quiet coastal valleys from where mushrooming villages, fairy farms, wooden huts and gardens laden with fruit trees.

Images that are not easily described in words, but definitely finish in the best way our journey Scandinavian Peninsula.


You fly daily via Amsterdam with KLM (T/210-91.10.000). Also you arrive via Frankfurt with Lufthansa (T/210-61.75.200).

When to go

Because of the Gulf Stream (Gulf Stream), Norway has a temperate climate of the coast. In Bergen in winter the temperature does not drop below zero. The best time to visit is between May and October, when the days are long and fruit bloom. The most tourist season is from mid-June through August.


The city center is concentrated in an area that is easy to explore on foot. The bus and train stations are 10 minutes from the ferry dock in the port Vogken and is where most restaurants, hotels, museums and scenic spots in the city.


The currency is the Norwegian krone Nkr.


(Dialing code T/0047)
In Bergen, the accommodation is for all budgets, since there are even camping lakeside that cost only 2.5 euro per person and 12 euros for a scene. Also, comfortable rooms with kitchen in pensions will cost around 35 to 40 euros per person. The good hotels, naturally exceed 60 euros per person. • Grand Hotel Terminus ( Hotel opposite the train station, which stands for elegance and character that give ornate furniture, chandeliers and atmospheric bars.
• Radisson SAS Hotel Norge [T/004755573000, reservations.bergen @] Modern, spacious, with all the comforts of the known chain offers a fitness center and indoor pool.
• Hotel Park Pension (T/004755544400). Lovely family hotel in a building of the 19th century, dominated by antiques. Close to museums.
• Steens Hotell (T/004755314050, 19th century house with a dining room to make a difference, since it is decorated with gilded wallpaper, chandeliers and colored glass windows. Some of the stylish rooms have views over the park.
• Skansen Pensjonat (T/004755319080, In economic category this house in 1918, has a unique view from the hill where stands. With the telescope clearly shows the fish in Torgket.


The Norwegian cuisine could be considered special. Tourist cities like Bergen, however, feature a variety of culinary excellence that goes beyond the classic and somewhat heavy Norwegian recipes. The most common dishes made from fish. Salmon, grilled, smoked and marinated, boiled shrimp, chowder, cod and whale served mainly to local restaurants, and inexpensive solution is to eat the fish market stalls where Torgket preparing salmon rolls, boiled shrimp and CRAB. Try brown goat cheese and pickled herring. Fast food shops with pastries pooping stalls serving sandwiches and hot dogs and hamburgers served at outdoor canteens. Small meals are offered and cafes.

If you choose to eat at restaurants, you can try the special soups Zupperia, lasagna, the fagitas and boiled potatoes T-24. For hot chocolate, beer and food stands restaurant hilltop Flouen, mainly because of its view over the city. For true Norwegian cuisine is atmospheric hangout in downtown Brigken the Bryggeloftet & Stuene. For a very good vegetarian burger to go to Jacob's Café. The national drink, coffee, will enjoy along with sandwiches and pastries at the stylish Café Jonsvoll and Le Rustique.


For drinks there is the haunt of artists Logen Bar, while in the old building of the Hanseatic period under barrels will drink in Sjoboden. For special atmosphere with white carpets and pillows, high-ceilinged rooms and colored lighting works Landmark. For wine under candlelight would prefer one of the "cells" of Altona Vinebar. To Mpergken has very strong rock scene, but will satisfy music lovers in general. Classical concerts are given hilltop Flouen during the tourist season, and concerts of famous bands made in the Garage. Finally, the most famous rock club is Iulen, housed in an old bunker.

What To Buy

Shopping is the last thing you do in Bergen. Those who want to buy something from the Nordic city stroll through the flea market at Torgket where you will find mainly woolen sweaters, thick wool socks, tourist T-shirts and mugs. We also sell sheep leather with fur on the floor, folk art as miniature Viking ships, flagons for drinks, Hiking sticks or even kitsch statues of imaginary beings of Trolls. Malls operate the bus station and south of Torgket in Galleriet.

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