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Travel news article: Chinchon,Madrid Mon 19-02-2018

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Chinchon: A breath from Madrid

A traditional Spanish village, just one hour away from the bustling Spanish capital. Historical attractions, local delicacies and a wide variety of delicious wines features

Can the mind of most European cities are the perfect destination for a leisure trip, but there are times that deserves to go a few miles above, to discover the magic of authentic traditional one place. In this category belongs the Renaissance hamlet Chinchon, located about 45 minutes southeast of Madrid. If you are looking for seclusion and changing performances away from the bustling Spanish capital, then it is sure to be pleasantly surprised, exploring the historical trails this cozy neighborhood.

Tall cypress, red roses, stunning fountains and absolute silence is the first evidence that one observes reaching Tsintson. Its history dates back to the Neolithic era and admired the way they have managed to keep the inhabitants intact the details, refer to the glamor of previous centuries.

The dominant attraction of the village is undoubtedly the Plaza Mayor, the main square, which was opened in 1499 as a market, theatrical scenery and bullring. Surrounded by houses and buildings of coffee in the 17th century, the square hosts rotund including the tourist office-one of the most prestigious buildings in the landscape-the city hall and the old stone laundry. A few steps away, stands the church Nuesta Senora de la Ascuncion, built in 1534 and houses a wonderful early work of Goya (who lived in the village) depicting the Assumption.

Although small (in 2006 the population was about 4,943 inhabitants), Tsintson renowned for its festivals organized every year and attracts many visitors from both neighboring Madrid and in other areas. Two of the largest and best known are the Chinchon Festival de anis y vino, a celebration of the local liqueur (based anise) and wine, held every end of March, and the garlic festival (!) Every October. In the same month one can watch the famous bull, whose profits are for charity. Indeed, in the filming of "Around the World in 80 days", most people recruited for the bullfight scene starring Mexican descent actor Cantinflas.

Seize the opportunity to see up close the «paradores», famous Catalan castles, palaces and monasteries, historic buildings now state property, which have been converted into hostels that attract tourists from all corners of the Earth and offer royal life at affordable prices . Twenty minutes away from the square is the Castillo de los Condes, which is an excellent example of a modified greatly castle with architectural elements from the 15th to the 19th century. The last practical use were factory and more specifically winery that produced the famous anis. A masterpiece that everyone can enjoy, having free admission.

The best news for visitors is that the village can experience the authentic taste of Spanish gastronomy, as Tsintson famous for the varieties offered in the wooden balconies of restaurants in the square. The traditional Catalan cuisine dominates the menu: lamb, pork and lamb cooked in a wood oven, fresh vegetables, soups, breads and pies fermented in different variations, as well as elaborate cakes for all tastes. As for olive oil, wine from grapes juicy garnacha and cheese, you will never forget, since the quality will remind you of the wealth of bygone times. We picked out the Restaurante La Castilla, with fantastic wines.

And all those enjoying an idyllic environment in shades of sand and with a strong element of stone, the square holds many secrets, since many years ago it was a lush garden oasis of cool water. If you think that was launched as a meeting point for locals when it was converted to a central market, we understand why the classic three-storey buildings reminiscent scene outdoor theater performance.

It is also worth to walk the road that passes between the most emblematic buildings of the monastery begins MM Clarisas. In typical Spanish Baroque style, carved with countless bricks, leaves no one unmoved.

Fifty meters away is the «The Palacete de la Marquesa de la Corona de Cusano» or simply «Casa de la Marquesa». This historic building has been completely renovated to become what it is today: a modern and well equipped B & B (bed & breakfast), which often hosts exhibitions to showcase new artists. Comfortable, elegant and welcoming environment with the owner treats us offering homemade breakfast in the beautiful garden with swimming pool (for summer visitors). With five rooms with beds Coco-mat, a spacious bathroom and a different color, this hostel is the perfect base to explore the surrounding areas.

The route from Madrid until Tsintson is extremely pleasant, as coming from the main boulevards, the road passes through the fertile valley of Rio Tajuna. H stay in this particular village, which is easily accessible, with affordable prices and serene atmosphere is an experience you will never forget.

Do not waste your time, experience first hand the great experience of the colorful traditional Spanish village.


By plane from Athens to Madrid with daily direct flights to Aegean and Iberia and then drive as Tsintson. The latter is 45 km from Madrid by car, less than one hour by highway A-3. Also, the station Conde de Casal Station Madrid (Metro stop: Conde de Casal) departing at regular intervals bus company The La Veloz Company (T / 34 914 097 602) with line number 337. Ticket price is 3.10 euros.


Casa de la Marquesa (Calle Morata 9, T / +34 91 894 1171 / +34 617 749 750,, 75 - 100 million). A few meters away from the main square, this guest house includes five modern rooms, a lovely garden and a traditional breakfast made by the owner.
Casa Rural La Graja (Paje 7, T / +34 687 317 886,, from 36 euros). With six rooms individually decorated, colorful flowers and running water, staying at this hotel will be unforgettable.
Condesa de Chinchon (Los Huertos 26,, from 48 euros). One of the most famous hotels of Tsintson, has 35 rooms, which took its name from the tables of Goya. All devices are equipped with advanced technology for moments of relaxation.


• Restaurante La Castilla-Antigua Bodega de Vino (Grande 32, T / +34 91 894 01 12). Renowned for its traditional decor, local recipes and excellent wines.
• Parador de Chinchon (Avenida del Generalisimo 1, T / 34 918 940 836). The restaurant of this hotel is ideal to enjoy traditional Catalan cuisine or sip a delicious drink while watching the magnificent views.
• La Balconada (Plaza Mayor, T / 34 918 941 303). In the most central part of the village, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, delicious wine and unique sense of hospitality of wooden balconies.

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In Catalan means "Barcelona, ​​I love you" - and anyone who visits it feels the need to shout! A "privileged" tour of the city-jewel, five distinguished Varkelonezous

In the neighborhood tapas bar, where greedily enjoyed the appetizers our TV did not exist, but the shouts of triumph are heard from one end of town to the other does not fool anyone: Barcelona is just passed to the final of the Champions League. We pay and leave the store empty. The human lefousi rushing through the streets, the festival begins, the whole city gives appointment to Omonia-uh, sorry, the Pla? A Catalunya like to say-for a party that lasted until morning.

Nine years ago I had to come to Barcelona, ​​hours count in the city and the (re) fall in love. At 22 I had promised myself that I will live here from now on. "And why do not you try it now?" Motivates me is Juan, giddy with joy for the victory of his team, apparently satisfied in words even chose the city against the eternal rival, Madrid.

Between funny and serious So instead pop in and out to museums and do sightseeing, I started searching the "my" neighborhood. It was a lie to pretend that I found only one.

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Barcelona tour in Spain

Barcelona tour in Spain

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Barcelona: the subversive beauty of Europe

The feeling of a place that protoepiskeptesai written with ink that does not disappear. Along the way you can forget monuments admirers, who walked the streets, people who consorted. The feeling, however, is that accompany the stories on your friends and the catalyst back to the same destination.

Koritsia hanging upside down in ribbons on the trees, a group doing tai chi, a man playing his guitar and flamenco dancing girlfriend, enough people enjoy boating in Sunday park Ciudadela - the heart of Barcelona. Alli once citizen second class. Alli once with conflicting emotions, and by a happy life on the other, sorry not to have in Greece. Meaning, of course, the quality of life in relation to the natural environment and the nonexistent city parks. In the capital of Catalonia, however, everything is different. The free spaces for people and animals are the first findings of the visitor. The famous Rambla, the pedestrian who walked all who have traveled here, Barceloneta, the coastal city of Cinderella, who made good after the 1992 Olympics, Park Guell, the futuristic tale of Gaudi, the hill of Montzouik where despite being the majority of the Olympic facilities, the magic of nature is that which prevails. I spent five days in the city and traffic never met. ONE perfect network Metro every Saturday open 24 hours, regular transport, several motorcycles and bicycles. Many bikes. The red is for the residents of the city and see dozens parked at specific points. But you can rent, mainly bike ride near the Barceloneta, at the cost of 14 to 16 euros per 24 hours. I imagine you can guess the miles of bicycle paths, which are on the sidewalks.


Parc de Ciudadela

What protokaneis in five days; And because we have walked several times trying to see everything and finally collecting some good, I decided to see Barcelona ... nicely as it deserves. Without program (tickets, of course, to match Barcelona I had closed two weeks ago), with a map of the city and a very good mood. Article Barcelona tour in Spain...Travel Barcelona tour in Spain booking online now



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Valencia for all seasons

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We are in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, and the picture above is nothing more than ... routine in the gardens of the River Turia, the green heart. A city that fully justifies its Mediterranean flair! Located on the east coast of the country, with the sea to "touching" and accompanies the sun during most of the year, Valencia attracts the attention with its diversity and outreach. A picturesque historic center and impressive creations of modern architecture and futuristic mood, parks and beaches, cultural activities, nightlife and, of course, a good dose of Catalan culture through festivals and festivals. Such a fiesta-the largest and most spectacular of the city-is the Las Fallas. Article Valencia,Spain....Travel Valencia,Spain. booking online now

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