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Travel news article: Teotihuacan, Mexico Wed 17-01-2018

Selected Article 515 Travel Teotihuacan, Mexico: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Teotihuacan, Mexico - trips: Tour Article515
Teotihuacan, Mexico
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The city that gave birth to the gods of the Aztecs

Setting off to Mexico City, visit the largest archaeological site in the country

An hour or so, was enough to cover the 50 kilometers that separate Mexico City from perhaps the most important archaeological site in the country, Teotihuacan, erstwhile populous and largest city in the Western Hemisphere. This one hour was enough to prepare us for the lalistatos our guide, Alfredo, for what it confronts the mysterious "place where the gods were created" (this means Teotihuacan Nachoual language, spoken by the Aztecs when they arrived in Mexico the first Spain). "The information we have about the history of pre-Columbian cultures, derived from the Spanish conquistadors, who recorded the stories of indigenous peoples in the 16th century, with questionable reliability and certain bias. Much later-especially in the early 20th-century archaeologists took the baton and so far trying to make the stones speak. " Alfredo was right.

The history-rewritten many times by the authority as archaeologists reveals more and more data about the remarkable civilizations flourished across the Atlantic. "The first organized communities present in the area of ​​Teotihuacan in the 4th century BC and were farmers who cultivated mainly corn, chili and beans. Had developed pottery, used the obsidian-plenty in the area-and worshiped a deity of fire and some deities of water, something very common in magical-religious societies of the time. Their settlement is located north of the archaeological site, which as a whole covers 24 sq. km. ». Alfredo stopped updating as we had reached the main entrance, near the southern end of the site open to visitors. Its area is 2.5 km ²., ​​Only 10% of the total.

However it is also the most important and impressive buildings of the "cradle of Apotheosis" that UNESCO placed it under his protection in 1987. Benchmark is 2.6 km long Avenue of the Dead, which runs in a shaft South - North, the mysterious state. Beginning from the Acropolis, the Sioudadela, the feathered serpent pyramid and ending in the pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Sun dominates the center of the eastern coast. "The Aztecs, to whom we owe all the names associated with this site and its history, arrived here in the 13th century.

Naturally saw only the ruins of the fan city, its inhabitants had fled centuries earlier, and gave their own interpretations and names that were intertwined with the legends and traditions. Thinking that the pyramids were royal tombs gave the main street of the town that name, "our tour guide informed us. A few minutes later, we were in front of the pyramid of Keltsalkoatl, the feathered serpent! Savage aspect and strange his body, but allows it to move with the same ease in heaven and on earth. Few samples from the elaborately carved forms the dominant deity that once adorned all sides of the third largest pyramid in Teotihuacan have left.

But it is enough to give us an idea of ​​the high level of art that prevailed during the era of great prosperity. The pyramid, however, hides a dark side. Recent excavations have brought to light a large number of victims of human sacrifice, buried in arcades in the bowels. Next stop is the Pyramid of the Sun. With a square base 223x223 meters, raising his stature at 68 meters on the 3rd in the world after those of Khufu at Giza in Egypt and Tsoloula province Puebla, also in Mexico. Once at the top of a temple, allegedly dedicated to the "Great Goddess", one of the few female deities of Central America. Archaeologists believe that the bowels hides the most important secrets of religion and ritual.

Existing research, however, have not borne fruit. The breathtaking view from the top compensates for the somewhat strenuous climb and helps to understand the extent of the city and indeed admirable street plan, with its countless dilapidated buildings that were once temples or houses of priests, to spread out right and left of the large avenue. Among them, the Palace of the Jaguars with stunning frescoes and indeed the House of butterfly, although these have suffered major disasters. Alfredo, undaunted by the ascent continues its admittedly very interesting historical information along to us: "The Teotihuacan flourished as a religious and urban center of the 1st BC century until, for unknown reasons, abandoned in the middle of the 8th AD century. Significant contribution to its development were the Olmec, who had come from the area of ​​present Vera Cruz, bringing with them the remains of a great civilization, for which we also know very little.

At the height of his fame, 150-450 AD, its influence stretched from Arizona to Honduras, while some talk and further south. At that time, thousands of pilgrims flocked here giving life and wealth in the city. Population had reached 200,000 inhabitants, who are preoccupied with commerce and the service offering. Although no names lords or even traces that help us to understand something about the way the city administration is certainly a powerful priesthood was in control-probably with bright-authoritarianism, which was perhaps the cause of the sudden collapse somewhere in the late 7th AD century. Recent surveys have revealed signs of arson that enhance version of a popular uprising against the elite of the priesthood. "

We moved to the north, where at the end of long avenue, with background the sacred hill Cerro GORDIOU skyline is dominated by the figure of the pyramid of the moon, which is the oldest and arguably the most important city. Although smaller than the Sun, the view from the top is even more impressive, as it is built on the highest point of the main archaeological site. The excavations revealed seven successive construction, which resulted in the final version of the pyramid facing ssimera the visitor. But the relentless excavations revealed here a bloody past! Skeletons people found violent death-even some with their hands tied in the back-and found in arcades in the bowels of the pyramid, leave no doubt that the human sacrifices prevailed in the ceremonies of the holy city.

Guessing our thinking, Alfredo gave us some information about the macabre this custom: "The human sacrifices are an integral part of most religions in Central America. In some communities there were people who prepared them from infancy, so in adulthood be brought voluntarily to ritual death. At others the victims were the losers of a war or pelota, a game like volleyball. " She looked at him with evident amazement, smiled and continued: "The Olmec, who imposed their cultural tradition in Teotihuacan, playing a ball game that resembles the current volleyball. In this game, according to a mural and an area that archaeologists believe golf, play here. The winners and losers glorified ... sacrificed!

The game is spread throughout Central America and played until the arrival of the Spaniards and the imposition of Christianity. " As we approach the end of our visit and we took the last pictures we found ourselves surrounded by various vendors, who, dressed in the Hollywood version of Mexican folklore, trying to make a living by selling multicolored blankets to local souvenirs «Made in China». I admit, sometimes it was from intrusive to intrusive.

The small but attentive museum features a number of exhibits that do not leave us unmoved. Fragments of frescoes, ornate carvings, wonderful jewelry and household items they gave a picture of the grandeur and glory of Teotihuacan. But let our questions about the rise and sudden fall of unanswered. It was now quite late when we sat at one of the many beautiful restaurants located just outside the archaeological site, enjoying a cold Mexican beer that came with a variety of spicy Mexican flavors, chatting amicably with our guide. "The history of our rewritten by the day, as new discoveries follow one another.

Example, sunken cities in the Gulf of Mexico, photographed recently by satellites and perhaps answer the questions about the culture of the Olmec. I'm sure in a few years we will know much more than today. Surely you've heard that many believe is the work of the Teotihuacan aliens, "he said and continued:" Although we do not believe this, I admit that tourism owes much to Eric von Nteniken and followers of this theory. "

It is true that archaeologists have unemployment problem in Mexico, and generally in Latin America, as each discovery raises more questions than the answers it gives. A small group of itinerant musicians approached our table and brought us the most melodic way in today, reminding us that Mexico is not only the ruins of lost civilizations and mystery, but it is also the place where music accompanies every human activity .

• With starting point Mexico City at Teotihuacan is best to get there early in the morning by the waves of tourists, as it is very easy and affordable to find a guide in a private car.
• Around the area there are several restaurants clean and reasonably priced.
• There is a hotel next to the archaeological country and some in the region.
• In and will find much more information.

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