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Travel news article: North Bali Wed 17-01-2018

Selected Article 519 Travel North Bali: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - North Bali - trips: Tour Article519
North Bali
Categoty: Travel destinations

North Bali
A bit closer to heaven

In the less touristy part of the island the voyage gets a taste from life, in the most unadulterated version

Sea too warm and almost never as clear as in our parts. But when he dived to the bottle at 20 meters, I saw everything: a myriad of fish every shape and color, corals and anemones in shades unrealistic, wise turtles, cuttlefish slothful king size, Nemo and their guild in person ... Down here, the coral reefs of the Sea of ​​Bali, fauna not fazed at all by the presence thee also, you're the outsider in her world. By contrast, in dry almost never feel intruder. Could it be just great familiarize locals with tourists for decades and decades, endorsing this feeling laissez faire and relaxed intimacy? Apparently, but not primarily. We also have rented a villa on the volcanic shore of the town Tetzakoula and we are cut off from the outside world in a coconut, hibiscus and bougainvillea cropped, onboard four hours away from the tourist island of South cooperation.

The Balinese certainly have learned to live with tourists. But above all, they have learned to live the same simple, bland and forbearance during dictates how long the devout worldview in this bastion of Hinduism - three million souls in the heart of Indonesia, the most populous Muslim state in the world. And as if that was not enough this spring friendly and tame attitude of residents is the same island in definitively planepsei. Ie how to feel an outsider in the Land of the Lotus Eaters? Because Bali is, without exaggeration, extremely close to what the cliché describes the earthly Paradise. Without the relentless light or the roughness of the Greek landscape, the island is a place blessed. With coconut, mangkodentra, forests of teak and cacao with rugged terraced rice fields, plantations exceptional coffee and hundreds of native species to dress entirely landscape, with abundant water-rivers, lakes, hot springs-, miles of exotic beaches, and active Agung volcano staring from 3,142 meters of the crowds.

Oh yeah, Bali, an area slightly smaller than that of Crete is extremely overcrowded: 423 inhabitants per km ². Only the lush vegetation covering the ground aftiasidota homes of villagers - like covering the signs as part of the national campaign for birth control, remind the population that "two is enough". The Iketout however-the caretaker of our villa along with a watchman and a ... steward served us traditional meals in the garden pavilion, wash our clothes in the apse-extinguish, we closed the girls for home massage and generally look after us and our pamper a fairer anakatanemimeni version of colonialism-has three daughters .

And it is still very young. Speaking of campaigns, the strap-on one of the few times we used the rented minivan to xemytisei from our heavenly cocoon and go as the tourist fly straight to Balinese milk to niftoume with locals in fresh waters coastal baths AIP Sanich-telling me about another campaign, residents and government at all, in opposition to the creation of three more golf courses on the island. "We have no water to spare" he argued. And left to look at him with admiration and wonder, because he lives in a place of green, where monsoon rains and have the upper hand from October to March. And not in the already dried plains of Thessaly ...

In love their place, the Balinese, no doubt. Um, tell me, how not to love a paradise where the temperature ranges between 25 and 28 degrees 12 months a year? But here the locals love for their land and goes so far as to be normal inspiration: takes native stone , for example, and sculpts over the elefantomorfo the god Ganesha and other aesthetic sculptures found in heaps at prices funny to "Kallitechnoupoli» Ubud. Catches the coconut and makes everything - from house roofs and fabric until fagaki, impromptu mobile saltpans and mikrokalathakia for bids with rice, incense and anthopetala that Balinese offer day and night to their gods, dropping them on sidewalks, beaches, backyards everywhere ...

Living here for a while, the relatively unspoiled north of Bali, away from the serfoparalies of Kuta, the resorts and tourist spots of Seminyak and bustling capital Denpasar, got the chance to see the locals in their most unadulterated version. And be admired ... Smiling, upright and almost never overweight, with a sly spark the black eye that reveals warmth - nothing to do with apoanatolitiki 'tuned' kindness of the Thais, for example.

Troller with tzounkoungk, the elongated boats with the side floats and colorful triangular sails; work barefooted in the fields and rice fields, transporting family and ... whole house on the "duckling" and then hang out on the elevated shed outside the house, smoke (a lot) and laugh (too much). The children, dressed in the uniform westernized uniforms, changing, please, depending on the day of the week, go to school. Not all. But everyone involved in the vibrant traditions of the island, covering the whole range from the completely exotic religious ceremonies until, theoretically illegal cockfights with betting and raw excitement.

Beyond Dreamland and inexhaustible alternative for the tourist, behind the architecture, which not only respects, but becomes one with the natural landscape and the margins of high-level travel services in Bali wins because in the homogeneous porridge globalized supply remains a place of authenticity.

I went as a tourist and I see a Balinese dance theater performance with gkamelan, a seated orchestra percussion melodies to acute rhythm. And say psilokachypopta myself how well all this, but is it only exportable folklore? Till one morning, AXIMEROTA the beach outside the villa, came around the village for a long ritual cremation deceased. Bury them first for a couple years and then just have to pay for the ceremony, burn them. While passing by the large procession with bampoudenio "epitaph" and the chief priest arrayed in white garments, began playing the gkamelan. For their party, for "goodbye" of late. And did not stop despite the afternoon when two youths along with the priest went out with tzounkoungk and scattered the ashes of the dead sea. She, warm and exotic fairytale ...


The most appropriate choice in length, links and price / quality ratio is that of Singapore Airlines: 11 hours of flight on the part of Athens to Singapore and other 2.5 hours from Singapore to Denpasar the capital. Depending on the connection, wait 3 to 14 hours in Changi, the famous Singapore airport, an opulent attraction in itself, with specialized massage studio and flowery ponds with live exotic fish! Departures from Athens every Monday and Friday, returning from Denpasar every Thursday and Sunday.


Measure 5 hours to GMT. Mobile roaming definitely better catch the tourist southern Bali - choose, good-evil, an SMS. No visa is required or vaccines. For rent villa, visit


Be prepared for lots of bargains as well as prices in throughout us just ... not exist. Just hang the zeroes inflationary prices and digest that one Euro is equivalent to about 15,000 Indonesian rupees, you will understand how 500,000 rupees for a tasteful handmade mini drawers be cost anyway. Unless you think you will find it in the ethnic shops domestic imports 37.7 Euros ...

Clothing, textiles, furniture, souvenirs, arts, food, sports, entertainment, massage - there is not one thing, nor a service that is not honored ... unreal in Bali. Also unreal the blatant bribe which falls on ubiquitous "constabulary" that would stop every so often rented the vehicle for inspection.

Typically, pays the local guide and then find them among yourselves. Be careful when you change currency or bank or official exchange: in the midst of so stale notes crashing in front of you, some ... hundreds of thousands can wriggle conjuring the final checksum. Also, when entering and leaving the country, calculate U.S. $ 25 head, for something that pretends visa.


Globalized nonsense type, pizza and club sandwich, you will find the tourist haunts. Unthinkable but skip the Balinese cuisine. The Nashi gkorengk (fried rice with xirokarpia, pineapple and chopped chicken or shrimp seasoned with a light chilli and tamarind) in Dadar (leptes. .. green pancakes stuffed with fresh grated coconut - nothing to do with the west), the routzak Petty (cool exotic fruit and vegetable in kafteroutsiki peanut sauce and shrimp), the botok ntagkingk Rotten (spicy minced beef with tofu, tempeh and coconut milk) will win.

Their fruit, although weirdness and fresh, not as delicious or fragrant one would expect, while anadelfo vegetables steal the show. Attention to arrack, the popular brandy rice or coconut: intoxicates and makes heavy head the next day. Finally, for all but the very touchy, without question "yes" to a meal in varoungk, tiny chaotic grocery-cook shops.


Officially Indonesian with Latin script and easy to read - a hati hati next to impromptu roadworks means "attention". Unofficially Balinese not polymoiazoun with Indonesian. English, however, with quite understandable accent widely spoken in tourist haunts therefore sinkenken, ie no problem. It would nevertheless be a consolidation Terrier Cassis (thank you), a tintak (not) a selamat Xiang (Morning) for contact with your smiley locals.


Lead Egglezika according to the Scriptures and completely in Greek by this. ' A very old farmer would normally come into oncoming of narrow country road to overtake 45 km. / Hr a jam-packed with people and things motorbike ... In urban centers, horns and violations of red give and take, there is no speed limit, and if present, ignore it - but no one stirred up, no aschimonei. That said, renting a rented car with driver seems imperative. The prices are also quite affordable.

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"Here life is simple," says Mr. Chandradinata or Chandra, our tour guide on the island of 3.5 million people, located 25 miles east of Bali and some 30 years back in terms of tourism development. How simple? "If you provide three meals a day for your family, which means somewhere 25 kg rice per month, and she's got a bike, you're happy." He, as an experienced guide in an emerging destination that still live mainly from agriculture (Lombok means "red pepper" in the local dialect of Sasak, one of the 700 spoken in the 17,000 islands of the country), are better off than a worker who makes somewhere 800,000 rupees a month (or 60 euros). Na, say, deliver home English lessons, with 50,000 rupees a month, altho



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