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Travel news article: Cancun,Mexica Wed 17-01-2018

Selected Article 514 Travel Cancun,Mexica: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Cancun,Mexica - trips: Tour Article514
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Cancun: The Mexican Dream

Turquoise waters hide the dazzling underwater world of coral reefs. White sandy beaches and dense jungle paint the thin strip where you stand. Mystic Mayan temples surviving architectural delirium next to the hotel units. Cancun remains the ultimate tourist destination, the city of opulence, of pleasure, but also a tropical paradise that preserves the Mexican culture

Many centuries have passed since that dominate this narrow piece of land of the Yucatan Peninsula, between a lagoon and the Caribbean were the Maya. The City of Reptiles, Cancun is, converted in the 70s from a deserted beach in one of the major resorts in the world, with millions of tourists visiting it every year. Though now the once secluded beaches of Quintana Roo state, flanked by hundreds of luxury hotels, though the seas are underwater park for divers or the mystery that covers the ruins of the Maya does not protect it from the hordes of visitors, the essence remains . Cancun manages to combine natural beauty with the modern lifestyle, the allure of Mexico with the delights of the Western world. Swimming with dolphins, walking in the jungle, diving in tropical waters and tour the Mayan world compete to stay in truly "palaces", the spree with tequila, dancing to the music of mariatsi, evening cruise in the candlelight. Cancun seems to be made for giving pleasure. Nature lovers do not know what to protodialexoun among the activities organized by the offices. Those who want to know the history, tradition and culture of the country they are visiting will have the opportunity to tour to archaeological sites such as the controversial grand city Chichen Itza. As for more mundane pleasures, and this city offers. The restaurants are packed advertising of any kind culinary proposal, amusement parks are filled with kids and adults, bars and nightclubs suggest daisies till you drop, while the malls compete in luxury and variety of those Miami.

As the plane approaches the dream Caribbean transferred to reality. The coral reefs lap the shore of the sea giving the characteristic turquoise color of tropical waters. The east side of the city bordering the Caribbean, while in front of the white beaches springing colossal hotels. From the western side of the lagoon Cancun has Nichupte. So divided in two, the island where stands the Hotel Zone-Zona Hotelera-and mostly city-Zona Comercial-with which the island connected by two bridges.

Entering, you realize that everyone came up here with only one purpose: to entertain. Sunburned tourists, loaded cameras queuing offices Desk. Boats with diving equipment waiting at the marina divers will go to the famous islands of Isla Mujeres and Cozumel. Coaches across the city with destination ecological parks and archaeological sites, and colorful signs of fast food and all sorts of restaurants give intense color to the streets. In the main city will walk beside the colorful, mexican style, buildings. Mexican places to drink and tortilla stand next to shops selling sombrero, embroidered Indian shirt, figurines and pottery figurines of Mayan temples.

Movements in the most touristic zone of Hotels, easily done by local transportation. The wide boulevard Kukulcan will lead us next to a series of approximately 150 hotels built along 25 kilometers of beach bathed by the Caribbean. The asphalt is shaded by swaying palms and crystal clear sidewalks encounter kalokouremenou lawn areas. Employees of the hotel literally "lick" the surroundings in which they operate shops with international brands. Americans with full-body workout jog early in the morning following polidatodromo Avenue. On one side of the road lies the lagoon and on the other, behind the giant structures, crashing waves of the Caribbean. The sand is white with wooden platforms for hotel guests. The turquoise waters and dazzling sun. Signs to the dangerous currents will remind us, beyond the idyllic exotic color that we are in a place where the elements of Nature can be devastating. Let's not forget the hurricanes that hit Mexico, turning the paradise of Cancun in hell.

The ride to the Hotel Zone has its interest. That's because the number, size and architectural styles of hotels is unusual for European. The big chains have put their strengths to compete in originality and luxury. Buildings with dozens of floors, set in tropical gardens with enormous pools combine all styles, all materials. Rectangles, cubes, cylinders, pyramids, arches, Roman and Hellenistic columns, Mexican motifs, statues, sculptures, arches, contrasting colors and everything else you could imagine an architect, make a peculiar set. Even more impressive is the interior of these hotels, where the word "luxury" is little. Marbles, glass, crystal and metal "dazzle" interior gardens, springs, cascading pools, sophisticated bars and restaurants, facilities for sports such as golf courses, is here to satisfy the most spoiled guests. In stark contrast are archaeological sites, such as the El Rey that spring up between the lagoon and Playa Delfines. It is a complex of 47 buildings of Maya will not surprise us with both their architecture or their idyllic natural surroundings, but with the "people" who are not other about 500 iguanas of all sizes!

Diving in the tropics in Cancun

Nature flourished in Cancun. The jungle leads to mangrove vegetation to protect panthers, pumas, jaguars, monkeys, crocodiles, turtles, flamingos, while corals are home to many tropical fish. The waters where swimming sharks and dolphins are a dazzling Park for diving enthusiasts. Whether beginner or advanced, the agencies organize trips, classes, equip anyone interested. Easy solution is to visit the office of the largest diving center in the world, AquaWorld, which has branches in all the hotels, travel agencies and shopping centers.

The choices are many. We can learn the secrets of the dive in the fantastic waters of the great Mayan reef, the largest bilge system in the Western Hemisphere. We will travel up there in the jungle and if you do not want to get wet, the underwater world is waiting for us to get to know him through the submarine boat company! Good choice is the trip to nearby Isla Mujeres with the famous, soft like powder beaches. Snorkeling (snorkelling), shopping at stores that sell Indian jewelry and a meal with fresh lobster certainly deserve. Equally famous is the island of Cozumel, the largest island of Mexico, which is diving legend worldwide, and a coral reef that surrounds it is a challenge for even the most keen divers. If you are not fans of sports, Cozumel is great for swimming, surfing the site where the worship of the fertility goddess Ixchel, seafood for lunch and to buy gemstones.

The activities are endless. The sea area between Cancun and Isla Mujeres suitable for all water sports, fishing tuna swimming with dolphins in parks especially the islands. Unique experience, with jet ski traverse of mangrove forests, and in the evening we reserved a pleasant surprise. Cancun Queen steamboat to sail a mini cruise on Lake Nichupte, serving lobster and Mexican specialties accompanied by live music.

The following can be found in our Interactive Aquarium, although of course we like the staging of adrenaline, since here the dream of many is no longer in the realm of fantasy. A huge tank will accommodate us and cage us. Our aim is to find ourselves in a short distance from the sharks who gladly devour the meat will feed them, because they will not have the chance to bite something bigger!

Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Tulum, Chichen Itza in

Strange names, exceptional ecological and archaeological sites. Those who visit Cancun will necessarily leave the city to experience the magical world of ecological parks and archaeological sites with Mayan ruins. Forty-five kilometers south of the city, the private eco-archeological Xcaret Park opens its gates to go into a setting alone makes our trip stand out. The square of the park hosts mock Mayan cities and the Butterfly Pavilion huge colored by innumerable winged creatures in an orgy of tropical vegetation. Rare birds, a botanical garden, a true Garden of Eden, and the archaeological site Pole are a few of those we find in the park. Highlight of the visit, swim in underground rivers with strange coral formations.

Stretches south and the tropical area of ​​Xel-Ha where caves, creeks, lakes and mangrove forests make a dreamy backdrop. Fish from the Caribbean to swim here fresh waters become one with the sea, flying here 100 species of birds, 350 species of plants survive and survive 99 marine species. Swimming with dolphins, exploring the seabed, ride the train and jungle with a meal at the place where the waters are born or otherwise Xel-Ha is one of those that will be remembered forever.

A fourth just takes the path from the park to the great Mayan city, Tulum, built on the shores of the Caribbean. This is one of the most famous monuments of the Mayan civilization in the classical period (900-1512). We wander among the ruins grayish where the terraced pyramids look out over the cliffs and clear water. The view to the Quintana Roo coast insurmountable, and as we admire the ornate decorations grassy walls can not help remembering the scenes were filmed here for erotic movie Against all Odds.

Nothing however can not be compared with the glory of the most controversial and thought-city world of Maya. The Chichen Itza-The mouth of Itzaes Well-located in the eastern part of the state of Yucatan, 200 km from Cancun. Proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, has been the subject of much discussion on the chronology of the course and its inhabitants. The tour on the site where the ruins stand is a journey through time. Among the acacias, orchids, under the strong tropical sun and the gaze of countless imaginary iguanas will go to the 9th century when a group of traders, Itza, Chichen conquered the village to build an empire. At the same time introduced the worship of Kukulcan, the feathered serpent so often we come across in reliefs and statues. In the golden era, the city had an area of ​​25 square kilometers with 50,000 to 100,000 residents living around the brightly colored palaces of the aristocracy. The most impressive building is the pyramid of Kukulcan. Trademark Mexico, testifies astronomical knowledge of Maya. The 91 steps of the four sides corresponding to 364 days and the platform, at 365 days of the year. Excellent phenomenon that attracts visitors from around the world, shadows' descends the stairs "when we equinox. A shadow representing the descent of the god Kukulcan.

Once banned climbing the pyramid to protect, will enjoy it from afar. You browse through the itinerant selling figurines, trinkets and solar calendars. We will stand the magnificent Ball Court with perfect acoustics where he plays a strange game. Players using only their elbows, hips and knees hitting a heavy rubber ball in order to pass through the stone rings located on opposite walls. Gruesome detail and illustrated in ruins, the fact that one of the defeated players decapitated. Next attraction, the astronomical observatory El Caracol and the imposing Temple of the Warriors, Temple of the Warriors, with the characteristic of Chac Mool statue and the elaborate embossed decoration depicting soldiers, eagles and jaguars devouring human hearts to.

The days in Cancun are filled with thousands of images and new experiences. Every day counts for a lot, since it contains so much new information. Even those who do not love the tourist places will succumb to the charm of this side of Mexico. And if we bought sombrero as necessary kitschy souvenir katachoniastike in a warehouse, our acquaintance with Cancun will go forever in the forefront of our travel memories.


We travel with Iberia (T/210-35.37.600) flying to Cancun via Madrid daily. The city is often combined with other cities in package tour visiting Mexico.

When to go in Cancun

The tropical and humid climate of Cancun is characterized by high temperatures throughout the year, with warmer summer months from June to October, which reaches 33 ° C and is hurricane season, and the best and most tourist season is from December to April and (20 ° - 30 ° C).


The U.S. dollar's reign here and I'll go anywhere, since almost everywhere accept dollars. The Mexican dollar, MN or M $ is divided into 100 centavos.


Even the most luxurious hotels can be affordable to the average visitor due to the strength of the euro against the dollar. Noteworthy is that the price of large hotels include all meals and access to the facilities only for their customers. A good look at the range of hotels offers specialized site (T/001-998-8812460). The easiest solution, of course, is to contact a travel agency like Iymalya Travel (T/210-3225159, that will close hotel according to your demands, but will let you know and promotions.

Indicatively known, very good Holiday Inn Cancun awaits you with prices per person starting from $ 80, while the famous Oasis Hotel which has the largest (450 meters) pool of Latin America would cost you $ 65.


The cuisine is a mix of Mayan flavors with those brought by the Spanish conquerors in the peninsula of Yucatan. The sauces and spices are the main ingredient of the dishes. Specialties are chicken soup with lime juice and fried tortillas (Sopa de Lima).

Deserves to eat a la Mexicana escort daisy at Iguana Wana or La Joya stands out for live music mariatsi. In Cancun will enjoy fresh fish, shrimp, American-style steaks and of course lobster. The latter starring at fine restaurants and hotels in ships - restaurants, like Columbus, that makes a cruise with dinner with lobster (The Lobster Dinner Cruise). Astakous but much meat served in Captain's Cove, while Mayan atmosphere will enjoy seafood with curry, served as the La Habichuela. Beside, the Labna, propose classics of Yucatan, and over the lake The Plantation House combines Spanish, French, English and Dutch specialties with suggestions of the Caribbean.


Consumerist paradise is Cancun. 1,500 luxury items featured in the windows of shopping centers or glittering boutique hotels. Due to preferential trade laws the city has many chignon products duty free. The most classic souvenir is the sombrero, ceramics, statues, textiles, hammocks, embroidered Mexican blouses are the elaborate handcraft and known as the "Tree of Life."

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Feliz Navidad! Christmas in Mexico

Christmas is coming and Mexico, preparations have already begun. Perhaps nowhere else in the world, families do not experience so intensely devout and these Holy Days

Every house on the first day of December will decorated with multicolored lights and handmade ornaments but those of folk artists will decorate Christmas trees. The streets of cities and small villages will be illuminated, and each neighborhood will compete in what will make the best and most original nacimiento - or else manger. Pair of figures of Mary and Joseph with the Christ, the pure lambs of the stable, the three kings with gifts, the shepherds and luminous star, all to be built with money from a fundraiser and a lot of personal work and will decorate the churches and squares of cities. The artists will have the opportunity to show their creativity even in the sand, building mangers sand beaches in Acapulco.

Then we will begin preparations for the celebration of the patron of Mexico City - the Virgin of Guadalupe, which will peak on December 12. The miraculous Virgen Morena (brunette virgin), the Black Virgin Mary appeared to a poor Indian Juan Diego on 12/12/1531 and to believe it, of the form depicted in his cape. Article Mexico...Travel Mexico booking online now



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Edinburgh: Meet the "Athens of the North"

Two cities in one, the old and the ... Earliest compose the topographic profile of the 'beautiful of Scotland'

If you're lucky you one morning to go out and the whole town smells of bread. It is from the brewery. " The description of ANNET, who has spent a year student life in Edinburgh, sounds ... delicious. I had heard a lot about the misty Scottish capital, but never anything like that. And it is true that I had forgotten, until that Sunday morning ... It has just dawned. The streets are empty, shops closed. Moisture and frost. An eerie scene that could be scary if not gargalouse our nostrils was the smell of beer baked. Immediately brought to mind warm bread. Or popcorn!

We are at the half pedestrianized Grassmarket, one of the most central streets of the Old Town of Edinburgh, which consists of the Old Town and the New Town (the latter built from the 18th century onwards - not so new, that is), with most interesting travel concentrate in the Old Town and the Castle. Article Edinburgh,Scotland...Travel Edinburgh,Scotland booking online now

London,Great Britain

London,Great Britain

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 The alternative side of London

Browse the lesser known eastern side of the city, waiting for us to get lost in the narrow

It seemed that my sixth visit to London would be completely different from the previous ones. Initially I was not invited anyone. Moreover, having done away with the stressful and time consuming must-sees, I was sure that these four clock would roll smoothly and effortlessly, without schedules, maps and tourist guides. Indeed, behind the top 10 drivers, the luxurious hotels, restaurants and vast shopping malls, there is another alternative London, waiting for you to come back, to get lost in the narrow, to eat from the special cuisines Article London,Great Britain...Travel London,Great Britain booking online now

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