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Travel news article: Dublin,Ireland Thu 18-01-2018

Selected Article 458 Travel Dublin,Ireland: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Dublin,Ireland - trips: Tour Article458
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Dublin: O Keltikos tiger is still alive!

Despite the crisis, Ireland's capital has much to offer visitors - even at lower prices, and always with a glass of beer ...

Visitors will never be a city that has as its main tourist attractions pubs, an old brewery and a prison complex? Dublin is doing just that, and it remains one of the most interesting destinations in Europe for short trips. With hundreds of great bars and restaurants and a newly acquired, but very lively nightlife, the capital of Ireland most welcome travelers from around the world. The culture and temperament of Dubliners are, not unfairly, several relatives to the Greeks and is very easy to find yourself talking to a resident of the city that you will want to tell stories from his life. This does not mean, of course, that are missing from the city's traditional tourist options such impressive churches and castles.

In any event, city tour usually starts from the Temple Bar, the tourist "Mecca" of Dublin, which has elements of medieval architecture. During the Great "glory" of the 90s, the Temple Bar area currently threatened to become a new "Faliraki". Hundreds of British tourists drank beer rivers before reaching the corner of a street, almost comatose. For the conservative society of Ireland these images were a wild adolescence, which fortunately was overcome relatively quickly. In adulthood the Temple Bar course, remains the most touristic part of town, but regains the lost character again attracting the Dubliners, who had begun to drop.

The fact that the area of ​​Temple and hosts some of the most beautiful churches in the country, like the cathedrals of Jesus, St. Patrick and Immaculate Conception, reveals the almost 'schizophrenic' coexistence of modern Puritanism of the past. Dublin is one of the most conservative and religious societies of Europe, which was suddenly in deep waters of the western lifestyle.

Walking south, the visitor passes through Trinity area, which hosts the largest university in Ireland before coming to St Stephen's Green. At this point, namely the pedestrian Grafton, now the heart beat of modern Ireland. The period of so-called 'Celtic Tiger' Dubliners hordes test the limits of their credit card in a luxury department stores such as Brown Thomas. Dozens of restaurants sprang up month after month in the narrow alleys of the area, offering unprecedented flavors to the rather limited culinary traditions of the Irish, while next to traditional pubs in nicely brown.

Despite the fact that after thousands of Irish crisis difficult to enjoy what it has to offer the pedestrian Grafton, the area is not lost nothing of its luster. The Bewley's Café, with its impressive stained glass in the window, remains a landmark of breakfast or afternoon coffee in an environment evoking the 19th century. Images of a distant past provides a short distance, and McDaid's pub - probably the best city to watch a rugby or football match. In the same bar where beer flows with today have passed some of the most important Irish writers of the last two centuries. Here, indeed, was born and the so-called "circle of artistic McDaid pub» from people other than their literary skills, and were renowned for their resistance to alcohol.

However, if shopping, walks in temples and museums and continuous birokatanyxi your tired, you can relax a ride from passing ... prison. On the western side of the city you can see the impressive complex Kilmainham Gaol, the cells of which "hosted" some of the most emblematic figures of modern Irish history. For centuries the prison of Kilmainham Gaol prison architecture were standard for the whole world, referring to the famous "panoptic" of Bentham - a room in which a prisoner feels under constant surveillance. And if you suddenly flooded a feeling déjà vu and you feel that you have found in the same area in the past, is (probably) why this building was used in dozens of movies, such as "In the Name of the Father" with Daniel Day Lewis.

In a relatively short distance from the prison of Kilmainham and is the second largest "temple" of modern and contemporary history of Dublin - the famous brewer of Guinness. The six-storey building in the shape of beer mugs, home to 1904's production facilities most famous Irish beer and now serves solely as a museum. The tour of the area and the history of modern brewing leads inevitably to the great bar of the sixth floor, with panoramic views across Dublin and the surrounding industrial zone that resembles something out of a Dickens novel. For the record, the fanatics of the tours in the history of alcohol can go and then the old distilleries of Jameson.

In contrast to the historic Dublin, and literally on the other side of town, is the area of ​​Docklands, who aspired to become a small Manhattan Ireland. A Calatrava bridge and the abandoned building next to the bank Anglo Irish Bank (which collapsed in the financial crisis) are embossed image of the explosive growth and equally explosive collapse. Nonetheless, from spring until late summer, the Docland's done a magnificent location for an afternoon stroll and beer for business executives enjoying their lunch break. The fact that in the same area and a memorial to the victims of the great famine of 1847 (results and this economic choices of the government) is available for several more semantic connotations - but which can and should avoid. Let's not forget, moreover, that the visitor Dublin remains a haven of peace and fun for a few days or as a stand ... your liver.


The largest European airlines offer daily flights (with a stop at the airport the "home" of them), which means that the flight will not take less than five hours and will hardly cost less than 350 euros. Two buses (Air Link, Aircoach) continuously connect the airport with the city and the taxi ride should not exceed 25 to 30 euros. Dublin is, in general, 'searchable' walk, and several bus lines, a tram line and thousands (literally) taxis help the tired hikers.


Fitzwilliam (St. Stephen's Green, tel: +353 1 4787000,
The luxury option in the ideal spot in Dublin - between Park St Stephen's Green and Grafton pedestrian who is the new center of nightlife in Dublin. Inside hosts and Thorton's, one of the best restaurants in the city 'prices to double to 180 million range.
Hampton (19 Morehampton Lane, tel: +353 1 6680995, Recently renovated, it offers one of the best ratios of price - quality, although situated just outside the town center. Rooms from € 90.
Trinity Capital Hotel (Pearse Street, tel: +353 1 648 1000,
You will struggle to find more kitschy hotel in Europe, but maybe it adds to the charm of the Trinity. Very good, central location close to the river. The rooms start at 90 euros, but with offers three nights and could fall below 60 euros.


• L'Ecrivain (109 A Lower Baggot Street,
Extremely, traditional Irish dishes in one of the most famous (though not cheap) restaurants in town. They say that it's worth a bribe for a table on the roof of the building.
• Jo 'Burger (137 Rathmines Road Lower,
From the relatively new youth clubs in town, managed to make fashion gourmet hamburgers. Go early if you can not afford to eat the deafening sounds of DJ appearing in the evenings.
• McDaid pub (3 Harry Street, tel: + 353 1 6794395
Some of the best Irish writers such as Brendan Behan, «drank their lives" in this pub, the name of which was born the so-called artistic "circle McDaid pub».
• Bewley's oriental café (78-79 Grafton Street, tel: +353 1 6727720,
The flagship of the chain coffee shops Bewley's first opened its doors in 1927. Pay attention to stained glass (stained glass) in front of the shop.


Kilmainham Gaol (Inchicore Road) Perhaps the most impressive prison complex in the world (including Alcatraz) offers a journey through the recent history of Ireland. Open (only with guided tour) Daily 09.30 - 17.00.
Guinness Storehouse (St James Gate) For many Irish, the specific area is important, and the historical museum. Six floors with the history of beer on the premises in 1904. A stop at the bar with views (weather permitting) throughout the city. Open daily 09.30 - 17.00.
National Gallery (Merrion Square West) A relatively small but very interesting collection of works, among others, includes Karavatzo, called Doretes, Goya, El Greco and Picasso.
Open 09.30 - 17.00 daily, except Tuesdays.

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