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Travel news article: Mozambique,Africa Thu 18-01-2018

Selected Article 516 Travel Mozambique,Africa: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Mozambique,Africa - trips: Tour Article516
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Crossing the Dark Continent

After the "tedious" safari in South Africa, the arrival in Mozambique presaged the ultimate relaxation. Till came the unexpected adventure of a rebellion ...

The trip to Mozambique was total improvisation! Those who had encountered so now we were talking about the most beautiful beaches in the area of ​​South Africa and for the most classic tourist destination of South Africans.

We started getting the buzz-Bus from Johannesburg and moved to a not-so-easy trip to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. What is buzz-bas? A smart and fast way to travel to South Africa with minibuses from 10 to 12 individuals, without having to look for routes, timetables, stations, etc. All you need is a ticket, which obtained easily in hotels, hostels or via the internet, and a phone call to indicate where you are and where you want to go. Buses run daily to and from the most popular destinations in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique. Come to your hotel and continue their course. There are many kinds of tickets, something like the European interail with trains: one-way, round trip and ticket for 1, 2 or 3 weeks, where you can stop for as many days as you want at some point and continue, again with a phone call.


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The good thing about the bus is that you see the path and the landscapes change slowly before your eyes. But the problem is always the border. Anything can happen across borders in Africa! The simplest is to have tail kilometers by truck. After 6 or 7 pm closing their offices and need to spend a night at the border spending your savings on corn, hats, fruit, water, toys and whatever else may be available from the vendors. Else that can happen is bus-especially if you are "line" - be composed mainly of locals, who have relatively little bureaucracy than tourists should issue a visa to present documents etc. Thus, when you run the locals and under the looming pressure of sunlight, "issued Resolution ', which I returned the bag and the bus departs immediately, leaving you only to find out how you will reach your primary destination. In our case, the bus driver (definitely had to do that was buzz-bas) was more than accommodating to the office, making us and a group of Canadians the translator. Without further ado, we (the other passengers stared at us with relief as the sun pounding), we crossed the border a few hours we were at the entrance of Fatima's hostel in Maputo.

Maputo in Mozambique

In Maputo, the "melting pot" of peoples and cultures including South African, Indian, Arab, Chinese and European influences, we had heard a lot. So I immediately started exploring to see how many from the eight days of Mozambique would pass there and Poached Tofu, one of the most beautiful summer resorts in the country. We went down the "Avenida (Avenue) Ho-Chi-Minh" and turned left on "Avenida Karl Marx" to go to the beach. The route had a strong sense of surrealism, since almost all the protagonists of the history of communism paraded in the center of Maputo, written in Portuguese. The architecture of the city was indeed a bit of everything: from colonial public buildings, huge block apartment buildings and skyscrapers, up postmodern cathedral. A plurality of influences to coexist side by other. A quirky collage anything but harass or tired.

The time spent watching the narrow, while most shops and cafes began to close, leaving behind an empty city. Even we did not decide whether we would stay in Maputo. Hundred meters from the hostel, but we stopped a fully armed police patrol intoxicated, which more or less asked us $ 30 to go our way. And immediately decided. After paying the police, rushed to buy tickets for the tofu with the first buzz-Bash! Eventually, we came to eat with a group of Portuguese cuisine to the hostel, who also told us that these are frequent occurrences in the tourist areas of the city and that with a little persistence (and perhaps knowledge Portugal) we could avoid the ... toll.

TOFU in Mozambique

The next day at dawn we finally got the regular bus, as the buzz-bas had normal connection with the tofu, and quickly realized why the buzz-bas had close to twice the ticket! It was a pretty big bus, like what we remembered from the old Greek movies, with part of the engine literally inside the cabin. It was very early in the morning to figure out what is the right strategy in such a circumstance.

We started well and after some time we started even hammers "Pull forward and you come and you go," which gave great pleasure to the driver. But then, as the bus was filled with passengers and what sorts of baggage can imagine, we found that occupy twice the space than is provided, so the new reclassification seats cut and the smiles and whistles. Anyway there was no longer much room to breathe, so we let sleep overwhelm us. Sometime sounded heavy braking and just opened my eyes, I saw half the bus talking and showing us.

In the background I turn my head and see my knapsack along with others in a hundred meters away have send four legs and run distraught right and left the mall. Until you figure out exactly what was done, two children had brought backpacks that had fallen from the roof, the driver and the xanadese had already gone.

Eventually, without other contingencies in the afternoon we arrived at the Tofu and immediately realized that we had made the right choice. It was a beautiful fishing village that stretched coast several kilometers. Had only few tourists, but all testified that quite a few weeks earlier, on Christmas vacation, on every beach crammed 2-3000 visitors creating crowded. Could now choose where to stay and chose Fatima's Nest, which had the same philosophy as the hostel in Maputo. In fact, all beachfront accommodation on tofu had somehow merged, since they were built next to each other on a long sand dune, 100 meters from the beach, and worked alongside 24 as cafes, restaurants and clubs to evening. Installed and quickly entered the group of other residents of Fatima's Nest - two Frenchwomen, one South African and one Swiss.

As explained to us, the program Tofu was very specific with daily routes as of beachside hammocks, eating in the afternoon in the village and then in one of the beach bars where musicians gather in the area and played until dawn. Necessary stop at 7 pm for total overlap with mosquito spray, and Mozambique is the first country, after South Africa, where many areas are malaria zones. There are too many mosquito in various forms, lotions, ointments, sprays, etc., but these are really doing good work are scarce. Only those containing the amfivolos innocent essence deet, and even by more than 20% (products with far greater percentage of it is banned in many countries). Although the action of the spray is highly beneficial, the whole feeling is like wearing a transparent, sticky blanket with aroma oil in parts of the body that are not covered with fabric!

Because he had just passed the storm of the exit of Christmas, most workers or the owners, accommodation, cafes and bars come to eat with us. Although they had different origins, from Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the theme of the evening ended with a magical way to always be the situation in Zimbabwe. H Zimbabwe was a sad story for everyone and always sharing with visitors from distant countries.

The reforms imposed by its chairman, mainly from 1999 onwards, had tragic results, since the land redistributed in such a lawless and arbitrary way the new owners did not have the expertise to cultivate. This resulted in collapse of the agricultural production within a few years, the shelves with essentials to empty, inflation take off, stop imports and disappeared tourism. The water network was infected, leading to spread cholera throughout the country at a rapid pace, while, at the rate vectors of AIDS gallop (Zimbabwe has the highest percentage of orphaned children in the population), life expectancy reached nearly lowest in the world (34 for women and 37 for men). All this in a country that has one from the greatest natural wealth across Africa.

At this rate, rolled over and the last night on the beach of tofu and 4 in the morning, after farewell remaining tenants hostel, we got on the bus to Maputo. I do not know how many minutes I was kept awake, but watching from the window went out of my many stories I had heard in those days and I was thinking how much he had given this week in Mozambique.

Heroic EXIT

But the truth was that Mozambique had a lot to give yet ... Waking, located about 20 kilometers outside Maputo. Huge queues of buses and trucks in both directions of the road while people heaving nervously. Some drivers had paved blankets under trucks and slept.

Our bus made frantic maneuvers to come as possible ahead, until at some point stuck for good and we all went out to see what was happening. Fires everywhere and an angry crowd that was running at us! Started running in panic until he hid behind some fences. In a second approach to the issue, we came back on the bus to learn to temper what happens. The summary of the story was as follows: after consecutive increases oil, drivers in a single day doubled the price of the ticket.

The world, having no other way to move, came furious on the roads blocking each entrance to the capital. The country's president had disappeared from sight ... recommending patience - this was the only response received to our every question by everyone anyway! As the hours passed, the situation went from bad to worse and we amid the panic we decided to move backwards, so why get dark, it will only sparkled would rather the four tourist smiling our faces!

So we got our bags and began the plod to the nearest town of Ksai-Ksai 200 kilometers north and safer. Eventually, after an hour, we managed to get out of the noose and find a minibus Ksai-Ksai, which led the 14 year old son of the owner. On the way we encountered many difficulties, as the whole turmoil stretched over a large distance from the Maputo-dense and often have to pay toll specialties. Negotiations had entrusted the entire bus in mignon driver, who seemed to know the laws of the market. On the way many of the passengers suggested we go to the village for a few days to abate the condition or give us their phone for instructions and tips.

Eventually we arrived at Ksai-Ksai, where we stayed two whole days despite our numerous attempts to escape. On the last day, the country's president has decided to appear with his army to open the roadblocks, which were reached by Ksai-Ksai. In this time window resting happily found a car two French, who took us directly to the airport of Maputo. I have never had bought a ticket for the next flight, whatever that is. Exciting feeling, I thought that only happened in movies. There I realized why all travel fora online consult both huge sums in the category "extraordinary expenses." Fortunately, the next flight was to Johannesburg, so in the afternoon we were in the same home point from where we got the buzz-bas Maputo.
Next destination Zambia!

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