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Travel news article: Africa tourism Nairobi and Lake Nakuru Tue 16-01-2018

Selected Article 225 Travel Africa tourism Nairobi and Lake Nakuru: Latest Articles, trips, news, travel destinations - Africa tourism Nairobi and Lake Nakuru - trips: Tour Article225
Africa tourism Nairobi and Lake Nakuru
Categoty: Travel destinations

Africa tourism Nairobi and Lake Nakuru

Kenya: Safari in the Masai country
Huge national parks where elephants and antelope coexist, green hills, reminiscent of Central European landscapes, endless beaches in the Indian Ocean with coconut palms and coral reefs. Arriving in Nairobi, you will find a modern city, with glass skyscrapers, wide boulevards and crowds in the streets, the city's population now reaches 2 million inhabitants.

No missing or large supermarkets, while in recent years American malls and make them appear. This capital city that reflects the development of Kenya was established in the late 19th century, the place where previously there was a settlement of the Masai.

The choice of location was the fact that this village was on the holdings newly built railway line connecting Uganda to Kenya. Attractions in Nairobi is not much. It, however, visit the National Museum as an introduction to the culture of the tribes that now make up the population of the country.

The house - Karen Blixen Museum
The national park located just outside the city you will find many of the animals that live freely on African land and get a first taste of ... safari. Ten kilometers from the city is the home of Karen Blixen, a museum dedicated to the author of "Out of Africa". Furniture and objects exposed to the spaciously rooms and huge garden is landscaped and is an oasis of peace after the chaotic atmosphere of the city.

One hundred and twenty kilometers north of Nairobi, at the foot of Mount Kenya, is the line of the Equator, there is such a sign telling you.

Super spectacle of flamingos in the area of Nairobi and Lake Nakuru

In Lake Nakuru, right next to the eponymous town, living two million pink flamingos

The trip to the western provinces of Kenya is in a tranquil landscape of low, rolling hills covered with green ears, large plantations of corn and tufted apple. It is not difficult to understand why settled here in the first European settlers. The climate was more tolerable for them, but also ideal for growing plants not be successful elsewhere in Africa. The town of Nakuru has a special charm, but it is popular because it is near the most beautiful lake in the country.

The few square miles of Lake Nakuru live, more or less, two million pink flamingos. Imagine the sight when they are concentrated in shallow waters on the shores! West from Nakuru town is Kericho, known as the capital of tea.

Built in a lush landscape with hills covered by tea plantations, the city lives exclusively on production and exploitation of the noble plant.

From the savannas of southern shores of the Indian

The vast expanses of living in traditional huts, the famous Masai tribe, while the east is the largest city Mombasa, an old Arab port with impressive mansions and wooden balconies

Once you leave the green landscapes in the northwest of the country and taking the road to the south will join the African savanna that occupies a large part of Kenya.

The most representative sample of the gigantic dimensions Masai Mara National Park. Here the streets are dyskolodiavatoi and unique landscape. Vast, flat areas covered with sparse, dry grass, big trees like cacti and dusty. The only trees that survive in these difficult circumstances is the African acacias that stretch thin branches in the merciless sun.

However, the savannah is inhabited by many species of wild animals (zebras, antelopes, giraffes) and from human experience tribes for thousands of years of hard life in the savannah and adjusted.

The tribes and Sampourou Turkana in northern Kenya and the Masai tribe in the South live in traditional huts, dress in colorful fabrics and move continuously leading their herds to new pastures.

Completely different picture is part of the country situated on the shores of the Indian. Here's largest city is Mombasa, an old Arab port was for centuries the gateway to East Africa.

The wealthy merchants built magnificent mansions here woodwork balconies, and even today the majority of the population is Muslim.

The Mombasa last year became the tourist center.

Large hotels were built on the beautiful beaches and exotic charter from Western capitals carrying crowds of tourists.

If desired, however, to experience the authentic culture of the Swahili should be directed to the small town of Lamu, situated on the coast near the border with Somalia and still retains its authentic atmosphere and African rhythms.

How to get there
We plan your trip with the help of major travel agencies. There you will find organized tours that combine knowledge of the city with a tour of national parks, and individual packages to create a 'journey to your needs. Before your trip, you should contact the health service (210 6460493) to make the necessary vaccines. Pills for malaria (which inevitably will get) does not make you invulnerability, just a gentle onset of symptoms. The best ally is a powerful anti-mosquito cream, which will use a 24 hour basis. Best time to travel to Kenya is the period from June to November, because there is no rainfall.

Where to stay in Nairobi and Lake Nakuru

* In Nairobi, you will find hotels of all categories. There are those that offer few amenities and are extremely cost (the price for a double room does not exceed 10 euros a day), but also luxury accommodations such as: Stanley Hotel, The Grand Regency, Intercontinental Nairobi, The Nairobi Serena Hotel.
* Within the country and specifically in the areas of national parks where the place you'll find luxury safari lodges that combine comfort with traditional architecture and direct contact with the natural environment. Very well is the chain's hotels Serena (

Tastes in Nairobi and Lake Nakuru
The most common food in Kenya is what locals call nyama choma and there is nothing more than pieces of meat (goat, beef or chicken) cooked on the grill. The restaurants serve nyama choma usually found next to the butchers and meat quality is excellent. It is the favorite restaurants of locals who usually combine the roasted meat with Coca Cola (soft drink that has displaced over the past years fruit juices from the diet of Africans). On the shores of the Indian cuisine has clear influences from India and you will find many dishes of rice, vegetables and seafood, often cooked in coconut milk. Another popular dish is maharagwe (red beans, onions and garlic cooked in coconut milk), accompanied by ugali, a formulation reminiscent of starchy mashed potatoes without much flavor.

Information in Nairobi and Lake Nakuru
nThe Kenya on the east coast of Africa on the equator. The central plateau is bisected by Great Rift Valley. The desert covers the northern regions, while the east lies the fertile coastal belt. The southwestern areas are concentrated most national parks that attract the interest of foreign visitors. The country's population reaches 31 million, is the capital Nairobi and official language is Swahili.


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