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Travel news article: Monaco Wed 17-01-2018

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Monaco: The principality's aura

On the southeastern edge of France dominates Monaco · a small city-state, 40,000 residents, which in the noble atmosphere and the unique natural landscape that surrounds it, is one of the most favorite spots of the old continent. Here, moreover, there is the always glamorous ... Monte Carlo.

We leave the Italian side and a large sign on the right side of the freeway welcomes us in France. The car swallow rapidly in kilometers. The steep slopes put us in the climate of the Côte d'Azur. Approaching the Principality of Monaco. On a plateau, with a group of tourists gazed toward the Mediterranean. An brief stop ... and the view is breathtaking. Everything seemed so impressive; vertical rocks, the ending of seafood Alps (Alpes Maritimes), arriving to the coast and create this magical scenery, and of course Monaco. A mixture of beaches, coves, picturesque houses, modern towers and in all this the historian rock with the old town and the palace.


After a few breaths and a little reverie, we get the descent for the Monte Carlo, the most cosmopolitan area of ​​the city to continue to the historic old town (Monaco Ville) · granite the spit between the two ports, which is the core and the reference point of the whole of Monaco. Within a few square meters located throughout the grace of the old principality, as it started from the first years of the Grimaldi dynasty. At the edge of a small peninsula overlooking the magnificent meteor Oceanographic Museum, which do you think you are ready to peel away from the cliff and fall into the sea. It is a building reminiscent of palace and founded in 1910 by Prince Albert A to house the vast collection of the bottom, consisting of more than 4,000 species of fish, samples of ecosystems in Mediterranean and tropical regions, and machines as submersibles and crawlers exploration of the poles by the French.

The most famous museum's director was known to all great explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau in the 50s and 60s. Although a portion of the world throng to the "palace of the ocean ', others directed to the cathedral and the palace of the Grimaldi. The monumental style St. Nicholas Cathedral is quite elegant and was built in 1875 to the point that the 13th century was the first church a neighborhood of the city. Pure white, with a clear reference to a temple of Tuscany, is one of the major monuments, and last residence of many of the Grimaldi dynasty, including the beloved of Monegasque Grace Kelly, companion of Prince Rainier. Around the church are dainty gardens with tall trees and ornamental plants are oases for weary commuters and tourists. Within walking distance, one of the natural balconies overlooking the small harbor Fontvieig. Here are predominant modern homes, the stage Louis de fits perfectly with the colorful neighborhood reminiscent anthill luxury.

The old city in contrast, that looks a bit on our plate (!) Maintains the color of past centuries, tradition, elegance and nobility derives from the adjacent Princely Palace.

The atmosphere very pleasant, cleanliness exemplary and old houses with pale colored walls and cobbled streets ideal for stroll. The shops and restaurants are doing big business, as the old town unsettled ever since it is located in the passage leading from the Oceanographic Museum and the Cathedral of St. John in the great square of the Prince's Palace. Here is the living room and terrace and seat of Monaco Principality. The palace with its turrets and battlements is at this position in 1291 as a Genoese fortress initially and later the seat of the Grimaldi family.

The square is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, since, apart from the palace that lies beneath the steep mountains, and offers spectacular views of the port of La Condamine, the Port Hercule (Port Hercules) with the large marina and countless boats. Whatever time you visit this square is filled with people, locals and foreigners, who strolled or emerge from the narrow and go to the edge of the walls next to the cannons with carefully placed metal balls to see lofty panoramic view of the cosmopolitan port of ... Monte Carlo.

Here now the atmosphere is somewhat different: luxury hotels and homes, stunning palaces, people who enjoy their espresso expensive coffee overlooking the boats and the edge of the Casino, the imposing palace built gaming time the Belle Epoque to spend the time and money of the aristocracy of the 19th century. Benchmark and the nearby Place du Casino, the elegant square with the elegant buildings, palm trees and expensive cars. Who thought that this small Greek colony, founded by Phokeans named only in the 6th century BC, would evolve into an important center for tourism, entertainment and businesses? And that, some years ago in this tiny state had its offices Onassis, and even today, the economic regime that prevails in Monaco is one of the richest tax havens of the world. In the glamor and publicity the city participates in Grand Prix, the oldest in the world, held annually in the spring and bring glory and money.

The checkered flag, racing cars and the big names of the institution contribute to the reputation and economy of the above, it suffices to imagine that during the period of the games there is available room for either sample, while the already high prices beat red. During the days of stay on walks in the old town and the modern cosmopolitan side is a real experience, having both day and night seeing things that are not easily encountered in other urban centers: from terraces with gardens and swimming pools to helicopters hovering over the tall buildings carrying some bigwigs, gleaming limousines and yachts that met the megalomania of their owners and dolce vita everywhere. In all its glory! Here the economic downturn seems to have no position as the Monaco lives and breathes, unlike the rest of the world, its own pace.

Nevada in Monaco ...

For a contact with another reality of the Mediterranean this corner we decided to go for excursions in the vicinity of Monaco outside the boundaries of the principality. The impressive Rokemprin (Rocquebrune), perched on the castle, and the beautiful Madonnas (Menton), with its endless beaches, the old town with its picturesque harbor and old narrow streets with tavernas and small shops are two of the many options located a few minutes from the town of Rainier and Grace Kelly. A dip in the cool waters of the beach Mandy is imperative, as an afternoon excursion into the interior of seafood Alps, with medieval villages and steep gorges with streams starting from the sources of the mountains to mingle with the waters of the Mediterranean .


The few days of respite in the southeastern tip of the Côte d'Azur is nearing its end and the last night is dedicated to the finer points of the principality, despite the reconstruction of recent years and the many tourists, it retains the grace that gave him the nature and the old Monegasque. This area of ​​Provence with the heavens and Monaco, which is the crown for years, is one of the points that remain unforgettable. As long as the sophisticated Monte Carlo, is the strongest paper Côte d'Azur as the joker who wins the felt casino.

When to go to Monaco

Definitely the best time is the summer months, only minus the crowds and high season prices. And September is another good choice, with less crowding and more economical solutions. Away from the era of Grand Prix which takes place each May, when the Principality becomes a racetrack for worldwide fans of speed and with prices prohibitive.


By plane to Nice, which is the gateway for the whole Cote d'Azur with Air France via Paris (T/210-35.30.380).


The movements within the city made with buses, but all distances are quite small, so the walk is the best and most enjoyable way. For travel to the surrounding cities of Côte d'Azur, train and intercity buses are fast and very helpful. The city has five bus lines and a line by boat to the port.


(Avenue Princesse Grace 22, T/377 93309880,
Luxurious, elegant and very expensive.
(Avenue du President J - F Kennedy 1, T/377 93308648 and
Expensive and very good point.
(Rue de la Turbie 6, T/377 93302464 and
Of the most economical solutions mutatis mutandis. Does it benefit double.
(Avenue du General De Gaulle 28 (Menton) T/04 93357637 and
For those who want the most picturesque and traditional atmosphere.


• Ristorante Vecchia Firenze (Avenue Prince Pierre 4 - 6, T/377 93302770)
For lovers of Italian and especially Tuscan cuisine.
• Restaurant Bar Tender To (Port de Monaco 1, Quai Albert 1er, T/377 9350721,
Excellent bar-restaurant with a variety of flavors and light atmosphere.
• My Sushi (Rue des Oranges 2, T/377 97706767 and
For fans of Japanese, and not just the kitchen.
• Restaurant Dolce Vita (Blvd Albert 1er 25, T/377 93309910)
Variety of French and Italian cuisine.


Le Musee Oceanographique et son Aquarium (Avenue Saint Martin, T/377 93153600,, anoixta daily from 09.30 to 19.30 and 18.00 during the winter months) to an acquaintance with the most historical oceanographic museum and aquarium in the world. Presents a large collection of marine species, and machines exploration the bottoms.

Palais Princier (Place du Palais, T/377 93251831, open daily in summer from 09.30 to 18.30. Login 7 euros for adults and 3.50 euros for children) For an introduction to areas of the Prince's Palace.

Musee Napoleonien (Place du Palais, T/377 93251831, open daily during the summer months 09.30 18.30. Login 4 euros for adults and minors € 2) Featured memorabilia from the Napoleonic period and part of the filename palace.

Musee de Collection de Voiture Anciennes de SAS (Les Terrasses de Fontvieille, T/377 92052856, Open daily 10.00 - 18.00. Entrance 6 euros and 3 euros for minors) is an excellent collection of cars from the 19th century onwards.

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