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Travel news article: Africa tourism Safari South Africa Wed 21-02-2018

Selected Article 233 Travel Africa tourism Safari South Africa: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Africa tourism Safari South Africa - trips: Tour Article233
Africa tourism Safari South Africa
Categoty: Travel destinations

Africa tourism Safari South Africa

Safari South Africa Johannesburg - Kruger National Park - Johannesburg

Safari South Africa 2 days / 1 night. Once you have delighted in Cape Town on a domestic flight arriving in Johannesburg and dianychterefete. Day 1:Depart in the morning around 6. 30p.m. through the Hazyview on the best national park in Africa. Arriving at the park catching jeep with driver and guide for a short photo safari before you install one of the lodges.

Safari South Africa Day 2:Before sunrise start this safari tosee the birds in the morning. The safari ends at 12. 00 in theafternoon and depart for Johannesburg via the beautiful region Boumalangka. Arrival in the afternoon and settlein the hotel.* There is a possibility for several days stay in thePark.

South Africa
The long journey to the North African starts in Cape Town and the outskirts of Johannesburg Νότια Αφρική

South Africa

When you arrive at the airport in Cape Town had already ignored basic instructions for a trip to South Africa: we had arranged our transfer from airport to hostel, we had foreign currency and, naturally, as in most airports in Africa (that we found a similar how later), there was no bus to downtown, so we ended up haggling with a taxi on the value of the euro exchange rate to less than the value of the dollar to go to the center of town.

Many people scares the idea of hostel, let alone in Africa, but here we are talking about a particular case. The Ashanti is in the heart of the Gardens and all the windows on the west side overlooking the side of Table Mountain, a spectacular mountain trapezoidal shape. Every detail was designed with incredible detail in the hostel Ashanti: the garden with palm trees and hammocks, the decor a la Gaudi most places, the bar on the first floor up the binoculars toilets overlooking Table Mountain! What really impresses the visitor to the hostel is the atmosphere. When we got there around 7 pm, a group of volunteer doctors from Denmark gave a farewell party, which was spreading rapidly from the bar to the other sites. As seen later, each time arriving guests with many volunteers from northern Europe, mainly working as doctors, therapists, nurses. The other very positive aspect of the Ashanti, but most hostels in the city, that is perhaps one of the best information networks. People arrive from different corners of transferring impressions, ideas for excursions, advice and much useful information in the most meaningful way: his own experiences. Furthermore, organized explorations with relatively low cost (collect contributions from all the hostels in the city) in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Safari South Africa Waterfront - Clifton


To Cape Town is a large town about 3.5 million residents, but never gives you the feeling of a big city. Even at its center, dominated by large buildings, not ever lose contact with the sun. One of the main attractions is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, or simply Waterfront, a small port architecture reminiscent of a blend of Amsterdam and Manchester. A sunny ride without, particularly for tourism is what you need: There is always music groups, theater groups and acrobats that make you forget about hours. The "breaks" We tried quite a few servings of fish 'n' chips in different variants. As dusk falls, the world is diluted and decided to move to Long street, pulsating rhythm of the city at night. He had a huge variety of bars, clubs and concert halls. We went through several until you arrive at a local bar with live music, a blend of reggae and soul, which was literally dead. At 4 am, they began to minimize the persons in question seemed to us around, so we decided to take a taxi to the past for Ashanti.

The next day we moved in the same energy and went for a swim in the area of Clifton. Bay Clifton separated by large rocks, creating four beaches with similar names: Clifton 1, 2, 3 and 4. Although far from these beaches seem oloidies, the numbers represent the fitness for surfing with the most appropriate one. For others, probably sociological reasons, the three gather the most number of fans of beach volleyball, while four are simply the largest. The road connecting Clifton to Cape Town is filled with clubs scattered, some of the most popular of the city. The night we moved in that direction, but unfortunately the whole landscape looks more like Faliraki, Rhodes, despite South Africa ...

Safari South Africa Cape Town

We did not know really what to expect from this day trip which started at 8 am and included a visit to the Cape of Good Hope, crossing bike National Park Cape, a visit to Boulders Beach (near Simon's Town), where he lives a community a rare species of penguins (Jackass Penguins), cruise up to Duiker Island to see a colony of seals (Cape Fur Seals) and stop for a picnic! Last night we all say in the hostel bar that is one of the best tours in the region after visiting the most beautiful parts of Cape only with 535 zar (about 42 euros), and finally it was true! It was an incredible trip where the landscape and experience alternated with tremendous speed, the swimmers penguins to the incredible views of the Cape of Good Hope and the seals at Duiker Island irritable baboon, who smashed the windscreen and the right mirror of the van! A wonderful "stunning" contact with nature, an experience that only Africa can be gained ...

Safari South Africa Robben Island

The island of penguins in Afrikaans (African dialect of Dutch), but the truth is that few visitors go to Robben Island to see the biped swimmers. It is one of the World Heritage by UNESCO, because during the colonial prison was incarceration and torture of those who claimed equal treatment between blacks and whites. The list of "guests" of the Robben Island is very large and perhaps the best known of these is the Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela, the first legally elected president of South Africa, who said recently: "Today when I look at Robben Island, I see more much like a celebration of struggle and a symbol of the finest virtues of the human spirit rather than as a grim monument to tyranny and oppression of apartheid. It is true that the Robben Island was once a grim place, but through this darkness came a magnificent shine a light so powerful that it could be hidden behind prison walls .... "

All this was more or less known, but going in the same place where the story was written, we were shot at a specialty live documentary. The Derrick was our driver and the first half of the visit was through the bus, which was given a preview of what would follow, were 2 to 3 stops at key locations and a brief history of the island, the first visitors to date . In the second half, the bus left us at the entrance to the prison and Derrick explained what was happening in various quarters occasionally showing us documents from the archives of the prison. The descriptions have suddenly become much more vivid and the reason for this left us aghast. At the end of apartheid, the country's economic situation was terrible. The fact that the prisoners at Robben Island had no criminal record made its position even more difficult, therefore, to find a way, they had the opportunity to be tour guides on Robben Island. Since then, almost all visitors guides are former inmates of prisons.

"The Gold Capital of the World." The story begins in Johannesburg in 1886 when George Harisson discovered the first gold deposits are a catalyst in the rapid development of the region and its development in a central shopping and South Africa.
The city came to be synonymous with resistance to apartheid and the struggle for freedom. In this way once lived Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Safari South Africa OLD CASTLE
The prison where they detained resistance like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, currently operates as a museum.

Safari South Africa, The Cradle of HUMAN KIND
A series of caves west of Johannesburg. The Doctor Robert Broom described as one of the literally anthropological treasure, and here and discovered to date, oldest Australopithecus skull.

Safari South Africa Gold mine
Replica of the first gold mine in Johannesburg. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the underground and watch closely the process of liquidation of gold.

Just 11 km south of Johannesburg, is this natural park, where they found shelter over 150 species of birds and 650 species of native plants and trees. Also in this region have archaeological finds belonging to the Stone Age and dating back at least 250,000 years.

Safari South Africa MARKET-MAY-MAY
The oldest traditional bazaar of the city, where "carry" any visitor to the magical world of African art, local fabrics and strange objects. Here you will find many "healers" with traditional herbs and magic remedies.
Useful Information
Location: In voriodytiki part of South Africa
Climate: Mediterranean, 1 ° c above the Cape Town

Safari South Africa Visit:
- Museum Africa (an important museum, which was found in 1930)
- Soweto Art Gallery (downtown, features original works of famous artists)
- Market Theatre (west of downtown near the African Museum, one of the most important parts of Giochansmpourgk worth seeing)
Safari South Africa Restaurants:
- Kapitan / s
- Guildhall Bar & Restaurant

Safari South Africa Johannesburg Airport

Every night we thought we had finished with Cape Town and we could finally get on the road to the north, but someone will always say "if you do not see this, you have not seen anything from Cape Town. Last night, someone put the TV in the bar to see two videos - one has to free fall from 2,000 meters (a good price, as we reported a) and another swimming in a cage next to angry white sharks. That was the reason to leave the next day and fly to Johannesburg. There are many ways to go, but the existence of low budget airlines in South Africa intrigkare us. In the beginning, we were not at all what plane will come in, but eventually the Fly Mango (837 zar, about 65 million) proved beyond any expectation. We were to stay in Johannesburg for a while, but our ultimate destination was the Nelspruit, a town west of South Africa and almost the sole entrance to the Kruger Park, the most impressive national park in South Africa (again according to the testimony of the occupants of the hostel ).

At the airport in Johannesburg we expect a surprise. It was cheaper to get a van directly to Nelspruit (23 euros, 3 hours trip) but we went in downtown Johannesburg, and then from there to Nelspruit. Typically, the taxi from the airport to downtown cost over 50 euros, without alternative means of public transport! (We confirmed, however, that everything will be better than the World Cup to be held next summer.) Pounced on the first van in Nelspruit, and after three hours we were at the entrance of Funky Monkey Backpackers. Already knew how the whole situation and in no time we had booked a three day safari in Kruger Park on the following morning.

Safari South Africa Kruger Park

For someone who had never been to the safari, the Kruger Park site was very stunning. He spoke for many types of camps, from luxury accommodation to camping without electricity. An update from the world that had just returned from safari, was sufficient for our induction. We do the right thing: all hostels in Nelspruit hire an open top bus for the tour of the park and an accommodation with all the comforts that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Full of enthusiasm but no action, started at dawn on 5 for the gate of the Kruger Park. There we were greeted by Thabo, who would guide us for the next three days. As the sun rose, rose, and our energy. The whole process of the safari was as follows: we started at 6 am to see as many nocturnal animals, a break of 12 for food and Safari until sunset, so it was compulsory and stay in hotels. The strategy of Thabo was to see and photograph as many times in the «big five», the biggest and more popular a safari animals: elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino. Many of them had more likely to meetings at night, but because the night safari must pay multiple price forced guards escorting special (park rangers), o Thabo prefer to wake us every day from dawn five full of fun and energy. The beginning was impressive. Apart from the «big five» seen at close range numerous species of deer, zebras, vultures, antelopes, crocodiles, hippos and animals do not even know of their existence (there seemed real subscribers, National Geographic). However, the second day, the fatigue started to make visible signs of. For some unknown reason, the designers of Safari had in mind that their customers want the most possible hours safari with the minimum cost. Thus, to reduce the total cost limited the number of nights, leaving the full number of hours of Safari. On the third day we set out for a late-night safari to the relief of the park exit. Finally, a little sleep ...

Safari South Africa Mozambique on the horizon

From the beginning, there was a bias in Johannesburg and is a one of the most dangerous cities in the world, somewhere between Sao Paulo and Mexico City. The same van we went to Nelspruit us back to the airport in Johannesburg, where there was a known problem: 60 euros for a taxi to the center of town. Eventually, we decided to stay in a hostel near the airport and leave after two days in Mozambique. Arriving at the hostel, the owner, smiling, told us that just last night had entered the vault to steal (!) Of the hostel, but very little chance of something similar happen in the next 5-6 days. The next day, only managed to do was to visit a nearby safe shopping, and an ambition to visit the Museum of apartheid (free entrance) stumbled back into the price of a taxi (50 euros). Thus, a number confirmed by our prejudices to Johannesburg, we left the next station, Mozambique!


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